165 Postal Codes in Junín Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area44,295.5 km²
Population1.4 million (More Details)
Male Population693,730 (49.9%)
Female Population695,122 (50.1%)
Median Age23.4
Postal Codes12000, 12001, 12002 (162 more)
Area Code64

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
12000 - 12120, 12400 - 12451Huancayo33
12125 - 12130Concepción, Junín4
12250 - 12331Satipo12
12600 - 12615Jauja4

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165 Postal Codes in Junín Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
12000HuancayoJunín Region33,702377 km²
12001HuancayoJunín Region90,8455.3 km²
12002HuancayoJunín Region11,73117 km²
12003HuancayoJunín Region74,6717.8 km²
12004HuancayoJunín Region94,2315.2 km²
12006HuancayoJunín Region61,86516.4 km²
12007HuancayoJunín Region37,37312.2 km²
12051HuancayoJunín Region1,9121.02 km²
12100HuancayoJunín Region7,26324.6 km²
12101San AgustinJunín Region1.131 km²
12105HuancayoJunín Region4,41713.6 km²
12110HuancayoJunín Region3,71713 km²
12115HuancayoJunín Region52315.7 km²
12116HuancayoJunín Region9,8955.3 km²
12120HuancayoJunín Region3,909159.7 km²
12125Concepción, JunínJunín Region4,82217.1 km²
12126Concepción, JunínJunín Region9,9571.132 km²
12130Concepción, JunínJunín Region1,5386.9 km²
12135Junín Region2,73020.5 km²
12136Junín Region2,3153.094 km²
12140Junín Region4,224419.9 km²
12145Junín Region2,50524.3 km²
12150Junín Region2,50217.9 km²
12155Junín Region1,75619.7 km²
12160Junín Region1,2225.6 km²
12165Junín Region2,10914.5 km²
12170Junín Region78033.8 km²
12175Junín Region69919.1 km²
12180Junín Region1,564314.2 km²
12200Junín Region2,03816.1 km²
12205HuancayoJunín Region1,78130.5 km²
12210HuancayoJunín Region2,51254.1 km²
12215Junín Region1,22225.1 km²
12220Junín Region6,843943.8 km²
12221Junín Region5.3 km²
12225Junín Region1,793108.4 km²
12230Junín Region1,48456.3 km²
12235Junín Region4,707504.8 km²
12236Junín Region1.132 km²
12240Junín Region5,706880.7 km²
12241Junín Region1.54 km²
12245HuancayoJunín Region15,070580.3 km²
12246HuancayoJunín Region0.503 km²
12250SatipoJunín Region11,379949.6 km²
12251SatipoJunín Region1.132 km²
12255SatipoJunín Region5,22396.5 km²
12256SatipoJunín Region1.132 km²
12260SatipoJunín Region8,578811.4 km²
12261SatipoJunín Region38,1754.253 km²
12300Junín Region32,8572,133.5 km²
12301MazamariJunín Region32,9060.503 km²
12310SatipoJunín Region6,499307.9 km²
12311SatipoJunín Region120.503 km²
12320Junín Region63,7424,142.6 km²
12321SatipoJunín Region1.132 km²
12330Junín Region57,16610,209.2 km²
12331SatipoJunín Region3,8594.11 km²
12400HuancayoJunín Region12,618121 km²
12401HuancayoJunín Region2662.546 km²
12404HuancayoJunín Region1473.144 km²
12405HuancayoJunín Region5,049108.2 km²
12408HuayucachiJunín Region5,4535.3 km²
12410HuancayoJunín Region2,7148.7 km²
12415HuancayoJunín Region2,2956.1 km²
12419HuancayoJunín Region1,33624.3 km²
12420HuancayoJunín Region2,278110.9 km²
12425Junín Region6,31913.2 km²
12428HuayucachiJunín Region2,29316.2 km²
12430Junín Region3,81298.3 km²
12435HuancayoJunín Region1,75640.4 km²
12436HuancayoJunín Region2,000110.7 km²
12440HuancayoJunín Region899125.4 km²
12442HuancayoJunín Region1,31213.1 km²
12445HuancayoJunín Region84852 km²
12450Junín Region1,421702.4 km²
12451HuancayoJunín Region87639.2 km²
12455Junín Region9,48417.7 km²
12456ChupacaJunín Region13,7263.144 km²
12460Junín Region2,17425.4 km²
12465Junín Region5,66873.2 km²
12466ChupacaJunín Region2680.503 km²
12470Junín Region3,796766.5 km²
12475Junín Region3,598128.4 km²
12480Junín Region3,99921.9 km²
12485Junín Region1,14717.2 km²
12490Junín Region2,88999.9 km²
12495Junín Region6,226307.2 km²
12496Junín Region3.143 km²
12500HuancayoJunín Region4,75439.5 km²
12501Sicaya, PeruJunín Region3,7912.012 km²
12504OrcotunaJunín Region3,97845.2 km²
12505Concepción, JunínJunín Region1,38325.2 km²
12510Junín Region1,64138.9 km²
12513Junín Region4,679231.2 km²
12515Junín Region1,56421.1 km²
12520Junín Region97112 km²
12525Junín Region2,23820.8 km²
12530Junín Region87214.3 km²
12535Junín Region1,662322.7 km²
12540Junín Region1,25634 km²
12545Junín Region1,072109.3 km²
12550Junín Region1,57465.5 km²
12555Junín Region1,725946.8 km²
12560Junín Region816186.1 km²
12565Junín Region1,456193.2 km²
12570Junín Region1,021215.5 km²
12575Junín Region9,872447.6 km²
12576La OroyaJunín Region14,69433 km²
12585Junín Region2,02589.2 km²
12590Junín Region4,079408.8 km²
12591Junín Region1,0332.011 km²
12595Junín Region4,284261.8 km²
12596MorocochaJunín Region1373.142 km²
12600JaujaJunín Region1718 km²
12601JaujaJunín Region27,27215.8 km²
12615JaujaJunín Region1,64512.1 km²
12620Junín Region3,273115.5 km²
12621AcollaJunín Region4,1234.624 km²
12625AcollaJunín Region1,65928.7 km²
12630Junín Region90532.5 km²
12635Junín Region1,810281.5 km²
12640Junín Region1,18832.7 km²
12645Junín Region3,043164.8 km²
12650Junín Region7,696425.1 km²
12651TarmaJunín Region38,72120.5 km²
12655Junín Region3,216151.6 km²
12700Junín Region6,492106.1 km²
12701Junín Region7,3361.131 km²
12710Junín Region3,662166.7 km²
12711Junín Region5,7951.131 km²
12720Junín Region1,980507 km²
12721San Pedro de CajasJunín Region3,6895.3 km²
12730Junín, PeruJunín Region2,699864.7 km²
12731Junín, PeruJunín Region7,0475.3 km²
12740CarhuamayoJunín Region1,509202.1 km²
12741CarhuamayoJunín Region6,3382.546 km²
12750Junín Region5,8081,010.8 km²
12751Junín Region190.126 km²
12760Junín Region1,913289.6 km²
12770Junín Region2,386680.5 km²
12780Junín Region1,275883.6 km²
12800JaujaJunín Region1,29711.4 km²
12805Junín Region8708.7 km²
12810Junín Region1,07334 km²
12815Junín Region1,29993.1 km²
12820Junín Region1,630320.1 km²
12825Junín Region6,632215 km²
12826Junín Region0.126 km²
12830Junín Region3,918268.5 km²
12831Junín Region1,1191.998 km²
12835Junín Region13,282635.3 km²
12836HuasahuasiJunín Region1,9032.012 km²
12840Junín Region17,954619.8 km²
12841San Ramón, JunínJunín Region10,1852.012 km²
12845Junín Region1,886393.3 km²
12850Junín Region1,089935.4 km²
12855Junín Region5,200731.8 km²
12856La Merced, JunínJunín Region19,0097.6 km²
12860Junín Region7,082156.1 km²
12861Junín Region4040.503 km²
12865Junín Region14,8952,758.6 km²
12866Junín Region67,3735.4 km²
12867Junín Region68,9415.4 km²
12875SatipoJunín Region9,143487.4 km²
12876SatipoJunín Region21,4931.132 km²

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Junín Region Demographic Information

Population1.4 million
Population Density31.4 / km²
Male Population693,730 (49.9%)
Female Population695,122 (50.1%)
Median Age23.4
Male Median Age22.8
Female Median Age23.9
Businesses in Junín Region3,983
Population (1975)810,345
Population (2000)1,169,471
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +71.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +18.8%

Junín Region

Junín is a region in the central highlands and westernmost Amazonia of Peru. Its capital is Huancayo.   ︎  Junín Region Wikipedia Page