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The average area for zip codes in Peru is 481.9 km² with the largest being 16110 in Loreto at 35,472.2 km² and the smallest being 02318 in Chacas, Ancash at 11,275 m². In Peru the average population for a postal code is 11,570 with the most populated being zip code 16000 in Loreto at 339,493. The median age for postal codes in Peru range from 13.7 years old for 01840 in Región de San Martín to 43.9 years old for 04645 in Arequipa. The fastest growing postal code is 19130 in Pasco with population growth of 3,843.2% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 27.8% per year.

TimezonePeru Time
Area18,516 km²
Population29.9 million
Population Density1,615 / km²
Postal Codes00000, 00051, 00084 (2,678 more)
Area Codes1, 41, 42 (22 more)
Businesses in Peru250,914

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
01000 - 01831Amazonas Region91
02000 - 02876Ancash Region206
03000 - 03881Apurímac Region97
04000 - 04860Arequipa Region125
05000 - 05855Ayacucho Region140
06000 - 06861Cajamarca Region196
07000 - 07076Callao17
08000 - 08851Cusco Region169
09000 - 09890Huancavelica Region116
10000 - 10891Huánuco Region120
11000 - 11850Ica Region56
12000 - 12876Junín Region165
13000 - 13871La Libertad Region139
14000 - 14841Lambayeque Region69
15000 - 15123, 15300 - 15498, 15800 - 15846Lima Province145
16000 - 16821Loreto Region89
17000 - 17800Madre de Dios Region16
18000 - 18620Moquegua Region23
19000 - 19750Pasco Region42
20000 - 20851Piura Region118
21000 - 21896Puno Region176
22000 - 22866San Martín Region126
23000 - 23850Tacna Region27
24000 - 24560Tumbes Region22
25000 - 25701Ucayali Region28

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2,681 Postal Codes in Peru

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00000CuscoCusco Region
00051LimaLima Province
00084CuscoCusco Region
01000Chachapoyas, PeruAmazonas Region1,317186.3 km²
01001Chachapoyas, PeruAmazonas Region27,87813 km²
01100San Martín Region1,23778 km²
01110Churuja DistrictAmazonas Region38331.8 km²
01120San Martín Region298112.4 km²
01130San Martín Region7,52575.2 km²
01131Shipasbamba DistrictAmazonas Region1,2920.502 km²
01140Cuispes DistrictAmazonas Region98996.4 km²
01150San Martín Region8,304221.7 km²
01151San Martín Region0.282 km²
01160San Martín Region7,9791,678.2 km²
01161Yambrasbamba DistrictAmazonas Region1.129 km²
01200Amazonas Region368171.1 km²
01210Quinjalca DistrictAmazonas Region54982.4 km²
01220Amazonas Region899141.6 km²
01230Asunción District, ChachapoyasAmazonas Region23434.9 km²
01240San Martín Region22828 km²
01250San Martín Region1,659158.6 km²
01260Chisquilla DistrictAmazonas Region339161.8 km²
01270Corosha DistrictAmazonas Region98564.2 km²
01280Olleros District, ChachapoyasAmazonas Region297106.7 km²
01300Amazonas Region159120.1 km²
01305Amazonas Region1,23274.7 km²
01310Amazonas Region30740.4 km²
01315Cheto DistrictAmazonas Region53866.3 km²
01320Molinopampa DistrictAmazonas Region2,836340.2 km²
01325Amazonas Region4,268861.3 km²
01330Amazonas Region3,002202.5 km²
01335Mendoza, PeruAmazonas Region5,213102.1 km²
01340Amazonas Region10,031225 km²
01341Amazonas Region2060.125 km²
01345LongarAmazonas Region1,48282.2 km²
01350Amazonas Region647182.1 km²
01355Amazonas Region90677.6 km²
01360Milpuc DistrictAmazonas Region46520.2 km²
01365Amazonas Region40319.4 km²
01370Amazonas Region3,226616.6 km²
01375Amazonas Region32642.9 km²
01380Chirimoto DistrictAmazonas Region1,822153.7 km²
01400Amazonas Region80674.8 km²
01405Amazonas Region646107.9 km²
01410Amazonas Region799135.3 km²
01415Longuita DistrictAmazonas Region1,393109 km²
01420Colcamar DistrictAmazonas Region2,131107.6 km²
01425Longuita DistrictAmazonas Region1,06458.6 km²
01430Amazonas Region81387.7 km²
01435San Juan de Lopecancha DistrictAmazonas Region32186.3 km²
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