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Postal Code 1052, Republic of Macedonia - Map and Information

Primary CityMalčište
Local TimeFriday 5:27 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates41.87942° / 21.39089°
Related Postal Codes104310441050105110531054

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/13/177:08 PM412 km14,080 m3km NNE of Batinci, Macedoniausgs.gov
10/4/163:52 AM3.119.4 km9,210 m2km WNW of Ilinden, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/13/164:32 PM3.118 km3,200 m3km SSE of Radishani, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/12/1610:53 AM3.813.4 km16,230 m1km SE of Skopje, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/12/165:19 AM3.717.6 km1,600 m3km SSW of Creshevo, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/11/166:10 AM5.116.4 km13,200 m4km ENE of Skopje, Macedoniausgs.gov
9/10/169:58 PM416.6 km3,700 m5km SW of Arachinovo, Macedoniausgs.gov
5/25/142:05 PM415.3 km6,940 m0km E of Bukovik, Macedoniausgs.gov
11/7/139:01 AM3.123.5 km1,000 m2km E of Arachinovo, Macedoniausgs.gov
5/8/112:47 AM3.418.4 km5,000 mMacedoniausgs.gov

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