59 Postal Codes in Belgrade

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area360 km²
Population1.4 million (More Details)
Male Population634,742 (46.9%)
Female Population719,722 (53.1%)
Median Age41.5
Postal Codes11000, 11001, 11010 (56 more)
Area Code11

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59 Postal Codes in Belgrade, Central Serbia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
11000BelgradeCentral Serbia25,6004.647 km²
11001BelgradeCentral Serbia
11010BelgradeCentral Serbia29,6443.596 km²
11030BelgradeCentral Serbia61,18815.3 km²
11040BelgradeCentral Serbia50,49114.7 km²
11050BelgradeCentral Serbia88,32210.7 km²
11060BelgradeCentral Serbia51,00810.6 km²
11070BelgradeCentral Serbia99,67316.5 km²
11073BelgradeCentral Serbia23,6438.9 km²
11077SurčinCentral Serbia85,42726.2 km²
11078BelgradeCentral Serbia
11080BelgradeCentral Serbia56,99312.7 km²
11090BelgradeCentral Serbia75,23613 km²
11102BelgradeCentral Serbia
11103BelgradeCentral Serbia7,1990.541 km²
11108BelgradeCentral Serbia5,9920.568 km²
11111BelgradeCentral Serbia12,3760.662 km²
11118BelgradeCentral Serbia29,3921.578 km²
11120BelgradeCentral Serbia22,7162.242 km²
11126ZvezdaraCentral Serbia15,3046.1 km²
11147BelgradeCentral Serbia34,42720.5 km²
11158BelgradeCentral Serbia28,7383.838 km²
11160BelgradeCentral Serbia50,0379.6 km²
11185ZemunCentral Serbia11,1254.715 km²
11186ZemunCentral Serbia17,4277.6 km²
11194Rakovica4,52616.1 km²
11195BelgradeCentral Serbia
11210BelgradeCentral Serbia81,77490.9 km²
11211BelgradeCentral Serbia1,77479 km²
11212BelgradeCentral Serbia35,925116.4 km²
11213BelgradeCentral Serbia7,676135.4 km²
11215Palilula, BelgradeCentral Serbia3,25620.8 km²
11221BelgradeCentral Serbia31,43610.9 km²
11222BelgradeCentral Serbia22,9116.8 km²
11223BelgradeCentral Serbia6,30415.7 km²
11225VoždovacCentral Serbia2,37914.5 km²
11226VoždovacCentral Serbia3,3058.8 km²
11231BelgradeCentral Serbia37,39517.1 km²
11235BelgradeCentral Serbia5,39859 km²
11250ČukaricaCentral Serbia6,58214.9 km²
11251Ostružnica44,72324.2 km²
11253ČukaricaCentral Serbia17,50620.7 km²
11260ČukaricaCentral Serbia6,49222.3 km²
11262ČukaricaCentral Serbia7,00923.7 km²
11271SurčinCentral Serbia13,71132 km²
11273BelgradeCentral Serbia52,71763 km²
11275SurčinCentral Serbia5,86265.5 km²
11276SurčinCentral Serbia7,14280.2 km²
11277ZemunCentral Serbia14,84953.6 km²
11279SurčinCentral Serbia5,41052.5 km²
11283BelgradeCentral Serbia24,7475.2 km²
11406BelgradeCentral Serbia2,89526.6 km²
11427BelgradeCentral Serbia6,28144.4 km²
11433BelgradeCentral Serbia2,12545.9 km²
11453BelgradeCentral Serbia1,71839.6 km²
11460BelgradeCentral Serbia6,36249.7 km²
11461BelgradeCentral Serbia2,62137 km²
11462BelgradeCentral Serbia3,56945.8 km²

Belgrade, Central Serbia Demographic Information

Population1.4 million
Population Density3,762 / km²
Male Population634,742 (46.9%)
Female Population719,722 (53.1%)
Median Age41.5
Male Median Age39.4
Female Median Age43.4
Businesses in Belgrade, Central Serbia38,657
Population (1975)991,898
Population (2000)1,334,509
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +36.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +1.5%


Belgrade (/ˈbɛlɡreɪd/; Serbian: Beograd / Београд; [beǒɡrad]; names in other languages) is the capital and largest city of Serbia. It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans. Its name tr..  ︎  Belgrade Wikipedia Page