118 Postal Codes in Piura Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area35,778.7 km²
Population1.8 million (More Details)
Male Population909,077 (49.8%)
Female Population916,155 (50.2%)
Median Age23.9
Postal Codes20851, 20850, 20841 (115 more)
Area Code73

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
20000 - 20009, 20600 - 20630Piura14
20100 - 20140, 20760 - 20771Sullana11
20660 - 20671Bernal2
20700 - 20750Paita10

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118 Postal Codes in Piura Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
20851MáncoraPiura Region1,4930.639 km²
20850Piura Region10,63097.1 km²
20841Piura Region37631,041 m²
20840Piura Region8,935163.2 km²
20831El AltoPiura Region6,2225.3 km²
20830Piura Region786474.6 km²
20820Piura Region1,644237.2 km²
20811Piura Region85,82425.6 km²
20810Piura Region3,7141,094.2 km²
20801Piura Region3,8533.04 km²
20800Piura Region7,817821.2 km²
20781La HuacaPiura Region4,6735.2 km²
20780PaitaPiura Region7,051569.7 km²
20771SullanaPiura Region3,4292.816 km²
20770SullanaPiura Region5,188474.3 km²
20761SullanaPiura Region9,5615.3 km²
20760SullanaPiura Region10,405182.6 km²
20750PaitaPiura Region4,54264.8 km²
20741PaitaPiura Region2,1242.836 km²
20740PaitaPiura Region2,539154.8 km²
20730PaitaPiura Region2,44763.9 km²
20720PaitaPiura Region8138.3 km²
20711PaitaPiura Region8,1873.109 km²
20710PaitaPiura Region3,641119.3 km²
20701PaitaPiura Region90,91846.3 km²
20700PaitaPiura Region3,131653.5 km²
20691SechuraPiura Region15,7719.3 km²
20690Piura Region26,7255,720 km²
20680Piura Region4,307262.3 km²
20671BernalPiura Region4,9615.3 km²
20670Piura Region2,29463.3 km²
20660BernalPiura Region3,11319.9 km²
20650Piura Region4,26814.6 km²
20641VicePiura Region8,2253.107 km²
20640Piura Region6,034331.8 km²
20630PiuraPiura Region4,771105.2 km²
20621PiuraPiura Region42,39814.5 km²
20620PiuraPiura Region35,890394.6 km²
20601PiuraPiura Region7,1674.67 km²
20600PiuraPiura Region11,405191.4 km²
20561Piura Region6,6010.781 km²
20560Piura Region16,660969.5 km²
20551Piura Region2.528 km²
20550Piura Region7,799187.9 km²
20541AyabacaPiura Region5,8603.122 km²
20540Piura Region33,1901,540.1 km²
20530Piura Region1,80835.2 km²
20520Piura Region2,77097.6 km²
20511Piura Region3,4110.499 km²
20510Piura Region3,203129.2 km²
20501Piura Region8,3053.12 km²
20500Piura Region2,018320.9 km²
20491Piura Region3,6820.5 km²
20490Piura Region7,026228.8 km²
20481Piura Region6,4843.125 km²
20480Piura Region2,028340.3 km²
20471Piura Region12,8831.999 km²
20470Piura Region28,0191,939 km²
20461Piura Region4,8361.999 km²
20460Piura Region4,095205.6 km²
20451Piura Region4560.781 km²
20450Piura Region13,407650 km²
20441HuancabambaPiura Region18,0490.5 km²
20440Piura Region12,199443.2 km²
20431Piura Region5,0240.781 km²
20430Piura Region3,118310.7 km²
20421Piura Region371.124 km²
20420Piura Region4,446144.8 km²
20411Piura Region4,7371.124 km²
20410Piura Region1,765249.3 km²
20401Piura Region2,0600.281 km²
20400Piura Region6,285608.3 km²
20381Buenos AiresPiura Region6,7615.3 km²
20380Buenos AiresPiura Region1,135242.3 km²
20371Piura Region10,8495.3 km²
20370Piura Region1,8201,033.5 km²
20361Piura Region0.78 km²
20360Piura Region9,565217.7 km²
20351Piura Region6,5181.998 km²
20350Piura Region2,391147.1 km²
20341Piura Region0.499 km²
20340Piura Region24,157562.6 km²
20331Piura Region7,1191.997 km²
20330Piura Region27187.6 km²
20320Piura Region3,95880.4 km²
20311MorropónPiura Region11,3183.12 km²
20310MorropónPiura Region2,683169.1 km²
20301ChulucanasPiura Region61,85110.3 km²
20300ChulucanasPiura Region13,932851.9 km²
20231Piura Region9,5181.123 km²
20230Piura Region2,688274.3 km²
20221Piura Region5,4580.499 km²
20220Piura Region5,4491,066.7 km²
20211Las LomasPiura Region10,5940.779 km²
20210Piura Region15,802508.5 km²
20201Tambo GrandePiura Region65,5364.74 km²
20200Tambo GrandePiura Region54,9271,441 km²
20151Piura Region3.115 km²
20150Piura Region7,3942,165.6 km²
20141QuerecotilloPiura Region17,4043.113 km²
20140SullanaPiura Region7,731273.9 km²
20131SalitralPiura Region3,0540.28 km²
20130SullanaPiura Region4,08731 km²
20121MarcavelicaPiura Region4,9400.778 km²
20120Piura Region23,2171,646.1 km²
20103SullanaPiura Region55,45225.4 km²
20102SullanaPiura Region82,7865.4 km²
20101SullanaPiura Region64,3664.571 km²
20100SullanaPiura Region12,264450.4 km²
20009PiuraPiura Region75,81916.8 km²
20008PiuraPiura Region53,6646.6 km²
20007PiuraPiura Region55,0464.868 km²
20006PiuraPiura Region51,79027.4 km²
20004PiuraPiura Region34,5357.8 km²
20003PiuraPiura Region58,95810.3 km²
20002PiuraPiura Region80,27413.7 km²
20001PiuraPiura Region75,0045.1 km²
20000PiuraPiura Region34,5063,417.4 km²

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Piura Region Demographic Information

Population1.8 million
Population Density51.0 / km²
Male Population909,077 (49.8%)
Female Population916,155 (50.2%)
Median Age23.9
Male Median Age23.4
Female Median Age24.3
Businesses in Piura Region6,405
Population (1975)938,497
Population (2000)1,603,224
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +94.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +13.8%

Piura Region

Piura is a coastal region in northwestern Peru. The region's capital is Piura and its largest port cities, Paita and Talara, are also among the most important in Peru. The area is known for its tropical and dry beaches. country's latest decentraliza..  ︎  Piura Region Wikipedia Page