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Postal Code 10441 - Ambo, Peru

Primary CityAmbo, Peru
Area of Postal Code 104410.283 km²
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -35.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -26%
Local TimeFriday 3:16 AM
TimezonePeru Standard Time
Coordinates-10.161499980921597° / -76.2355742334737°
Related Postal Codes104101042010421104301043110440

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Postal Code 10441 Population

Years 1975 to 2015
Population Density10,816 / km²11,456 / km²9,468 / km²7,010 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

10441 Population change from 2000 to 2015

Decrease of 26% from year 2000 to 2015
LocationChange since 1975Change since 1990Change since 2000
Postal Code 10441-35.2%-38.8%-26%
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Postal Code 10441 Population Density

Population Density: 7,010 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Postal Code 104411,9820.283 km²7,010 / km²
Huánuco834,43737,106.2 km²22.5 / km²
Peru31.0 million1,291,975 km²24.0 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Postal Code 10441 Historical and Projected Population

Estimated Ancient Population until 2100
1. JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid
2. CIESIN (Center for International Earth Science Information Network)
3. [Link] Klein Goldewijk, K., Beusen, A., Doelman, J., and Stehfest, E.: Anthropogenic land use estimates for the Holocene – HYDE 3.2, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 9, 927–953, https://doi.org/10.5194/essd-9-927-2017, 2017.

Human Development Index (HDI)

Statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income.
Sources: [Link] Kummu, M., Taka, M. & Guillaume, J. Gridded global datasets for Gross Domestic Product and Human Development Index over 1990–2015. Sci Data 5, 180004 (2018) doi:10.1038/sdata.2018.4

Postal Code 10441 CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita in Tonnes Per Year
LocationCO2 EmissionsCO2 Emissions Per CapitaCO2 Emissions Intensity
Postal Code 104414,135 t2.09 t14,627 t/km²
Huánuco1,743,132 t2.09 t47 t/km²
Peru71,626,945 t2.31 t55.4 t/km²
Sources: [Link] Moran, D., Kanemoto K; Jiborn, M., Wood, R., Többen, J., and Seto, K.C. (2018) Carbon footprints of 13,000 cities. Environmental Research Letters DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/aac72a

Postal Code 10441 CO2 Emissions

2013 CO2 emissions (tonnes/year)4,135 t
2013 CO2 emissions (tonnes/year) per capita2.09 t
2013 CO2 emissions intensity (tonnes/km²/year)14,627 t/km²

Natural Hazards Risk

Relative risk out of 10
LandslideMedium (6)
FloodHigh (7)
EarthquakeHigh (7)
* Risk, particularly concerning flood or landslide, may not be for the entire area.

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/7/183:34 PM4.447.1 km108,940 m21km N of Huanuco, Peruusgs.gov
10/23/161:44 AM3.770 km15,000 m57km NNW of Oxapampa, Peruusgs.gov
7/9/166:44 AM4.468.3 km119,420 m11km ESE of Tinyahuarco, Peruusgs.gov
12/13/1511:11 AM4.533 km13,000 m15km WNW of Huanuco, Peruusgs.gov
10/28/159:02 PM4.364.9 km106,980 m23km W of Chaupimarca, Peruusgs.gov
10/28/152:02 AM4.582.3 km126,740 m9km NW of Oyon, Peruusgs.gov
7/27/158:51 PM4.871.7 km119,600 m67km ENE of Ambo, Peruusgs.gov
12/17/146:24 AM4.284.7 km108,350 m35km SW of La Union, Peruusgs.gov
7/8/143:44 AM4.429.8 km93,450 m17km E of Yanacancha, Peruusgs.gov
12/4/1312:38 AM4.480.5 km52,320 m74km E of Huanuco, Peruusgs.gov

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Primary City

Ambo (Quechua: Ampuq) is a town in central Peru. Ambo is the capital of the province Ambo in the region Huánuco. was the birthplace of Bishop Ricardo Durand Flórez, third Bishop of Callao.  ︎  Ambo, Peru Wikipedia Page

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