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TimezonePeru Time
Area37,106.2 km²
Population834,437 (More Details)
Male Population421,256 (50.5%)
Female Population413,178 (49.5%)
Median Age21.2
Postal Codes10891, 10890, 10881 (117 more)
Area Code62

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
10000 - 10111, 10500 - 10521Huánuco17

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120 Postal Codes in Huánuco Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
10891Huánuco Region5.3 km²
10890Huánuco Region14,6694,150.7 km²
10881Huánuco Region15,5002.543 km²
10880Huánuco Region147698.1 km²
10870Huánuco Region2,49692.6 km²
10860Huánuco Region3,093184.5 km²
10851Huánuco Region160.502 km²
10850Huánuco Region8,019285.1 km²
10841Huánuco Region40.502 km²
10840Huánuco Region6,675549.6 km²
10830Huánuco Region3,323683.3 km²
10820Huánuco Region1,475116.6 km²
10810Huánuco Region3,370237.7 km²
10801Huánuco Region7,8653.142 km²
10800Huánuco Region24,4821,400.3 km²
10780Huánuco Region2,939280.4 km²
10775LlataHuánuco Region3,71891.3 km²
10771Huánuco Region4,1160.283 km²
10770Huánuco Region1,832219.1 km²
10761Huánuco Region4,3460.283 km²
10760Huánuco Region4,926613 km²
10755Huánuco Region4,09137.2 km²
10750Huánuco Region1,98873 km²
10745Huánuco Region2,91337.3 km²
10741Huánuco Region1,5230.283 km²
10740Huánuco Region2,616151.4 km²
10731Huánuco Region5,3881.992 km²
10730Huánuco Region181.7 km²
10721Huánuco Region4,3231.131 km²
10720Huánuco Region995123 km²
10711Huánuco Region31,375 m²
10710Huánuco Region6,189206.3 km²
10705Huánuco Region1,82470.4 km²
10701HuánucoHuánuco Region0.503 km²
10700HuánucoHuánuco Region8,021159.8 km²
10690Huánuco Region3,488161.3 km²
10685Huánuco Region2,34040.5 km²
10680Huánuco Region3,33895.6 km²
10670Huánuco Region4,62598.4 km²
10660Huánuco Region2,373412.8 km²
10650Huánuco Region2,958133.2 km²
10641Huánuco Region11,5171.131 km²
10640Huánuco Region145191.2 km²
10631Huánuco Region5,9380.851 km²
10630Huánuco Region5,498171.5 km²
10626Huánuco Region2,9061.131 km²
10621La Unión, HuánucoHuánuco Region3,5380.716 km²
10620Huánuco Region1,661168.6 km²
10615Huánuco Region2,48972.9 km²
10611La Unión, HuánucoHuánuco Region2,8250.263 km²
10610La Unión, HuánucoHuánuco Region5,09676 km²
10605Huánuco Region2,32832.6 km²
10601Huánuco Region9,2000.502 km²
10600Huánuco Region5,036268.5 km²
10590Huánuco Region4,67629.6 km²
10580Huánuco Region2,36616.4 km²
10570Huánuco Region3,21361 km²
10560Huánuco Region2,10786.3 km²
10550Huánuco Region2,73562.1 km²
10541San Miguel de CauriHuánuco Region7,1761.131 km²
10540Lauricocha, HuánucoHuánuco Region2,989819.9 km²
10531Jesús, PeruHuánuco Region3,8620.502 km²
10530Huánuco Region2,782454.4 km²
10521HuánucoHuánuco Region5,2212.011 km²
10520HuánucoHuánuco Region9,815284.3 km²
10511HuánucoHuánuco Region552.011 km²
10510HuánucoHuánuco Region7,601277.8 km²
10500HuánucoHuánuco Region2,69163.7 km²
10470Huánuco Region2,392185.8 km²
10460Huánuco Region3,242157.1 km²
10450Huánuco Region3,296118.9 km²
10441Ambo, PeruHuánuco Region1,9820.283 km²
10440Huánuco Region5,320237.6 km²
10431Huánuco Region6,9973.142 km²
10430Huánuco Region4,315437.4 km²
10421Ambo, PeruHuánuco Region8,5631.131 km²
10420Huánuco Region8,029286 km²
10410Huánuco Region3,77041.6 km²
10401Huánuco Region7800.503 km²
10400Huánuco Region5,646108.5 km²
10351Huánuco Region3,7435.3 km²
10350Huánuco Region2,321944 km²
10301Huánuco Region1,4545.3 km²
10300Huánuco Region2,9221,602.6 km²
10261Huánuco Region3,0145.3 km²
10260Huánuco Region4,3732,323.1 km²
10251Huánuco Region5.3 km²
10250Huánuco Region5,9011,929.1 km²
10241Huánuco Region4,8715.3 km²
10240Huánuco Region1,8663,223.1 km²
10231Huánuco Region2.011 km²
10230Huánuco Region11,132634 km²
10221Huánuco Region2.546 km²
10220Huánuco Region22,0441,603.9 km²
10211Huánuco Region8,3060.355 km²
10210Huánuco Region4,114237.4 km²
10201Huánuco Region600.503 km²
10200Huánuco Region23,316156.7 km²
10181HuánucoHuánuco Region3,4130.503 km²
10180HuánucoHuánuco Region26,695547.8 km²
10171Huánuco Region32,1912.545 km²
10170Huánuco Region4,5902,854.6 km²
10160Huánuco Region3,856126.8 km²
10151Huánuco Region1.131 km²
10150Huánuco Region7,412708.1 km²
10141Huánuco Region1,1700.503 km²
10140Huánuco Region8,199110.3 km²
10131Tingo MaríaHuánuco Region61,77318.9 km²
10130Huánuco Region3,562351.5 km²
10121Huánuco Region2675.3 km²
10120Huánuco Region4,948739.7 km²
10111HuánucoHuánuco Region2,8455.3 km²
10110Huánuco Region22,4591,835.8 km²
10101HuánucoHuánuco Region11,0560.503 km²
10100HuánucoHuánuco Region7,154489.4 km²
10031HuánucoHuánuco Region5340.126 km²
10003HuánucoHuánuco Region63,2167.7 km²
10002HuánucoHuánuco Region44,9756.7 km²
10001HuánucoHuánuco Region63,7305.1 km²
10000HuánucoHuánuco Region16,522383.4 km²

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Huánuco Region Demographic Information

Population Density22.5 / km²
Male Population421,256 (50.5%)
Female Population413,178 (49.5%)
Median Age21.2
Male Median Age20.8
Female Median Age21.6
Businesses in Huánuco Region1,142
Population (1975)476,616
Population (2000)749,672
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +75.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +11.3%

Huánuco Region

Huánuco is a region in central Peru. It is bordered by the La Libertad, San Martín, Loreto and Ucayali regions in the north, the Ucayali Region in the east, the Pasco Region in the south and the Lima and Ancash regions in the west. Its capital is the..  ︎  Huánuco Region Wikipedia Page