97 Postal Codes in Apurímac Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area21,102.2 km²
Population413,383 (More Details)
Male Population205,347 (49.7%)
Female Population208,036 (50.3%)
Median Age21.5
Postal Codes03000, 03001, 03100 (94 more)
Area Code83

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
03000 - 03120, 03300 - 03305Abancay10

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97 Postal Codes in Apurímac Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
03000AbancayApurímac Region2,023330 km²
03001AbancayApurímac Region57,37811.2 km²
03100AbancayApurímac Region12,537859.6 km²
03101AbancayApurímac Region3,5570.125 km²
03110AbancayApurímac Region3,440117.9 km²
03120AbancayApurímac Region4,148427.1 km²
03200Apurímac Region2,812349.6 km²
03210CcullcoApurímac Region1,495124.1 km²
03220Apurímac Region7,520415.8 km²
03221Apurímac Region583.138 km²
03230Apurímac Region3,397327 km²
03240Apurímac Region1,850711 km²
03241Apurímac Region9,1973.136 km²
03250Apurímac Region1,690221.1 km²
03251Apurímac Region4,8250.784 km²
03260Apurímac Region3,206452.4 km²
03261Apurímac Region4,6531.129 km²
03270Apurímac Region2,956482.9 km²
03271Apurímac Region7,6431.129 km²
03280Apurímac Region2,917240.4 km²
03290Apurímac Region1,581136.4 km²
03300AbancayApurímac Region4,884524.5 km²
03301AbancayApurímac Region1.13 km²
03305AbancayApurímac Region2,139634.3 km²
03310Apurímac Region13424.3 km²
03311ChuquibambillaApurímac Region4,8961.13 km²
03315Apurímac Region2,131310.2 km²
03320Apurímac Region4766.6 km²
03325Apurímac Region2,156104.8 km²
03330Apurímac Region32525.4 km²
03335Apurímac Region87662.7 km²
03340Apurímac Region2,8341,170.6 km²
03345Apurímac Region62731 km²
03350Apurímac Region988146.4 km²
03355Apurímac Region69551 km²
03360Apurímac Region1,189114.2 km²
03400AbancayApurímac Region5,060373.8 km²
03405Apurímac Region615176.8 km²
03410Apurímac Region2,811142.4 km²
03415Apurímac Region1,936103.8 km²
03420Apurímac Region76596.2 km²
03425Apurímac Region1,947204.1 km²
03430Apurímac Region1,175101 km²
03435Apurímac Region1,978158.2 km²
03440Apurímac Region1,071104.4 km²
03445Apurímac Region1,03887.6 km²
03450Apurímac Region42666.6 km²
03455Apurímac Region1,169229.2 km²
03460Apurímac Region1,485176.5 km²
03465Apurímac Region2,822602.5 km²
03470Apurímac Region1,405350.7 km²
03475Apurímac Region1,807632.4 km²
03500Apurímac Region86291.8 km²
03510Apurímac Region1,754168.6 km²
03520Apurímac Region87383.3 km²
03530Apurímac Region65872.8 km²
03540Apurímac Region71844.4 km²
03550Apurímac Region1,300365.2 km²
03560ChalhuancaApurímac Region4,579339 km²
03570Apurímac Region1,275230.3 km²
03580Apurímac Region4,8531,735.3 km²
03600Apurímac Region2,516590.7 km²
03610Apurímac Region968122.9 km²
03620Apurímac Region2,189453.4 km²
03630Apurímac Region94795.3 km²
03640Apurímac Region1,82184.9 km²
03650Apurímac Region773146.7 km²
03660Apurímac Region2,355178.6 km²
03670Apurímac Region4,188111.1 km²
03680Apurímac Region3,789123.8 km²
03700Apurímac Region3,242755.7 km²
03701Apurímac Region86,09923.4 km²
03730Apurímac Region6,036169.9 km²
03731Apurímac Region2,4440.283 km²
03740Apurímac Region3,367185.6 km²
03741Apurímac Region2,1890.503 km²
03750Apurímac Region2,183112.1 km²
03760Apurímac Region1,993307.9 km²
03761Apurímac Region6,1691.13 km²
03770Apurímac Region4,323259.4 km²
03780Apurímac Region4,668155.2 km²
03781Apurímac Region1,9851.13 km²
03800Apurímac Region7,548155.8 km²
03801Apurímac Region1,4130.283 km²
03810Apurímac Region3,271146.9 km²
03820Apurímac Region2,626108.2 km²
03830Apurímac Region4,604100 km²
03840Apurímac Region4,94390.7 km²
03841Apurímac Region5,8650.283 km²
03850ChincherosApurímac Region2,293135 km²
03851ChincherosApurímac Region3,8070.503 km²
03860Apurímac Region5,486215.8 km²
03861Apurímac Region1,5671.131 km²
03870Apurímac Region6,595229.1 km²
03871Apurímac Region1,4560.785 km²
03880Apurímac Region2,342478.9 km²
03881Apurímac Region7,0901.131 km²

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Apurímac Region Demographic Information

Population Density19.6 / km²
Male Population205,347 (49.7%)
Female Population208,036 (50.3%)
Median Age21.5
Male Median Age20.5
Female Median Age22.5
Businesses in Apurímac Region862
Population (1975)307,687
Population (2000)417,382
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +34.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -1%

Apurímac Region

Apurímac is a region in southern-central Peru. It is bordered on the east by the Cusco Region, on the west by the Ayacucho Region, and on the south by the Arequipa and Ayacucho regions. The region's name originates from the Quechua language and means..  ︎  Apurímac Region Wikipedia Page