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Postal Code 10080 - Serbia

Local TimeSunday 7:28 AM
TimezoneCentral European Summer Time
Coordinates42.6578° / 21.15335°
Related Postal Codes100001002010030100401005010060

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/6/151:50 AM3.540.4 km1,000 m8km S of Gjilan, Kosovousgs.gov
11/18/135:15 AM4.130.6 km10,000 m8km E of Mitrovice, Kosovousgs.gov
11/17/1312:14 AM3.928.7 km10,170 m8km NNE of Vushtrri, Kosovousgs.gov
3/6/081:50 AM3.441.3 km11,000 mKosovousgs.gov
3/5/087:59 PM3.244.5 km6,400 mKosovousgs.gov
3/5/087:30 PM3.341.3 km11,000 mKosovousgs.gov
2/9/0812:51 AM3.414.7 km10,000 mKosovousgs.gov
4/19/073:21 PM3.851.2 km11,000 mSerbiausgs.gov
1/5/072:46 AM3.946.6 km23,100 mKosovousgs.gov
12/29/066:15 PM3.246.9 km10,000 mSerbiausgs.gov

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