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TimezonePeru Time
Area18,587.3 km²
Population314,043 (More Details)
Male Population161,531 (51.4%)
Female Population152,512 (48.6%)
Median Age22.2
Postal Codes01000, 01001, 01110 (88 more)
Area Code41

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
01415 - 01425Longuita District2

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91 Postal Codes in Amazonas Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
01000Chachapoyas, PeruAmazonas Region1,317186.3 km²
01001Chachapoyas, PeruAmazonas Region27,87813 km²
01110Churuja DistrictAmazonas Region38331.8 km²
01131Shipasbamba DistrictAmazonas Region1,2920.502 km²
01140Cuispes DistrictAmazonas Region98996.4 km²
01161Yambrasbamba DistrictAmazonas Region1.129 km²
01200Amazonas Region368171.1 km²
01210Quinjalca DistrictAmazonas Region54982.4 km²
01220Amazonas Region899141.6 km²
01230Asunción District, ChachapoyasAmazonas Region23434.9 km²
01260Chisquilla DistrictAmazonas Region339161.8 km²
01270Corosha DistrictAmazonas Region98564.2 km²
01280Olleros District, ChachapoyasAmazonas Region297106.7 km²
01300Amazonas Region159120.1 km²
01305Amazonas Region1,23274.7 km²
01310Amazonas Region30740.4 km²
01315Cheto DistrictAmazonas Region53866.3 km²
01320Molinopampa DistrictAmazonas Region2,836340.2 km²
01325Amazonas Region4,268861.3 km²
01330Amazonas Region3,002202.5 km²
01335Mendoza, PeruAmazonas Region5,213102.1 km²
01340Amazonas Region10,031225 km²
01341Amazonas Region2060.125 km²
01345LongarAmazonas Region1,48282.2 km²
01350Amazonas Region647182.1 km²
01355Amazonas Region90677.6 km²
01360Milpuc DistrictAmazonas Region46520.2 km²
01365Amazonas Region40319.4 km²
01370Amazonas Region3,226616.6 km²
01375Amazonas Region32642.9 km²
01380Chirimoto DistrictAmazonas Region1,822153.7 km²
01400Amazonas Region80674.8 km²
01405Amazonas Region646107.9 km²
01410Amazonas Region799135.3 km²
01415Longuita DistrictAmazonas Region1,393109 km²
01420Colcamar DistrictAmazonas Region2,131107.6 km²
01425Longuita DistrictAmazonas Region1,06458.6 km²
01430Amazonas Region81387.7 km²
01435San Juan de Lopecancha DistrictAmazonas Region32186.3 km²
01440La Jalca (Peru)Amazonas Region5,201124.5 km²
01441La Jalca (Peru)Amazonas Region11031,325 m²
01445Amazonas Region3,33289.9 km²
01450Amazonas Region304110.4 km²
01455Amazonas Region78.8 km²
01460Amazonas Region1,939122.8 km²
01465Amazonas Region3,985451.8 km²
01470Chuquibamba District, ChachapoyasAmazonas Region2,032183.9 km²
01475Amazonas Region1,411318.2 km²
01480Cocabamba DistrictAmazonas Region4,362342.4 km²
01485Amazonas Region3,830288 km²
01486Amazonas Region2.539 km²
01500Tingo DistrictAmazonas Region1,10469.5 km²
01505Amazonas Region357118.5 km²
01510Amazonas Region4,21396.1 km²
01515LamudAmazonas Region2,10473.1 km²
01520Amazonas Region70835.5 km²
01525Amazonas Region461211.8 km²
01530Amazonas Region1,832248.4 km²
01535Amazonas Region3,903363.8 km²
01540Amazonas Region1,425116.4 km²
01545Amazonas Region3,988171.9 km²
01550Camporredondo DistrictAmazonas Region834218.4 km²
01551Camporredondo DistrictAmazonas Region6620.282 km²
01555Lonya Grande DistrictAmazonas Region2,847363.1 km²
01556Lonya Grande DistrictAmazonas Region4,7551.128 km²
01560Yamón DistrictAmazonas Region9,022136 km²
01565Amazonas Region4,495299.2 km²
01566Amazonas Region3,5660.634 km²
01570Amazonas Region1,22712.9 km²
01575Luya ViejoAmazonas Region5456.3 km²
01580Amazonas Region2,299163.2 km²
01610Amazonas Region6,053345.5 km²
01611Jamalca DistrictAmazonas Region2.006 km²
01620Amazonas Region1,672714 km²
01621Bagua GrandeAmazonas Region48,32113.4 km²
01630Amazonas Region5,822309 km²
01631Bagua, PeruAmazonas Region1,11130,052 m²
01700Amazonas Region22,4101,796.2 km²
01701Cajaruro DistrictAmazonas Region5,9163.132 km²
01710Copallín DistrictAmazonas Region90995.4 km²
01711Copallín DistrictAmazonas Region4,8190.783 km²
01720San Isidro de Maino DistrictAmazonas Region1,984126.8 km²
01721Bagua, PeruAmazonas Region26,9046.2 km²
01730Amazonas Region1,38218.2 km²
01740Amazonas Region832139.3 km²
01741La PecaAmazonas Region2,8911.128 km²
01800Amazonas Region5,551817.5 km²
01801AramangoAmazonas Region3,6811.419 km²
01810Amazonas Region3,7734,505.6 km²
01811NazarethAmazonas Region18,9055.3 km²
01831Santa María de NievaAmazonas Region0.502 km²

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Amazonas Region Demographic Information

Population Density16.9 / km²
Male Population161,531 (51.4%)
Female Population152,512 (48.6%)
Median Age22.2
Male Median Age22.2
Female Median Age22.2
Businesses in Amazonas Region4,206
Population (1975)225,076
Population (2000)309,147
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +39.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +1.6%

Amazonas Region

Amazonas is a region of northern Peru bordered by Ecuador on the north and west, Cajamarca Region on the west, La Libertad Region on the south, and Loreto Region and San Martín Region on the east. Its capital is the city of Chachapoyas. a landscape ..  ︎  Amazonas Region Wikipedia Page