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TimezonePeru Time
Area71,993.8 km²
Population1.3 million (More Details)
Male Population637,071 (49.9%)
Female Population639,319 (50.1%)
Median Age23.3
Postal Codes00000, 00084, 05221 (166 more)
Area Code84

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
00000 - 00084, 08000 - 08051Cusco12
08650 - 08676Urubamba8

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169 Postal Codes in Cusco Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00000CuscoCusco Region
00084CuscoCusco Region
05221PichariCusco Region9,2290.718 km²
08000CuscoCusco Region9,102429.1 km²
08001CuscoCusco Region70,67511.3 km²
08002CuscoCusco Region82,5746.5 km²
08003CuscoCusco Region53,1446.7 km²
08004CuscoCusco Region43,1424.526 km²
08006CuscoCusco Region117,01924.5 km²
08007CuscoCusco Region58,3668 km²
08051CuscoCusco Region1,2721.129 km²
08100Cusco Region4,29954.9 km²
08105Cusco Region2,450147.2 km²
08106PísacCusco Region7,1820.501 km²
08110Cusco Region3,65970.2 km²
08115Lamay DistrictCusco Region31494.7 km²
08116Lamay DistrictCusco Region5,1320.741 km²
08120Cusco Region8,596311.3 km²
08121Cusco Region13,6721.129 km²
08125Cusco Region5,675731.4 km²
08126Cusco Region1,1260.502 km²
08130Cusco Region458.3 km²
08131Cusco Region10,0491.128 km²
08135Cusco Region5,4151,090 km²
08136Paucartambo, PaucartamboCusco Region7,0021.128 km²
08140Cusco Region10,430714 km²
08141Cusco Region1950.125 km²
08145Cusco Region5,3203,266.6 km²
08150Cusco Region2,587124.9 km²
08151Cusco Region2,7293.134 km²
08155Cusco Region2,489106.8 km²
08160Cusco Region4,378145.4 km²
08161Cusco Region2,8980.125 km²
08165Cusco Region11,959295.9 km²
08166CcatcaCusco Region5,3320.783 km²
08170Cusco Region4,734944.9 km²
08171Cusco Region10,3912.929 km²
08175Cusco Region2,799303.4 km²
08180Cusco Region4,1391,300.2 km²
08185Cusco Region4,0763,361.3 km²
08200CuscoCusco Region6,15624.1 km²
08204OropesaCusco Region3,3053.082 km²
08205OropesaCusco Region3,33175.2 km²
08207Cusco Region3,939118 km²
08210Cusco Region5,02085.7 km²
08215Cusco Region4,244108.4 km²
08219UrcosCusco Region7,2323.118 km²
08220UrcosCusco Region1,564137.5 km²
08222Cusco Region7,382361.1 km²
08223Cusco Region3,0493.133 km²
08225Cusco Region4,456242.5 km²
08230Cusco Region4,695936.9 km²
08234Cusco Region5,5330.783 km²
08235Cusco Region1,6201,090.3 km²
08238CombapataCusco Region4,8911.031 km²
08240Cusco Region109172.4 km²
08242Cusco Region44177.3 km²
08243TintaCusco Region4,8445.3 km²
08245San PabloCusco Region2,62256 km²
08250Cusco Region4,379523 km²
08254SicuaniCusco Region52,21710.7 km²
08255Cusco Region4,359635.7 km²
08257Cusco Region10,256435.6 km²
08258MaranganíCusco Region3123.13 km²
08260Cusco Region1,96231.2 km²
08264YanaocaCusco Region7,5951.127 km²
08265Cusco Region1,778290 km²
08267Cusco Region24388.5 km²
08268Cusco Region5,3945.3 km²
08270Cusco Region2,308171.1 km²
08274LayoCusco Region5,4390.684 km²
08275Cusco Region496425.1 km²
08277Cusco Region3501.5 km²
08278CheccaCusco Region5,9312.537 km²
08280CahuanuyoCusco Region3,407148.9 km²
08285Cusco Region2,684115.2 km²
08290Mosoc LlactaCusco Region2,19843.9 km²
08295Cusco Region2,25171.4 km²
08300Cusco Region3,104720.7 km²
08301Cusco Region28,41017.3 km²
08310Cusco Region3,667273.9 km²
08320Cusco Region331814.2 km²
08321Cusco Region4,8493.131 km²
08330Cusco Region2,513359.6 km²
08340Cusco Region1,509359.2 km²
08350Cusco Region1,325515.2 km²
08360Cusco Region2,601627.8 km²
08370Cusco Region13,4121,540.7 km²
08371Cusco Region3,5152.538 km²
08400Cusco Region4,635226 km²
08410Cusco Region2,870311.9 km²
08411Cusco Region2,6673.136 km²
08420Cusco Region2,4961,901.6 km²
08421Santo TomasCusco Region23,7043.136 km²
08430Cusco Region1,953759.1 km²
08431Cusco Region6,0240.784 km²
08440Cusco Region2,694451.1 km²
08441Cusco Region5,3701.129 km²
08450Cusco Region4,328267.8 km²
08460Cusco Region3,957668.8 km²
08461Cusco Region4,4755.3 km²
08470Cusco Region16743.5 km²
08471Cusco Region12,6693.134 km²
08500Cusco Region2,610360.3 km²
08501Cusco Region2,5030.784 km²
08505Cusco Region3,366325.5 km²
08510Cusco Region2,460100.8 km²
08515Cusco Region2,009142.1 km²
08520ParuroCusco Region3,086152.7 km²
08525Cusco Region2,223183 km²
08530Cusco Region1,024139.8 km²
08535Cusco Region3,595238.8 km²
08540Cusco Region1,10578.4 km²
08545Cusco Region2,235137.7 km²
08550AcomayoCusco Region2,792141 km²
08551AcomayoCusco Region2,5050.282 km²
08555Sangarará, PeruCusco Region4,20786 km²
08560Cusco Region6,363264.1 km²
08561Cusco Region1,6183.133 km²
08565Cusco Region6,754424.1 km²
08566Cusco Region503.134 km²
08600CuscoCusco Region7,55713.4 km²
08605Cusco Region2,37143.6 km²
08610Cusco Region4,01834 km²
08615AntaCusco Region5,320185.5 km²
08616AntaCusco Region10,5002.007 km²
08620Cusco Region4,461395.9 km²
08625Cusco Region1,580219.2 km²
08626Cusco Region3,8271.129 km²
08630Cusco Region3,46060.9 km²
08635Ancahuasi DistrictCusco Region3,597122.1 km²
08636Ancahuasi DistrictCusco Region3,0042.008 km²
08640Cusco Region8,331505.8 km²
08641Cusco Region1,1490.125 km²
08645Cusco Region2,627369.2 km²
08650Urubamba, PeruCusco Region1,85297.1 km²
08651Chinchero DistrictCusco Region7,5275.3 km²
08655Urubamba, PeruCusco Region2,718135.8 km²
08656Maras, PeruCusco Region2,9025.3 km²
08660Urubamba, PeruCusco Region9,105159.9 km²
08661Urubamba, PeruCusco Region10,7731.005 km²
08665Urubamba, PeruCusco Region3,37023.8 km²
08670Urubamba, PeruCusco Region4,80176.8 km²
08675Urubamba, PeruCusco Region6,498577.2 km²
08676Urubamba, PeruCusco Region4,4342.008 km²
08680Cusco Region2,017355.8 km²
08681Cusco Region4,3225.3 km²
08700Cusco Region1,722528.9 km²
08701Cusco Region2,4261.13 km²
08710Cusco Region6,1231,328.3 km²
08711Cusco Region1,9171.13 km²
08720Cusco Region21,9533,538.9 km²
08721Cusco Region0.502 km²
08730Cusco Region2,363164.1 km²
08731Cusco Region2,5010.502 km²
08740Santa AnaCusco Region160381.5 km²
08741Santa AnaCusco Region33,67210 km²
08750Cusco Region44,30821,282.8 km²
08751Cusco Region1.13 km²
08760Cusco Region5,8591,961.6 km²
08761Cusco Region8,2142.984 km²
08770Cusco Region12,6951,987.3 km²
08771Cusco Region5.3 km²
08780Cusco Region378861.3 km²
08781Cusco Region6,0401.129 km²
08800Cusco Region10,458981.7 km²
08801Cusco Region3,1465.3 km²
08850Cusco Region11,382812.7 km²
08851PichariCusco Region6,4280.503 km²

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Cusco Region Demographic Information

Population1.3 million
Population Density17.7 / km²
Male Population637,071 (49.9%)
Female Population639,319 (50.1%)
Median Age23.3
Male Median Age22.7
Female Median Age23.8
Businesses in Cusco Region8,905
Population (1975)782,565
Population (2000)1,163,678
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +63.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +9.7%

Cusco Region

Cusco (Quechua: Qosqo suyu, also spelled Cuzco) is a region in Peru. It is bordered by the Ucayali Region on the north; the Madre de Dios and Puno regions on the east; the Arequipa Region on the south; and the Apurímac, Ayacucho and Junín regions on ..  ︎  Cusco Region Wikipedia Page