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Postal Code 1043, Republic of Macedonia - Map and Information

Primary CityPetrovec Municipality
Local TimeTuesday 3:17 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates41.9389° / 21.615°
Related Postal Codes104010411042104410451047

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Business Distribution by Industry
 Hotels & Travel: 33.3%
 Shopping: 27.8%
 Professional Services: 11.1%
 Medical: 11.1%
 Automotive: 11.1%
 Restaurants: 5.6%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/13/177:08 PM49.8 km14,080 m3km NNE of Batinci, Macedoniausgs.gov
10/4/163:52 AM3.18.4 km9,210 m2km WNW of Ilinden, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/13/164:32 PM3.115.7 km3,200 m3km SSE of Radishani, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/12/1610:53 AM3.815.2 km16,230 m1km SE of Skopje, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/12/165:19 AM3.713.7 km1,600 m3km SSW of Creshevo, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/11/166:10 AM5.113.1 km13,200 m4km ENE of Skopje, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/10/169:58 PM411 km3,700 m5km SW of Arachinovo, Macedoniausgs.gov
5/25/142:05 PM430.6 km6,940 m0km E of Bukovik, Macedoniausgs.gov
11/7/139:01 AM3.110.3 km1,000 m2km E of Arachinovo, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/24/111:39 AM435.1 km1,200 mMacedoniausgs.gov

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Primary City

The Municipality of Petrovec (Macedonian: Општина Петровец, Opština Petrovec) is a municipality in northern Republic of Macedonia, near the capital Skopje. Petrovec is also the name of the village where the municipal seat is found. It is located in t..    Petrovec Municipality Wikipedia Page