Postal Code 1041

Ilinden (village) | Republic of Macedonia

Ilinden (Macedonian:  Илинден ) is a quarter in Republic of Macedonia. It is a seat of the Ilinden Municipality. It is also very commonly referred by its old name Belimbegovo, in spite of the fact that the name was changed in 1951.
1041 Detailed Information
Primary City:Ilinden (village)Associated Cities:Марино |  Кадино |  Мралино |  Бунарџик
Timezone:Central European Standard TimeLocal Time:Tuesday 6:54 AM
Lat & Lng:41.98854° / 21.58931°Related Postal Codes:104010421043104410451047

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A2, Ilinden 1041, Macedonia (FYROM) · Ilinden (village)
3.5  · $$
Ilinden · Skopje
4.0  · $$
Ilinden · Skopje
Ulica 9 · Skopje

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Other Places for Postal Code 1041

City NamePostal CodesAdministrative RegionCountryPopulation
Ilinden (village)1041Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia16,406
Марино1041, 2210Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia2,503
Кадино1041Republic of Macedonia1,466
Мралино1041, 2220Republic of Macedonia703
Бунарџик1041Republic of Macedonia281
Bunarxhik1041Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Bučintsi1041Kumanovo MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Buјkovtsi1041Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Deljadrovtsi1041Kumanovo MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Dјvatovtsi1041Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Mrshevtsi1041Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
TekiјA1041Ilinden MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia

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