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The average area for zip codes in Paraguay is 138.5 km² with the largest being 160204 in Departamento de Boquerón at 21,140.7 km² and the smallest being 110206 in Capiatá, Departamento Central at None. In Paraguay the average population for a postal code is 2,290 with the most populated being zip code 010302 in Horqueta, Departamento de Concepción at 30,792. The median age for postal codes in Paraguay range from 20.1 years old for 010108 in Concepción, Departamento de Concepción to 32.1 years old for 130103 in Pedro Juan Caballero, Departamento del Amambay. The fastest growing postal code is 061003 in Yuty, Departamento de Caazapá with population growth of 1,977% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 22.4% per year.

TimezoneParaguay Time
Area406,752 km²
Population6.4 million
Population Density15.7 / km²
Postal Codes001001, 001002, 001003 (2,884 more)
Area Codes21, 24, 25 (138 more)
Businesses in Paraguay127,608

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
001001 - 001535Asunción147
010101 - 011206Concepción Department93
020101 - 022108San Pedro Department222
030101 - 032005Cordillera Department178
040101 - 041802Guairá Department147
050101 - 052204Caaguazú Department254
060101 - 061113Caazapá Department125
070101 - 073006Itapúa Department281
080101 - 081004Misiones Department77
090101 - 091804Paraguarí Department145
100101 - 102204Alto Paraná Department294
110101 - 111919Central Department554
120101 - 121603Ñeembucú Department61
130101 - 130504Amambay Department76
140101 - 141409Canindeyú Department121
150201 - 150905Presidente Hayes Department73
160201 - 160510Boquerón department41
170101 - 170506Alto Paraguay Department18

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2,887 Postal Codes in Paraguay

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
001001Asunción2,8830.774 km²
001002Asunción1,8650.394 km²
001003San Antonio, ParaguayCentral Department2,4690.408 km²
001004San Antonio, ParaguayCentral Department2,3650.346 km²
001005San Antonio, ParaguayCentral Department3,3340.451 km²
001006Asunción4,2630.506 km²
001007Asunción3,0150.512 km²
001008Asunción3,2290.498 km²
001009Asunción2,6930.474 km²
001010Asunción3,2530.515 km²
001011Asunción3,8900.777 km²
001012Asunción3,1740.518 km²
001013Asunción3,7930.535 km²
001014Asunción1,4490.259 km²
001015Asunción2,3310.356 km²
001016Asunción2,3560.328 km²
001017Asunción2,4420.471 km²
001018Asunción2,6511.486 km²
001019AsunciónAsunción1,9961.227 km²
001101Asunción5,1560.833 km²
001102Asunción2,8310.434 km²
001103Asunción2,8370.425 km²
001104Asunción2,8700.462 km²
001105Asunción4,1120.583 km²
001106Asunción2,6490.427 km²
001107AsunciónAsunción2,3600.386 km²
001108AsunciónAsunción3,3240.536 km²
001109Asunción3,6100.446 km²
001110AsunciónAsunción1,8180.363 km²
001111Asunción2,9640.727 km²
001112AsunciónAsunción1,4270.662 km²
001113AsunciónAsunción1,5620.679 km²
001114AsunciónAsunción2,8881.228 km²
001115Asunción2,2680.345 km²
001116Asunción1,7460.439 km²
001201Asunción1,9714.923 km²
001202Asunción2,9400.569 km²
001203Asunción3,6870.479 km²
001204Asunción3,1500.511 km²
001205Asunción2,8540.414 km²
001206Asunción4,5690.804 km²
001207Asunción4,8190.741 km²
001208Asunción5,1750.838 km²
001209Asunción4,0680.596 km²
001210Asunción3,6700.555 km²
001211Asunción1,9630.669 km²
001212Asunción8290.55 km²
001213Asunción7030.382 km²
001214Asunción1,1910.112 km²
001215Asunción8610.148 km²
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