176 Postal Codes in Puno Region

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TimezonePeru Time
Area71,762.4 km²
Population1.4 million (More Details)
Male Population697,348 (50%)
Female Population697,958 (50%)
Median Age24.4
Postal Codes21000, 21001, 21002 (173 more)
Area Code51

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
21101 - 21104Juliaca4
21137 - 21140Pucará District, Lampa3
21300 - 21306Saman District3
21711 - 21721Cabanilla District2

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176 Postal Codes in Puno Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
21000PunoPuno Region413425.2 km²
21001PunoPuno Region65,30211.5 km²
21002PunoPuno Region73,62924.3 km²
21100Puno Region2,278460 km²
21101JuliacaPuno Region68,2139.5 km²
21102JuliacaPuno Region76,58213.8 km²
21103JuliacaPuno Region69,75617 km²
21104JuliacaPuno Region63,87938.6 km²
21107Puno Region369269.4 km²
21108Puno Region4453.122 km²
21110PunoPuno Region5,053173.7 km²
21113AtuncollaPuno Region2,3290.125 km²
21115PunoPuno Region3,195130.4 km²
21116PunoPuno Region4,872128.5 km²
21117PunoPuno Region5,6130.125 km²
21119PunoPuno Region3,7410.499 km²
21120PunoPuno Region4,16299.1 km²
21123PunoPuno Region6,4651.997 km²
21125PunoPuno Region4,484101.8 km²
21127PunoPuno Region3,28013.8 km²
21130Puno Region1,442142.2 km²
21135Nicasio DistrictPuno Region2,739133.2 km²
21136Puno Region1,569523.3 km²
21137Pucará District, LampaPuno Region3,9231.985 km²
21139Pucará District, LampaPuno Region4,4521.994 km²
21140Pucará District, LampaPuno Region87764.9 km²
21143Santiago de Pupuja DistrictPuno Region3,0061.124 km²
21145Santiago de Pupuja DistrictPuno Region2,101317.5 km²
21146Tirapata DistrictPuno Region2,998200.6 km²
21149Asillo DistrictPuno Region16,0613.124 km²
21150Asillo DistrictPuno Region924400.2 km²
21153Puno Region9,7111.125 km²
21155Puno Region850396.1 km²
21157AzángaroPuno Region23,3823.123 km²
21160Puno Region4,195716.8 km²
21162San José District, AzángaroPuno Region5,4775.3 km²
21165San José District, AzángaroPuno Region118391.7 km²
21166Puno Region4,061104.6 km²
21169Arapa DistrictPuno Region6,3704.091 km²
21170Puno Region897331.9 km²
21175Puno Region4,154145.8 km²
21180Achaya DistrictPuno Region4,546126.4 km²
21200Puno Region9,787514.8 km²
21201San Antón DistrictPuno Region0.5 km²
21205Puno Region4,395654.9 km²
21210Potoni DistrictPuno Region4,465618.7 km²
21211Potoni DistrictPuno Region1,8213.122 km²
21215Puno Region4,249853.4 km²
21216Puno Region5,6341.124 km²
21220Puno Region3,921471.6 km²
21225Puno Region3,9402,392.5 km²
21230Puno Region5,236432.4 km²
21235Puno Region9,077655.7 km²
21236Puno Region17,0910.499 km²
21240Puno Region2,480426 km²
21245Puno Region9,2663,116.8 km²
21246Puno Region7,5341.998 km²
21250Puno Region5571,011.1 km²
21251MacusaniPuno Region12,7925.3 km²
21255Puno Region6,6231,256.7 km²
21256Puno Region1.124 km²
21260Puno Region4,8672,047.4 km²
21261Puno Region7,6442.53 km²
21265Puno Region4,035886.4 km²
21270Puno Region5,676709.9 km²
21275Puno Region4,225745.2 km²
21300Saman DistrictPuno Region2,886202.4 km²
21301Saman DistrictPuno Region10,2541.124 km²
21305Puno Region1,312194.9 km²
21306Saman DistrictPuno Region12,3581.997 km²
21310Puno Region815146 km²
21311Puno Region5,3390.499 km²
21315Puno Region1,021384 km²
21316HuancanéPuno Region16,8003.119 km²
21320Chupa DistrictPuno Region797150.1 km²
21321Chupa DistrictPuno Region11,8861.857 km²
21325Puno Region5,412106.1 km²
21330Puno Region3,197296.5 km²
21335Puno Region2,918142.7 km²
21340Puno Region15,2601,030.7 km²
21341Putina (town)Puno Region11,4535.3 km²
21345Puno Region743780.5 km²
21346Muñani DistrictPuno Region7,2763.121 km²
21350Puno Region449521.8 km²
21351Puno Region5,2881.996 km²
21355Puno Region3,828961.6 km²
21356Puno Region29,5643.117 km²
21360Puno Region4,487511.4 km²
21361Puno Region1890.28 km²
21365Puno Region46699.7 km²
21366Sandia, PeruPuno Region12,2411.122 km²
21370Puno Region521,357.4 km²
21371Puno Region8,1413.114 km²
21375Puno Region10,173199.7 km²
21376Puno Region971.979 km²
21380Puno Region5,2935,535.9 km²
21381Puno Region8,8302.52 km²
21385Puno Region2,616646.2 km²
21390Puno Region2,364413.1 km²
21395Puno Region1,662466.9 km²
21400Puno Region2,495507.8 km²
21401Puno Region5,6710.281 km²
21410Puno Region4,159879.2 km²
21420Puno Region2,688304.4 km²
21421Puno Region2,1710.779 km²
21430Puno Region3,435502.6 km²
21431Moho, PeruPuno Region11,7331.995 km²
21440Puno Region4,169403.1 km²
21450PutinaPuno Region2,80767.4 km²
21500Puno Region716904.9 km²
21501IlavePuno Region56,28812.8 km²
21510Puno Region4,4041,931.5 km²
21511Acora DistrictPuno Region23,3363.12 km²
21515PunoPuno Region2,872269 km²
21516PunoPuno Region4,9971.123 km²
21520PunoPuno Region6,331115.1 km²
21521PunoPuno Region890.125 km²
21525Puno Region5,575151.8 km²
21526Puno Region6,9431.122 km²
21530Puno Region9,809771.2 km²
21531JuliPuno Region12,7161.122 km²
21535Puno Region3,695396.8 km²
21536Puno Region12,5984.188 km²
21540Puno Region1,33623.7 km²
21545YunguyoPuno Region7,033172.5 km²
21546YunguyoPuno Region19,7682.25 km²
21550Puno Region5,30627.1 km²
21555Puno Region3,7918 km²
21565Puno Region3,403120.3 km²
21570Puno Region3,26056.9 km²
21571Puno Region1,4341.992 km²
21575Puno Region3,3571,637 km²
21576PunoPuno Region1,8040.499 km²
21600Puno Region2,099522.1 km²
21601ZepitaPuno Region17,7861.121 km²
21610Puno Region6,025173.5 km²
21620Puno Region5,054626.4 km²
21621Puno Region20,2690.779 km²
21630Puno Region11,489486.7 km²
21631Puno Region16,6875.3 km²
21640Puno Region7,254953.2 km²
21641Puno Region6,2323.116 km²
21650Puno Region2,1361,041.3 km²
21660Puno Region1,2292,688.9 km²
21661Puno Region5,7375.3 km²
21670Puno Region4,484844.4 km²
21700Puno Region4,381192.9 km²
21710Puno Region1,706383.6 km²
21711Cabanilla DistrictPuno Region3,4111.125 km²
21720Puno Region2671,266.1 km²
21721Cabanilla DistrictPuno Region4,9182.318 km²
21730Puno Region73407.4 km²
21731PunoPuno Region5,1882.531 km²
21740PunoPuno Region3,069194.7 km²
21750PunoPuno Region1,741488.8 km²
21760Puno Region3,813336.9 km²
21770Puno Region6,2111,586.7 km²
21771Santa Lucía District, LampaPuno Region1,4932.532 km²
21780Puno Region9,735742 km²
21781Puno Region5.3 km²
21800Lampa, PeruPuno Region641655.1 km²
21801Lampa, PeruPuno Region10,0015.3 km²
21805Puno Region2,933494.8 km²
21815Puno Region4,489161.1 km²
21825Puno Region3,173879.8 km²
21835Puno Region4,666228.8 km²
21845Puno Region3,249216.6 km²
21855Puno Region4,335331.7 km²
21865Puno Region2,0751,011.6 km²
21866Ayaviri, MelgarPuno Region19,7115.3 km²
21875Puno Region93688.3 km²
21876Puno Region8,2653.129 km²
21885Puno Region801.2 km²
21886Puno Region7,1672.533 km²
21895Puno Region2,0552,197.7 km²
21896Nuñoa DistrictPuno Region8,6873.127 km²

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Puno Region Demographic Information

Population1.4 million
Population Density19.4 / km²
Male Population697,348 (50%)
Female Population697,958 (50%)
Median Age24.4
Male Median Age23.8
Female Median Age24.9
Businesses in Puno Region2,490
Population (1975)804,351
Population (2000)1,219,401
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +73.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +14.4%

Puno Region

Puno is a region in southeastern Peru. It is bordered by Bolivia on the east, the Madre de Dios Region on the north, the Cusco and Arequipa regions on the west, the Moquegua Region on the southwest, and the Tacna Region on the south. Its capital is t..  ︎  Puno Region Wikipedia Page