Postal Code 1043

Petrovec Municipality | Republic of Macedonia

The Municipality of Petrovec (Macedonian: Општина Петровец, Opština Petrovec) is a municipality in northern Republic of Macedonia, near the capital Skopje. Petrovec is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. It is located in t..
1043 Detailed Information
Primary City:Petrovec MunicipalityAssociated Cities:Ognjaci |  Sredno Konjare |  Dolno Konjare |  Blace
Timezone:Central European Standard TimeLocal Time:Tuesday 6:54 AM
Lat & Lng:41.92749° / 21.63179°Related Postal Codes:104010411042104410451047

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Petrovec 1 bb, Petrovec 1043, Macedonia (FYROM) · Petrovec Municipality
3.5  · Open Now
Petrovec · Skopje
+389 2 314 8648
TAV MACEDONIA DOOEL Skopje Alexander the Great Havalimanı · Skopje
Airport, Alexander The Great" · Petrovec Municipality

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Other Places for Postal Code 1043

City NamePostal CodesAdministrative RegionCountryPopulation
Petrovec Municipality1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia8,255
Ognjaci1043Republic of Macedonia1,145
Sredno Konjare1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia1,089
Dolno Konjare1043, 1300Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia656
Blace1043, 10611216Brvenica MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia385
Gorno Konjare1043, 1300Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia237
Divlje1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia121
Блаце1043, 10611216Republic of Macedonia60
Badar1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia56
Breznitsa1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Gradmantsi1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
K'oјliјA1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Kozhle1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Letevtsi1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Ognjantsi1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
R'zhaničino1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia
Sushitsa1043Petrovec MunicipalityRepublic of Macedonia

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