56 Postal Codes in Ica Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area21,091.7 km²
Population795,359 (More Details)
Male Population394,780 (49.6%)
Female Population400,577 (50.4%)
Median Age26
Postal Codes11000, 11001, 11002 (53 more)
Area Code56

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
11000 - 11260Ica13
11701 - 11703Chincha Alta4

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56 Postal Codes in Ica Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
11000Ica, PeruIca Region60,3691,236.7 km²
11001Ica, PeruIca Region99,1706.3 km²
11002Ica, PeruIca Region30,33011.2 km²
11003Ica, PeruIca Region92,52014.5 km²
11004Ica, PeruIca Region7,91226 km²
11061Los AquijesIca Region0.503 km²
11100Ica, PeruIca Region6,221358.1 km²
11101Ica, PeruIca Region462.546 km²
11200Ica, PeruIca Region4,97330.7 km²
11210Tate de La CapillaIca Region3,7756.3 km²
11220Ica, PeruIca Region6,81540.7 km²
11221Ica, PeruIca Region1710.759 km²
11230Ica Region30,0202,768.8 km²
11231SantiagoIca Region131.131 km²
11240Ica Region3,7821,400.7 km²
11260Ica, PeruIca Region1,1221,262.5 km²
11300Ica Region1,006253.9 km²
11310Ica Region374336.1 km²
11320Ica Region2,476313.9 km²
11330Ica Region6,989130.9 km²
11331Río GrandeIca Region290.503 km²
11340Ica Region1,606955.5 km²
11350Ica Region2,788611.8 km²
11360Ica Region1,436182.6 km²
11400Ica Region42,4861,663.2 km²
11401NazcaIca Region21015.6 km²
11420Ica Region1,4361,941 km²
11421Ica Region11,1604.425 km²
11500Ica, PeruIca Region24,876652.5 km²
11501Ica, PeruIca Region5.3 km²
11550Ica Region7,6281,426.9 km²
11600Ica Region14,095239.6 km²
11601Pisco, PeruIca Region54,26116.6 km²
11620Villa Tupac AmaruIca Region5,37254.5 km²
11621Villa Tupac AmaruIca Region13,4541.641 km²
11630San ClementeIca Region12,324130.2 km²
11631San ClementeIca Region9,8773.931 km²
11640Ica Region11,235266.7 km²
11641Ica Region3,8542.011 km²
11650Ica Region5,758907 km²
11651Ica Region3.143 km²
11660Ica Region1,591898.9 km²
11700Ica Region12,039588.1 km²
11701Chincha AltaIca Region66,07012.6 km²
11702Chincha AltaIca Region59,24216.8 km²
11703Chincha AltaIca Region41,82013.3 km²
11740Ica Region11,688753.4 km²
11741Ica Region1,4512.011 km²
11750Ica Region9,33271.4 km²
11751Ica Region1,5321.12 km²
11760Ica Region3,49711.2 km²
11770Ica Region8,083363.8 km²
11771Chincha AltaIca Region251.111 km²
11780Ica Region1,338426.5 km²
11800Ica Region1,662206.6 km²
11850Ica Region332441.6 km²

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Ica Region Demographic Information

Population Density37.7 / km²
Male Population394,780 (49.6%)
Female Population400,577 (50.4%)
Median Age26
Male Median Age25.4
Female Median Age26.6
Businesses in Ica Region4,328
Population (1975)360,268
Population (2000)662,230
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +120.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +20.1%

Ica Region

Ica is a region (formerly known as a department) in Peru. It borders the Pacific Ocean on the west; the Lima Region on the north; the Huancavelica and Ayacucho regions on the east; and the Arequipa Region on the south. Its capital is the city of Ica...  ︎  Ica Region Wikipedia Page