206 Postal Codes in Ancash Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area35,888.1 km²
Population1.1 million (More Details)
Male Population550,534 (49.8%)
Female Population555,059 (50.2%)
Median Age25.2
Postal Codes02000, 02001, 02002 (203 more)
Area Code43

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
02105 - 02113Anta, Ancash4
02123 - 02127Carhuaz4
02148 - 02152Ranrahirca2
02220 - 02225Sihuas3
02265 - 02273Piscobamba2
02710 - 02712, 02800 - 02804Chimbote8

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206 Postal Codes in Ancash Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
02000HuarazAncash Region30,079744.3 km²
02001HuarazAncash Region56,5595.9 km²
02002HuarazAncash Region48,17918 km²
02100HuarazAncash Region5,02762.3 km²
02103Ancash Region3,30645.3 km²
02105Anta, AncashAncash Region2,34243.2 km²
02109Anta, AncashAncash Region26331,337 m²
02110Ancash Region8,860176.9 km²
02113Anta, AncashAncash Region1,42911.9 km²
02115Ancash Region2,664122.9 km²
02119HuarazAncash Region5230.216 km²
02120Anta, AncashAncash Region4,829116.9 km²
02123CarhuazAncash Region1,50114.6 km²
02125CarhuazAncash Region9,194194.8 km²
02127CarhuazAncash Region6,9240.502 km²
02130Ancash Region1,52513.2 km²
02133Ancash Region3,195127.8 km²
02135CarhuazAncash Region3,14515.8 km²
02139Ancash Region1,39646.4 km²
02140Ancash Region2,434166.5 km²
02145Ancash Region2,219136.9 km²
02148RanrahircaAncash Region75525,301 m²
02150Ancash Region5,71962.9 km²
02152RanrahircaAncash Region2,61421.7 km²
02155Ancash Region1,57947 km²
02158Yungay, PeruAncash Region2,67231,329 m²
02160Ancash Region21,393273.2 km²
02162Ancash Region6,812283.8 km²
02163Ancash Region57031,343 m²
02165HuandoyAncash Region9,058242.7 km²
02167CarazAncash Region16,9761.129 km²
02170Ancash Region6,795126.7 km²
02171Ancash Region250.502 km²
02174Ancash Region5,087359.4 km²
02175Ancash Region1,56469.4 km²
02180Ancash Region8,998499.3 km²
02181PamparomasAncash Region0.784 km²
02184Ancash Region1,936105.8 km²
02185Ancash Region1,42954 km²
02190Ancash Region76284.4 km²
02193Ancash Region743195 km²
02195Ancash Region3,259547.4 km²
02200Ancash Region1,26794.6 km²
02203Ancash Region1,01784.9 km²
02205Ancash Region498153.8 km²
02209Ancash Region67046.8 km²
02210Ancash Region2,679425.9 km²
02215Ancash Region43357.5 km²
02218CorongoAncash Region1,498151.7 km²
02220SihuasAncash Region1,47345.3 km²
02222SihuasAncash Region4,5160.749 km²
02225SihuasAncash Region2,30469.6 km²
02228Ancash Region2,505208.8 km²
02230Ancash Region3,990276.6 km²
02234Ancash Region2,767148.3 km²
02235Ancash Region2,106150.4 km²
02240Ancash Region1,036173.4 km²
02243Ancash Region1,71582.5 km²
02245Ancash Region76089.1 km²
02249Ancash Region4,673210.5 km²
02250Ancash Region6,739338.5 km²
02251Ancash Region0.784 km²
02254Ancash Region0.282 km²
02258Ancash Region2,287149.6 km²
02260Ancash Region15,955344 km²
02262PomabambaAncash Region31,343 m²
02264Ancash Region4,21276 km²
02265PiscobambaAncash Region3,49645.8 km²
02270Ancash Region2,225213.5 km²
02273PiscobambaAncash Region1,01138.9 km²
02275Ancash Region1,19249.1 km²
02279Ancash Region1,33198.5 km²
02280Ancash Region5,240173.9 km²
02283YauyaAncash Region240.785 km²
02285Ancash Region3,707204.9 km²
02289Ancash Region6,328139 km²
02290Ancash Region3,11075.3 km²
02291Ancash Region70.125 km²
02295Ancash Region3,50488.8 km²
02300Ancash Region2,933161.8 km²
02303Huari, PeruAncash Region9,029399.4 km²
02304Huari, PeruAncash Region0.282 km²
02305Ancash Region2,507165.4 km²
02310Ancash Region12,179247.3 km²
02311San Luis, AncashAncash Region0.125 km²
02314Ancash Region3,18176.5 km²
02315ChacasAncash Region6,363451.2 km²
02318ChacasAncash Region11,275 m²
02320Ancash Region3,611152.1 km²
02324Ancash Region1,48975.2 km²
02325Ancash Region7659.5 km²
02330Ancash Region3,148119 km²
02333Ancash Region2,539144.1 km²
02335Ancash Region1,523101.9 km²
02340Ancash Region2,22666.1 km²
02342Ancash Region1,87150.8 km²
02345Ancash Region3,51496 km²
02348Ancash Region1,69272 km²
02350Mirgas DistrictAncash Region5,041171.6 km²
02352Mirgas DistrictAncash Region160.502 km²
02355Ancash Region1,84088.9 km²
02358Ancash Region1,57480.7 km²
02370Ancash Region1,58551.7 km²
02375Ancash Region1,804139.7 km²
02380Ancash Region1,96776.8 km²
02385Ancash Region1,727145 km²
02390Ancash Region13,898561 km²
02391Ancash Region6570.489 km²
02395Ancash Region3,754418.5 km²
02396Chavín de HuantarAncash Region4,9760.927 km²
02400HuarazAncash Region2,189230.8 km²
02403Recuay, PeruAncash Region2,1260.502 km²
02405Recuay, PeruAncash Region2,279148.8 km²
02407Ancash Region2,212146.1 km²
02410Ancash Region4,0381,024.5 km²
02413ChiquiánAncash Region4,601185.7 km²
02415Ancash Region1,609389.8 km²
02420Ancash Region2,443436.8 km²
02422Ancash Region4,7932.01 km²
02425Ancash Region3,560816 km²
02426Pacllón DistrictAncash Region1,714210.6 km²
02430Ticllos DistrictAncash Region1,29292.6 km²
02432Ticllos DistrictAncash Region1,24142.7 km²
02435Ancash Region1,29911.9 km²
02440Ancash Region90062.5 km²
02445Ancash Region1,27520.7 km²
02447Ancash Region69578.6 km²
02450Ancash Region62170.6 km²
02455Ancash Region2,04731.5 km²
02460OcrosAncash Region1,127226.2 km²
02465Ancash Region40588.7 km²
02470Ancash Region1,099254.9 km²
02475Ancash Region1,677416.6 km²
02480Ancash Region883106.6 km²
02483Ancash Region1,990104.7 km²
02485Cajacay DistrictAncash Region1,624185.2 km²
02489Ancash Region1,091121.9 km²
02490Ancash Region992182.5 km²
02495Ancash Region1,263111 km²
02500Ancash Region4,437305 km²
02510Huayllacayán DistrictAncash Region1,015117.5 km²
02520Ancash Region2,366550.4 km²
02530Ancash Region961109 km²
02600HuarazAncash Region3,682261.3 km²
02603HuarazAncash Region1,090148.4 km²
02605Ancash Region1,176351.7 km²
02607HuarazAncash Region2,214208.9 km²
02610Ancash Region1,802162.4 km²
02613Ancash Region2,097156.7 km²
02616Ancash Region81677.4 km²
02618Ancash Region1,017112.5 km²
02621Ancash Region2,149259 km²
02625Ancash Region60539.9 km²
02627Ancash Region889167.7 km²
02630Ancash Region73298.5 km²
02633Ancash Region606175 km²
02635Ancash Region44878.2 km²
02640Ancash Region1,334259 km²
02645Ancash Region1,82795.9 km²
02650Ancash Region8,7052,908.9 km²
02651HuarmeyAncash Region15,0381.128 km²
02655Ancash Region2,889629.6 km²
02660ChanquilloAncash Region5,2941,198.1 km²
02661CasmaAncash Region26,4529.6 km²
02665Ancash Region2,042217.3 km²
02670Ancash Region4,074480.4 km²
02675Ancash Region13,492370.6 km²
02676Ancash Region0.125 km²
02680Ancash Region8,121365.1 km²
02681Ancash Region0.282 km²
02685HuarazAncash Region4,603168.1 km²
02690HuarazAncash Region1,931138.3 km²
02695HuarazAncash Region75952 km²
02700Ancash Region4,076149.2 km²
02710ChimboteAncash Region16,786377.4 km²
02711ChimboteAncash Region75,34610.9 km²
02712ChimboteAncash Region34,59312.6 km²
02720Ancash Region14,763456.8 km²
02721Ancash Region4870.125 km²
02730BreñaAncash Region2,519356.4 km²
02731Ancash Region4,5530.501 km²
02740Ancash Region480527 km²
02741Ancash Region4,5401.128 km²
02800ChimboteAncash Region31,7641,413.8 km²
02801ChimboteAncash Region45,7025.3 km²
02802ChimboteAncash Region23,5564.917 km²
02803ChimboteAncash Region58,48010.3 km²
02804ChimboteAncash Region66,42710.9 km²
02810CoishcoAncash Region2295.8 km²
02811CoishcoAncash Region14,1692.467 km²
02815Ancash Region9,75639.6 km²
02816Ancash Region10,9471.127 km²
02820Ancash Region3,580586.9 km²
02825Ancash Region1,021290 km²
02830Ancash Region1,03881.8 km²
02835Ancash Region2,984110.3 km²
02840Ancash Region70229.2 km²
02845Ancash Region3,252198.8 km²
02850Ancash Region2,649144.7 km²
02855Ancash Region1,247115.5 km²
02860Ancash Region39313.6 km²
02865Ancash Region7,082434.6 km²
02866Ancash Region1,4165.3 km²
02870Ancash Region1,17463.5 km²
02875Ancash Region1,538577.5 km²
02876Conchucos DistrictAncash Region6,0481.942 km²

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Ancash Region Demographic Information

Population1.1 million
Population Density30.8 / km²
Male Population550,534 (49.8%)
Female Population555,059 (50.2%)
Median Age25.2
Male Median Age24.6
Female Median Age25.7
Businesses in Ancash Region5,487
Population (1975)713,343
Population (2000)1,058,259
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +55%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +4.5%

Ancash Region

Ancash (Quechua: Anqash) (Spanish: Áncash Spanish pronunciation: [ˈaŋkaʃ]) is a region of northern Peru. It is bordered by La Libertad Region on the north, Huánuco and Pasco regions on the east, the Lima Region on the south, and the Pacific Ocean on ..  ︎  Ancash Region Wikipedia Page