125 Postal Codes in Arequipa Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area63,234.3 km²
Population1.3 million (More Details)
Male Population664,992 (49.3%)
Female Population684,380 (50.7%)
Median Age27.2
Postal Codes04000, 04001, 04002 (122 more)
Area Code54

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
04000 - 04018, 04300 - 04406Arequipa26

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125 Postal Codes in Arequipa Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
04000ArequipaArequipa Region29,4442,463.7 km²
04001ArequipaArequipa Region50,1758.3 km²
04002ArequipaArequipa Region52,6926 km²
04003ArequipaArequipa Region67,65124.1 km²
04004ArequipaArequipa Region50,16611.4 km²
04006ArequipaArequipa Region54,95111.7 km²
04007ArequipaArequipa Region54,6596.8 km²
04008ArequipaArequipa Region43,23616.1 km²
04009ArequipaArequipa Region66,4277.5 km²
04011ArequipaArequipa Region63,74216.8 km²
04012ArequipaArequipa Region70,77028.2 km²
04013ArequipaArequipa Region52,39125.7 km²
04014ArequipaArequipa Region75,14212 km²
04016ArequipaArequipa Region43,53832.5 km²
04017ArequipaArequipa Region85,27927.3 km²
04018ArequipaArequipa Region62,79420.4 km²
04076YuraArequipa Region1,6124.514 km²
04100Arequipa Region2,5411,531.7 km²
04102Arequipa Region5,787424.8 km²
04105Arequipa Region2,49036.1 km²
04108Arequipa Region2,553183 km²
04110Arequipa Region53,4671,609.2 km²
04112Arequipa Region28,21536.7 km²
04115LlutaArequipa Region1,6051,226.6 km²
04118Arequipa Region608371.9 km²
04120Arequipa Region656715.3 km²
04124Arequipa Region2,406461.4 km²
04125Arequipa Region586413.6 km²
04130Arequipa Region775236.8 km²
04135Arequipa Region976365.4 km²
04140HuarancanteArequipa Region2,3071,111.8 km²
04145Arequipa Region4,975242 km²
04146ChivayArequipa Region3,4810.501 km²
04150Arequipa Region1,449114 km²
04155Arequipa Region71374.4 km²
04160Arequipa Region1,418389 km²
04165Arequipa Region722159.2 km²
04170Arequipa Region798239.4 km²
04175CcoloArequipa Region711283.7 km²
04180Arequipa Region2,1591,537.9 km²
04185Arequipa Region1,5651,440.8 km²
04190Arequipa Region3,4311,505.1 km²
04195Arequipa Region3,1481,392.9 km²
04200ArequipaArequipa Region3,015230.4 km²
04210Arequipa Region2,0952,383.1 km²
04220Arequipa Region1,6621,540.2 km²
04300ArequipaArequipa Region1,58931.2 km²
04310ArequipaArequipa Region555169.7 km²
04320ArequipaArequipa Region1,442398 km²
04330ArequipaArequipa Region1,608485.6 km²
04340ArequipaArequipa Region1,15534.9 km²
04400ArequipaArequipa Region12,282269.4 km²
04401ArequipaArequipa Region1,2891.128 km²
04405ArequipaArequipa Region24,489690.3 km²
04406ArequipaArequipa Region6,6585.3 km²
04410Arequipa Region7,513364.1 km²
04415Arequipa Region1,103919.2 km²
04416MollendoArequipa Region21,09812.6 km²
04420Arequipa Region1,007102.7 km²
04425Arequipa Region3,946131.2 km²
04426Punta de BombónArequipa Region2,7983.135 km²
04430Arequipa Region6,3171,545.9 km²
04431CocachacraArequipa Region2,8123.135 km²
04435Arequipa Region3,230753.3 km²
04436Punta de BombónArequipa Region3,2663.135 km²
04440Arequipa Region1,658896.6 km²
04445Arequipa Region15,531112.9 km²
04446Arequipa Region3620.119 km²
04450Arequipa Region8,69010 km²
04451Arequipa Region6,5191.13 km²
04455Arequipa Region5,461388.1 km²
04456Pampa BlancaArequipa Region6,9722.543 km²
04460Pampa BlancaArequipa Region4,22316 km²
04465Arequipa Region4,089592 km²
04466Arequipa Region2,2991.12 km²
04470Arequipa Region4,5331,421 km²
04475Arequipa Region4,4273,094 km²
04500Arequipa Region7,385338 km²
04501Arequipa Region632.978 km²
04520Arequipa Region938423.3 km²
04530Arequipa Region1,685543.3 km²
04540Arequipa Region1,302423.1 km²
04550Arequipa Region3,428770.5 km²
04560Arequipa Region7,3371,582 km²
04570Arequipa Region1,272446.7 km²
04580Arequipa Region5,9211,502.2 km²
04590Arequipa Region1,9781,036.3 km²
04600Arequipa Region14,812692.9 km²
04601Arequipa Region1930.282 km²
04605Arequipa Region6,823616.7 km²
04606AplaoArequipa Region2,1121.13 km²
04610Arequipa Region1,417797.2 km²
04615Arequipa Region51055.5 km²
04620Arequipa Region2,747265.8 km²
04625Arequipa Region1,731137.1 km²
04630Arequipa Region735247 km²
04635Arequipa Region452340.3 km²
04640Arequipa Region1,163471.7 km²
04645Arequipa Region357285.3 km²
04650Arequipa Region1,301182.3 km²
04655Arequipa Region601723.4 km²
04656OrcopampaArequipa Region9,4385.2 km²
04660Arequipa Region1,7201,195.7 km²
04665Arequipa Region1,019903 km²
04700Arequipa Region649238.4 km²
04710Arequipa Region3,4511,185.7 km²
04720Arequipa Region675810.3 km²
04730Arequipa Region6,0401,056 km²
04740Arequipa Region3,949754.1 km²
04750Arequipa Region8921,384.8 km²
04760Arequipa Region7,432555 km²
04770Arequipa Region2,619533.3 km²
04800Arequipa Region8841,240.8 km²
04805Arequipa Region671390.7 km²
04810CotahuasiArequipa Region2,940166.7 km²
04815Arequipa Region1,261787.6 km²
04820Arequipa Region2,248935.2 km²
04825Arequipa Region86496.5 km²
04830Arequipa Region1,992191.5 km²
04835Arequipa Region2,7861,503.4 km²
04840Arequipa Region807526 km²
04845Arequipa Region232135.3 km²
04850Arequipa Region545162.2 km²
04855Arequipa Region56070.6 km²
04860Arequipa Region324317.8 km²

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Arequipa Region Demographic Information

Population1.3 million
Population Density21.3 / km²
Male Population664,992 (49.3%)
Female Population684,380 (50.7%)
Median Age27.2
Male Median Age26.6
Female Median Age27.8
Businesses in Arequipa Region8,609
Population (1975)729,741
Population (2000)1,074,586
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +84.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +25.6%

Arequipa Region

Arequipa is a region in southwestern Peru. It is bordered by the Ica, Ayacucho, Apurímac and Cusco regions in the north, the Puno Region in the east, the Moquegua Region in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the west. Its capital, also called Arequip..  ︎  Arequipa Region Wikipedia Page