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TimezonePeru Time
Area375,295 km²
Population1.0 million (More Details)
Male Population526,435 (51.3%)
Female Population500,418 (48.7%)
Median Age20.1
Postal Codes16000, 16001, 16002 (86 more)
Area Code65

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89 Postal Codes in Loreto Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
16000Loreto Region339,4935,760.6 km²
16001Loreto Region11,2844.329 km²
16002Loreto Region8,9463.21 km²
16003Loreto Region13,2806.9 km²
16004Loreto Region10,9154.828 km²
16006Loreto Region7,1814.313 km²
16007Loreto Region8,71918.4 km²
16008San Juan de MirafloresLoreto Region13,12721 km²
16100Loreto Region15,44510,089.3 km²
16101Loreto Region3.14 km²
16110Loreto Region6,27135,472.2 km²
16111Loreto Region6053.138 km²
16120Loreto Region3,85024,418 km²
16121Loreto Region13,5233.142 km²
16130Loreto Region4,4857,497.7 km²
16140Loreto Region5,0529,126.3 km²
16200Loreto Region1,5253,362.5 km²
16201Loreto Region9,9713.077 km²
16210Loreto Region9,1986,718.5 km²
16211Loreto Region21.13 km²
16220Loreto Region3,21611,624 km²
16221Pebas DistrictLoreto Region14,4132.539 km²
16230Loreto Region12,5545,079.2 km²
16231Loreto Region93.129 km²
16240Loreto Region22,6726,816.7 km²
16241CaballocochaLoreto Region16,0353.124 km²
16250Loreto Region4,05314,337 km²
16300Loreto Region29,9496,758.6 km²
16301Loreto Region3.142 km²
16310Loreto Region19,7774,567.1 km²
16311TamshiyacuLoreto Region5230.785 km²
16320Loreto Region5,0712,595.5 km²
16330Loreto Region4461,157.3 km²
16331Loreto Region5,2743.142 km²
16340Loreto Region1913,062.1 km²
16341Loreto Region28,89012.1 km²
16350Loreto Region3,02711,048.7 km²
16360Loreto Region8034,697.9 km²
16370Loreto Region9802,091.2 km²
16380Loreto Region2,0629,067.5 km²
16400Loreto Region4,354801.1 km²
16410Loreto Region5,5596,289.1 km²
16411Loreto Region33.143 km²
16420Loreto Region2994,637.9 km²
16421Loreto Region7,3003.143 km²
16430Loreto Region7,6244,893.4 km²
16431Loreto Region42.012 km²
16440Loreto Region16,5026,246.2 km²
16441Loreto Region3.144 km²
16450Loreto Region1731,895.1 km²
16451Loreto Region8,7373.144 km²
16460Loreto Region2,640630.2 km²
16470Loreto Region1,4757,473.4 km²
16471Loreto Region9,3133.144 km²
16480Loreto Region27,01311,033.9 km²
16481Contamana AirportLoreto Region3.144 km²
16490Loreto Region4,5652,433.7 km²
16491Loreto Region3,0413.144 km²
16500Loreto Region5,0062,834.8 km²
16501YurimaguasLoreto Region60,09412 km²
16510Loreto Region2,7812,904.9 km²
16511Loreto Region14,4182.544 km²
16520Loreto Region4,7614,666.7 km²
16530Loreto Region8131,493.6 km²
16531Loreto Region5,6983.143 km²
16540Loreto Region4,3101,116.9 km²
16550Loreto Region3,1536,139.7 km²
16551LagunasLoreto Region10,8545.3 km²
16560Loreto Region14,84715,888.2 km²
16561Loreto Region5.3 km²
16570Loreto Region7,06213,236.1 km²
16571Loreto Region22.546 km²
16600Loreto Region7,5297,053.8 km²
16601Loreto Region7,2095.3 km²
16610Loreto Region7,9015,081 km²
16611Loreto Region5.3 km²
16620Loreto Region10,3023,562.8 km²
16621Loreto Region3823.138 km²
16630Loreto Region17,44411,028.3 km²
16631Loreto Region5.3 km²
16700Loreto Region4,4549,092.6 km²
16701Loreto Region2,7585.3 km²
16750Loreto Region11,63511,799.3 km²
16751Loreto Region1605.3 km²
16800Loreto Region49,38114,563 km²
16810Loreto Region8,60020,122.8 km²
16811Loreto Region5.3 km²
16820Loreto Region8,87412,567 km²
16821Loreto Region1,4865.3 km²

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Loreto Region Demographic Information

Population1.0 million
Population Density2.74 / km²
Male Population526,435 (51.3%)
Female Population500,418 (48.7%)
Median Age20.1
Male Median Age20.2
Female Median Age19.9
Businesses in Loreto Region3,587
Population (1975)423,301
Population (2000)829,116
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +142.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +23.8%

Loreto Region

Loreto is Peru's northernmost region. Covering almost one-third of Peru's territory, Loreto is by far the nation's largest region; it is also one of the most sparsely populated regions due to its remote location in the Amazon Rainforest. Its capital ..  ︎  Loreto Region Wikipedia Page