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The average area for zip codes in Poland is 14.7 km² with the largest being 12-200 in Województwo Warmińsko-Mazurskie at 643.2 km² and the smallest being 70-481 in Szczecin, Województwo Zachodniopomorskie at 4 m². In Poland the average population for a postal code is 2,148 with the most populated being zip code 87-100 in Toruń, Województwo Kujawsko-Pomorskie at 200,137. The median age for postal codes in Poland range from 27.7 years old for 34-615 in Słopnice, Województwo Małopolskie to 42.9 years old for 17-204 in Dubicze Tofiłowce, Województwo Podlaskie. The fastest growing postal code is 02-972 in Warsaw, Województwo Mazowieckie with population growth of 1,390% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 19.7% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area312,679 km²
Population38.5 million
Population Density123.1 / km²
Postal Codes00-000, 00-001, 00-002 (23,143 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 12 (76 more)
Businesses in Poland1,628,336

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
00-001 - 10-000Masovian Voivodeship4,562
10-001 - 14-530Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship891
15-001 - 19-230Podlaskie Voivodeship843
20-001 - 24-350Lublin Voivodeship911
25-000 - 29-145Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship657
30-001 - 38-350Lesser Poland Voivodeship1,644
35-001 - 39-523Podkarpackie Voivodeship510
40-001 - 47-491Silesian Voivodeship1,263
45-001 - 49-353Opole Voivodeship673
50-001 - 59-950Lower Silesian Voivodeship1,676
60-001 - 69-921Greater Poland Voivodeship1,677
65-001 - 69-220Lubusz Voivodeship542
70-001 - 79-845West Pomeranian Voivodeship2,166
80-001 - 89-652Pomeranian Voivodeship1,698
85-000 - 89-530Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship1,035
90-001 - 99-440Łódź Voivodeship1,978

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23,146 Postal Codes in Poland

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00-001WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4,56217,451 m²
00-002WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,8736,099 m²
00-003WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,8735,046 m²
00-004WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9303,197 m²
00-005WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4743,269 m²
00-006WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9306,914 m²
00-007WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4621,051 m²
00-008WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4567,512 m²
00-009WarsawMasovian Voivodeship52112,922 m²
00-010WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9182,467 m²
00-011WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9236,144 m²
00-012WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,4029,339 m²
00-013WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4624,072 m²
00-014WarsawMasovian Voivodeship
00-015WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4629,236 m²
00-016WarsawMasovian Voivodeship456613 m²
00-017WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,4246,432 m²
00-018WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,8877,804 m²
00-019WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,88613,665 m²
00-020WarsawMasovian Voivodeship2,82934,284 m²
00-021WarsawMasovian Voivodeship48439,981 m²
00-022WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4861,241 m²
00-023WarsawMasovian Voivodeship48125,149 m²
00-024WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,4060.116 km²
00-025WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4861,385 m²
00-026WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9465,592 m²
00-027WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4844,292 m²
00-028WarsawMasovian Voivodeship48616,655 m²
00-029WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4574,630 m²
00-030WarsawMasovian Voivodeship46123,418 m²
00-031WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,8893,362 m²
00-032WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,4038,359 m²
00-033WarsawMasovian Voivodeship92319,914 m²
00-034WarsawMasovian Voivodeship2,34215,506 m²
00-035WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4623,506 m²
00-036WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4624,672 m²
00-037WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9465,141 m²
00-038WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,85915,003 m²
00-039WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,8852,433 m²
00-040WarsawMasovian Voivodeship2,36811,809 m²
00-041WarsawMasovian Voivodeship9434,244 m²
00-042WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,39820,021 m²
00-043WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,93217,709 m²
00-044WarsawMasovian Voivodeship48331,641 m²
00-046WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,4472,098 m²
00-047WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4833,345 m²
00-048WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,3978,282 m²
00-049WarsawMasovian Voivodeship1,38076,628 m²
00-050WarsawMasovian Voivodeship4817,483 m²
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