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TimezonePeru Time
Area2,672.3 km²
Population9.0 million (More Details)
Male Population4,400,597 (48.9%)
Female Population4,603,504 (51.1%)
Median Age27.8
Postal Codes00051, 15000, 15001 (142 more)
Area Code1

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145 Postal Codes in Lima, Lima Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00051LimaLima Province
15000LimaLima Province
15001LimaLima Province55,1064.744 km²
15003LimaLima Province43,8033.208 km²
15004LimaLima Province42,1551.941 km²
15006LimaLima Province62,6043.945 km²
15007LimaLima Province66,7022.841 km²
15008LimaLima Province99,8815.4 km²
15009LimaLima Province64,2853.451 km²
15011LimaLima Province69,6755.1 km²
15012LimaLima Province132,9995.9 km²
15018LimaLima Province39,9732.439 km²
15019LimaLima Province57,8752.203 km²
15021LimaLima Province48,2033.497 km²
15022LimaLima Province241,5565.5 km²
15023LimaLima Province196,64717.2 km²
15024LimaLima Province67,92314 km²
15026LimaLima Province88,62535.3 km²
15027San IsidroLima Region
15033LimaLima Province49,6332.715 km²
15034LimaLima Province65,0693.651 km²
15036LimaLima Province47,3144.596 km²
15037LimaLima Province71,6166.6 km²
15038LimaLima Province69,1304.672 km²
15039LimaLima Province67,8214.613 km²
15046LimaLima Province58,8004.569 km²
15047LimaLima Province51,8223.395 km²
15048LimaLima Province58,8934.535 km²
15049LimaLima Province38,1463.297 km²
15054LimaLima Province48,2423.265 km²
15056LimaLima Province53,4203.541 km²
15057LimaLima Province52,0004.454 km²
15058LimaLima Province90,0236.1 km²
15063LimaLima Province90,8848.8 km²
15064LimaLima Province42,9493.639 km²
15066LimaLima Province60,1216.9 km²
15067LimaLima Province97,00012.8 km²
15072LimaLima Province51,6253.639 km²
15073LimaLima Province50,2745.4 km²
15074LimaLima Province42,9125.6 km²
15076LimaLima Province57,5605 km²
15079LimaLima Province26,2972.29 km²
15081LimaLima Province76,5825.6 km²
15082LimaLima Province59,4563.449 km²
15083LimaLima Province55,2562.894 km²
15084LimaLima Province72,3424.446 km²
15086LimaLima Province41,5553.077 km²
15087LimaLima Province45,2353.342 km²
15088LimaLima Province77,9475.9 km²
15093LimaLima Province67,7923.324 km²
15094LimaLima Province62,7423.447 km²
15096LimaLima Province14,1594.526 km²
15100LimaLima Province
15101LimaLima Province40,7391.995 km²
15102LimaLima Province73,9113.15 km²
15103LimaLima Province84,0653.707 km²
15106LimaLima Province51,1832.143 km²
15107LimaLima Province58,7462.222 km²
15108LimaLima Province89,4993.833 km²
15109LimaLima Province96,3803.82 km²
15112LimaLima Province137,9479.1 km²
15113LimaLima Province68,8995.6 km²
15116LimaLima Province79,3177.4 km²
15117LimaLima Province48,06412.4 km²
15118LimaLima Province70,1377.4 km²
15121Carabayllo DistrictLima Region160,44770.7 km²
15122LimaLima Province127,69047.2 km²
15123LimaLima Province53,546336.3 km²
15300LimaLima Province
15301LimaLima Province71,3762.962 km²
15302LimaLima Province78,7123.243 km²
15304LimaLima Province58,8342.803 km²
15306LimaLima Province70,7753.288 km²
15307LimaLima Province75,3644.219 km²
15311LimaLima Province173,2545.7 km²
15312Comas District, LimaLima Region41,7512.616 km²
15313LimaLima Province57,8463.299 km²
15314Comas District, LimaLima Region156,5335.2 km²
15316LimaLima Province214,53910 km²
15318LimaLima Province40,5575.9 km²
15319LimaLima Province79,73534.6 km²
15320LimaLima Province8,702210.5 km²
15321LimaLima Province12,8997.8 km²
15324LimaLima Province14,05910.2 km²
15326LimaLima Province18,7087.1 km²
15327LimaLima Province10,1436.3 km²
15328LimaLima Province15,7115 km²
15331LimaLima Province20,9856.2 km²
15332LimaLima Province29,3003.707 km²
15333LimaLima Province75,3284.355 km²
15400LimaLima Province
15401LimaLima Province84,4892.619 km²
15404LimaLima Province58,0063.258 km²
15408LimaLima Province40,8605.9 km²
15412LimaLima Province26,2496.1 km²
15416LimaLima Province59,9963.845 km²
15419LimaLima Province76,7933.42 km²
15423LimaLima Province84,0182.432 km²
15427LimaLima Province126,8315.1 km²
15431LimaLima Province40,7356.2 km²
15434LimaLima Province173,3035.8 km²
15438LimaLima Province153,8006.1 km²
15442LimaLima Province38,9659.3 km²
15446LimaLima Province17,20442.3 km²
15449LimaLima Province26,70928.4 km²
15453LimaLima Province37,6744.61 km²
15457LimaLima Province149,16617 km²
15461LimaLima Province36,47648.7 km²
15464LimaLima Province79,15979.6 km²
15468LimaLima Province34,04162.9 km²
15472LimaLima Province42,20080 km²
15476LimaLima Province32,42517.9 km²
15479LimaLima Province10,39010.7 km²
15483LimaLima Province2,96810.3 km²
15487LimaLima Province88,85518.2 km²
15491LimaLima Province23,7759.2 km²
15494LimaLima Province20,2107.5 km²
15498LimaLima Province34,8654.62 km²
15593CieneguillaLima Region57,601297.5 km²
15594LimaLima Province13,02171.8 km²
15800San JuanLima Region
15801LimaLima Province70,9173.591 km²
15803LimaLima Province50,3493.002 km²
15804LimaLima Province17,9022.154 km²
15806LimaLima Province9,7075 km²
15809Villa María del TriunfoLima Region54,4334.266 km²
15811Villa María del TriunfoLima Region24,6572.996 km²
15812LimaLima Province6,44613.9 km²
15816Villa María del TriunfoLima Region126,3146.9 km²
15817Villa María del TriunfoLima Region68,75615.1 km²
15818LimaLima Province75,6185.6 km²
15822Villa María del TriunfoLima Region132,89124.1 km²
15823LimaLima Province166,580211.9 km²
15824LimaLima Province59,0022.852 km²
15828LimaLima Province65,9873.365 km²
15829LimaLima Province63,0683.806 km²
15831Villa María del TriunfoLima Region47,4422.979 km²
15834Villa María del TriunfoLima Region51,0602.794 km²
15836Villa María del TriunfoLima Region52,3493.097 km²
15837LimaLima Province58,7604.808 km²
15841Villa María del TriunfoLima Region51,0418.3 km²
15842LimaLima Province155,39415 km²
15845LimaLima Province2,866118.4 km²
15846LimaLima Province7,2074.938 km²

Lima, Lima Province Demographic Information

Population9.0 million
Population Density3,369 / km²
Male Population4,400,597 (48.9%)
Female Population4,603,504 (51.1%)
Median Age27.8
Male Median Age27.2
Female Median Age28.4
Businesses in Lima, Lima Province42,506
Population (1975)3,595,853
Population (2000)6,923,354
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +150.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +30.1%


Lima /ˈliːmə/ is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It is located in the valleys of the Chillón, Rímac and Lurín rivers, in the central coastal part of the country, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Together with the seaport of Callao, it forms a..  ︎  Lima Wikipedia Page