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TimezonePeru Time
Area43,598.3 km²
Population702,571 (More Details)
Male Population348,995 (49.7%)
Female Population353,577 (50.3%)
Median Age22.3
Postal Codes04510, 05000, 05001 (137 more)
Area Code66

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
05000 - 05003Ayacucho4

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140 Postal Codes in Ayacucho Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
04510Ayacucho Region3,550705.6 km²
05000AyacuchoAyacucho Region2,88699.7 km²
05001AyacuchoAyacucho Region55,59511.3 km²
05002AyacuchoAyacucho Region84,12217.7 km²
05003AyacuchoAyacucho Region50,0625.5 km²
05100Ayacucho Region3,33158.5 km²
05110Ayacucho Region3,36571.8 km²
05120Ayacucho Region4,286484.2 km²
05121HuantaAyacucho Region48,3008.7 km²
05130Luricocha DistrictAyacucho Region3,325141.6 km²
05131Luricocha DistrictAyacucho Region1,9530.283 km²
05140Ayacucho Region5,671414.2 km²
05141Ayacucho Region1,18731,395 m²
05150Ayacucho Region16,0751,083.2 km²
05151Ayacucho Region31,396 m²
05160Quinua, PeruAyacucho Region4,702120.3 km²
05161Quinua, PeruAyacucho Region1,6100.503 km²
05170Ayacucho Region3,84977.2 km²
05171Ayacucho Region1,4120.126 km²
05180Ayacucho Region958153.7 km²
05181Ayacucho Region5,3100.503 km²
05200Ayacucho Region16,554309.4 km²
05201Ayacucho Region5,1220.786 km²
05210Ayacucho Region3,231282.6 km²
05211Ayacucho Region8,1522.139 km²
05220Ayacucho Region4,672794.3 km²
05230Ayacucho Region18,045784.4 km²
05231Ayacucho Region2750.786 km²
05240Ayacucho Region6,651473.3 km²
05241Ayacucho Region10,3963.142 km²
05250Ayacucho Region4,909741.9 km²
05251Ayacucho Region9,4920.786 km²
05260Ayacucho Region16,5381,054.2 km²
05261Ayacucho Region2,2100.503 km²
05270Ayacucho Region6,7871,069.2 km²
05271Ayacucho Region9573.142 km²
05280Ayacucho Region3,222154.3 km²
05290Ayacucho Region1,871212.8 km²
05300Ayacucho Region3,515176.7 km²
05301Ayacucho Region2,2782.011 km²
05305Ayacucho Region5,369383.9 km²
05306Ayacucho Region5,3542.011 km²
05310Ayacucho Region4,934202.5 km²
05311Ayacucho Region8181.131 km²
05315Ayacucho Region7,515494.1 km²
05316Ayacucho Region1.131 km²
05320Ayacucho Region4,929278.7 km²
05325Ayacucho Region3,585219.2 km²
05326VilcashuamánAyacucho Region5,2451.131 km²
05330Ayacucho Region3,225228.7 km²
05335Ayacucho Region1,01189.2 km²
05340Ayacucho Region1,04954.3 km²
05345Belén District, SucreAyacucho Region1,29036.4 km²
05350Chalcos DistrictAyacucho Region63654.9 km²
05355Chilcayoc DistrictAyacucho Region1,05829.8 km²
05360Ayacucho Region1,838141.8 km²
05365Ayacucho Region72879.3 km²
05370Ayacucho Region75461.5 km²
05375Ayacucho Region1,381351.8 km²
05380Ayacucho Region1,056314.3 km²
05385Ayacucho Region2,398163 km²
05390Ayacucho Region88286.5 km²
05395Ayacucho Region1,66788.1 km²
05400CangalloAyacucho Region1,855183.5 km²
05401CangalloAyacucho Region5,9130.786 km²
05405Ayacucho Region1,755116 km²
05410Ayacucho Region1,134162.2 km²
05415Ayacucho Region2,107239.4 km²
05420Ayacucho Region1,23563.5 km²
05425Ayacucho Region1,05663.9 km²
05430Ayacucho Region3,341156.7 km²
05435Ayacucho Region4,270265.2 km²
05440Ayacucho Region1,463175.8 km²
05445Ayacucho Region46471.4 km²
05450Ayacucho Region2,606282.1 km²
05455Ayacucho Region1,391288.9 km²
05460Ayacucho Region701144.1 km²
05465Ayacucho Region68945.5 km²
05470Ayacucho Region5,879872.4 km²
05475Ayacucho Region4,883405.3 km²
05480Ayacucho Region4,283464.1 km²
05485Ayacucho Region3,9801,156.2 km²
05500Ayacucho Region10,095863.2 km²
05501PuquioAyacucho Region4,6680.503 km²
05510Ayacucho Region3,184727.5 km²
05520Ayacucho Region1,63246.9 km²
05530Ayacucho Region4,4191,211.7 km²
05540Ayacucho Region1,5071,110.7 km²
05550Ayacucho Region2,260407.5 km²
05560Ayacucho Region947575.7 km²
05570Ayacucho Region9641,034 km²
05600Ayacucho Region4,930366.9 km²
05605Ayacucho Region5,0331,500.9 km²
05606Ayacucho Region3.143 km²
05610Ayacucho Region3,3641,387.3 km²
05611CoracoraAyacucho Region13,2501.131 km²
05615Ayacucho Region2,841372.2 km²
05620Ayacucho Region5,2941,563.3 km²
05625Ayacucho Region2,230643.3 km²
05630Ayacucho Region74685 km²
05635Ayacucho Region66456.7 km²
05640Pausa, PeruAyacucho Region3,007251.4 km²
05645Ayacucho Region2,679281 km²
05650Ayacucho Region796120.4 km²
05655Ayacucho Region1,194248.1 km²
05660Ayacucho Region1,268793.7 km²
05665Ayacucho Region17128.4 km²
05670CcotapampaAyacucho Region483100.9 km²
05675Ayacucho Region550117.5 km²
05680Ayacucho Region796103 km²
05685Pacapausa DistrictAyacucho Region3,208147 km²
05690Ayacucho Region3,019576.6 km²
05695Ayacucho Region2,0571,080.6 km²
05700Ayacucho Region2,506196.7 km²
05710Ayacucho Region3,7291,357.1 km²
05720Ayacucho Region2,682645.9 km²
05730Ayacucho Region1,699639.5 km²
05740Ayacucho Region1,550780 km²
05750Ayacucho Region1,258493.5 km²
05760Ayacucho Region2,950312.6 km²
05770Ayacucho Region3,108859.1 km²
05780Ayacucho Region1,445520.5 km²
05790Ayacucho Region3,174716.6 km²
05800Ayacucho Region3,81393.4 km²
05805Ayacucho Region4,21197.7 km²
05810Ayacucho Region1,36581.6 km²
05811Ayacucho Region5,7120.503 km²
05815Ayacucho Region14,253948.3 km²
05816Ayacucho Region3,2943.143 km²
05820Ayacucho Region4,649776.8 km²
05821Ayacucho Region60.786 km²
05825Ayacucho Region2,431500 km²
05830Ayacucho Region4,243115.3 km²
05835Ayacucho Region4,077411.1 km²
05836ChuschiAyacucho Region4,0910.786 km²
05840Ayacucho Region2,702131.8 km²
05845Ayacucho Region3,056249.2 km²
05846Ayacucho Region5,4550.283 km²
05850Ayacucho Region2,937378.9 km²
05855Ayacucho Region1,31072.4 km²

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Ayacucho Region Demographic Information

Population Density16.1 / km²
Male Population348,995 (49.7%)
Female Population353,577 (50.3%)
Median Age22.3
Male Median Age21.5
Female Median Age23.1
Businesses in Ayacucho Region1,640
Population (1975)318,049
Population (2000)575,311
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +120.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +22.1%

Ayacucho Region

Ayacucho is a region of Peru, located in the south-central Andes of the country. Its capital is the city of Ayacucho. The region was one of the hardest hit by terrorism during the 1980s during the guerrilla war waged by Shining Path known as the inte..  ︎  Ayacucho Region Wikipedia Page