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The average area for zip codes in Lima Region is 120.3 km² with the largest being 15240 in Sayán at 1,312.4 km² and the smallest being 15719 in Los Olivos at 0.283 km². In Lima Region the average population for a postal code is 34,914 with the most populated being zip code 15121 in Carabayllo at 160,447. The average population density for a postal code in Lima Region is 5,104 / km² with the densest being zip code 15314 in Comas at 30,064 / km². The median age for postal codes in Lima Region range from 24.0 years old for 15275 in Oyón to 37.9 years old for 15340 in Arahuay. The fastest growing postal code is 15135 in Huaura with population growth of 322.7% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 10.1% per year.

TimezonePeru Time
Area32,501.5 km²
Population958,642 (More Details)
Male Population484,928 (50.6%)
Female Population473,713 (49.4%)
Median Age26.2
Postal Codes15021, 15027, 15036 (46 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
15135 - 15160Huaura District6
15312 - 15314Comas District, Lima2
15809 - 15822, 15831 - 15841Villa María del Triunfo9

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49 Postal Codes in Lima Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
15021LimaLima Province48,2033.497 km²
15027San IsidroLima Region
15036LimaLima Province47,3144.596 km²
15037LimaLima Province71,6166.6 km²
15121Carabayllo DistrictLima Region160,44770.7 km²
15131ChancayLima Region41,91914.4 km²
15135Huaura DistrictLima Region6,1081,292.9 km²
15136Huaura DistrictLima Region46,9138.6 km²
15137Huaura DistrictLima Region47,42110.1 km²
15138Huaura DistrictLima Region59,44026 km²
15157Huaura DistrictLima Region1,6383.061 km²
15160Huaura DistrictLima Region19,998254.6 km²
15162Supe PuertoLima Region26,75514 km²
15174PativilcaLima Region6,8942.007 km²
15178ParamongaLima Region22,2738.2 km²
15180HuaricangaLima Region186406.3 km²
15201HuaralLima Region33,49418.9 km²
15202HuaralLima Region38,2925.5 km²
15237SayánLima Region2,8581.13 km²
15240SayánLima Region20,9291,312.4 km²
15274Oyón, PeruLima Region8,1731.131 km²
15275Oyón, PeruLima Region6,266873.2 km²
15312Comas District, LimaLima Region41,7512.616 km²
15314Comas District, LimaLima Region156,5335.2 km²
15340ArahuayLima Region700135.3 km²
15500Santa EulaliaLima Region10,540113.5 km²
15501Ricardo PalmaLima Region3,0253.141 km²
15537Ricardo PalmaLima Region4,7342.027 km²
15556Matucana, PeruLima Region3,843180.6 km²
15593CieneguillaLima Region57,601297.5 km²
15608MalaLima Region14,56211.5 km²
15610MalaLima Region18,576119.5 km²
15701San Vicente de CañeteLima Region44,66815.7 km²
15712Quilmaná DistrictLima Region4,3171.131 km²
15717Cerro Azul, PeruLima Region1,7220.709 km²
15719Los Olivos DistrictLima Region1,9190.283 km²
15723Nuevo ImperialLima Region4,9941.131 km²
15800San JuanLima Region
15809Villa María del TriunfoLima Region54,4334.266 km²
15811Villa María del TriunfoLima Region24,6572.996 km²
15816Villa María del TriunfoLima Region126,3146.9 km²
15817Villa María del TriunfoLima Region68,75615.1 km²
15822Villa María del TriunfoLima Region132,89124.1 km²
15831Villa María del TriunfoLima Region47,4422.979 km²
15834Villa María del TriunfoLima Region51,0602.794 km²
15836Villa María del TriunfoLima Region52,3493.097 km²
15841Villa María del TriunfoLima Region51,0418.3 km²
15851Punta NegraLima Region6,0544.465 km²
15871ChilcaLima Region1,7223.141 km²

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Lima Region Demographic Information

Population Density29.5 / km²
Male Population484,928 (50.6%)
Female Population473,713 (49.4%)
Median Age26.2
Male Median Age26.1
Female Median Age26.4
Businesses in Lima Region45,833
Population (1975)462,124
Population (2000)804,602
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +107.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +19.1%

Lima Region

Lima Region, also known as Departamento de Lima, is one of the twenty-five regions of Peru. Located in the central coast of the country, its regional seat (capital city) is Huacho. Lima Province, which contains the city of Lima, the country's capital..  ︎  Lima Region Wikipedia Page