42 Postal Codes in Pasco Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area24,114.1 km²
Population322,661 (More Details)
Male Population165,916 (51.4%)
Female Population156,745 (48.6%)
Median Age23.1
Postal Codes19000, 19001, 19031 (39 more)
Area Code63

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42 Postal Codes in Pasco Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
19000Pasco Region12,365849.3 km²
19001Cerro de PascoPasco Region60,05914.3 km²
19031Pasco Region2490.785 km²
19100Pasco Region9,355119.9 km²
19101Pasco Region7900.283 km²
19110Pasco Region5,24972.6 km²
19120Huariaca DistrictPasco Region5,615122.9 km²
19121Huariaca DistrictPasco Region2,9500.283 km²
19130Pasco Region6,940557 km²
19131Pasco Region8,4810.786 km²
19200Pasco Region16,315718.8 km²
19201Pasco Region10,0560.786 km²
19210Pasco Region3,986450.1 km²
19220Pasco Region4,444470.6 km²
19230Pasco Region10,410411.7 km²
19231OxapampaPasco Region3,9960.503 km²
19240Pasco Region6,5511,234.6 km²
19241Pasco Region112.012 km²
19250Pasco Region6,7571,239.9 km²
19251Pasco Region2,5432.546 km²
19300Pasco Region19,557788 km²
19301Villa RicaPasco Region4,6720.283 km²
19310Pasco Region30,23510,833.6 km²
19311Pasco Region5.3 km²
19320Pasco Region11,0722,882.6 km²
19321Pasco Region5.3 km²
19400TinyahuarcoPasco Region5,89095 km²
19401TinyahuarcoPasco Region311.131 km²
19410Pasco Region2,589171.4 km²
19420Pasco Region3,544538.4 km²
19500Pasco Region7,7441,016.7 km²
19501Pasco Region4,1911.131 km²
19600Pasco Region5,947739.9 km²
19601YanahuancaPasco Region7,8803.142 km²
19650Pasco Region2,01876.6 km²
19700Pasco Region4,337282.8 km²
19701Pasco Region21,5052.545 km²
19710Pasco Region4,23619.3 km²
19720Pasco Region4,558160.2 km²
19730Pasco Region1,68882.5 km²
19740ChaupimarcaPasco Region4,58146.6 km²
19750Pasco Region1,890107.5 km²

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Pasco Region Demographic Information

Population Density13.4 / km²
Male Population165,916 (51.4%)
Female Population156,745 (48.6%)
Median Age23.1
Male Median Age23.2
Female Median Age22.9
Businesses in Pasco Region638
Population (1975)157,395
Population (2000)266,692
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +105%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +21%

Pasco Region

Pasco is a region in central Peru. Its capital is Cerro de Pasco.   ︎  Pasco Region Wikipedia Page