132 Postal Codes in Northern Cape

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TimezoneSouth Africa Time
Area372,889 km²
Population1.2 million (More Details)
Male Population602,052 (49.3%)
Female Population619,351 (50.7%)
Median Age25.8
Postal Codes5950, 6920, 6960 (129 more)
Area Codes27, 53, 54 (1 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
8300 - 8345Kimberley6

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132 Postal Codes in Northern Cape

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
5950Northern Cape8,40912 km²
6920Northern Cape3,6757,022 km²
6960Northern Cape3,9188,780.9 km²
6985Northern Cape2,4287,117.1 km²
7000De AarNorthern Cape6,3379.8 km²
7005Hanover, Northern CapeNorthern Cape
7070Victoria WestNorthern Cape2,1986 km²
7071Victoria WestNorthern Cape8,3018,585.6 km²
7090Northern Cape14,57015,349.3 km²
8180Northern Cape9515.9 km²
8185Northern Cape4,78213,122.7 km²
8190CalviniaNorthern Cape3,40613.6 km²
8191Northern Cape7,3507,997.8 km²
8205Northern Cape3215,307.4 km²
8220GariesNorthern Cape2,5071,488.4 km²
8221Northern Cape4301,845.9 km²
8222Hondeklip BayNorthern Cape6971,051.6 km²
8223Northern Cape2,3521,304.7 km²
8240Springbok, Northern CapeNorthern Cape13,59135 km²
8241KamieskroonNorthern Cape9761,339.2 km²
8242Northern Cape4,7243,587.9 km²
8244Northern Cape7,9291,764.3 km²
8246VioolsdrifNorthern Cape1,8121,776 km²
8249Northern Cape10241.9 km²
8251Northern Cape5776.8 km²
8252Northern Cape750704.9 km²
8253Northern Cape3763,766.7 km²
8257Northern Cape3181,246 km²
8260Northern Cape443644.9 km²
8261Northern Cape963370 km²
8265Northern Cape5,570557 km²
8270OkiepNorthern Cape12,093798.6 km²
8271Northern Cape2192,915.2 km²
8280Northern Cape6,2761,220.8 km²
8282KleinzeeNorthern Cape
8283Northern Cape3651,875.3 km²
8284Northern Cape5802,333.2 km²
8290Northern Cape1,8461,000.3 km²
8292Northern Cape3,2213,402.2 km²
8294Northern Cape169210.1 km²
8300Kimberley, Northern CapeNorthern Cape5,656122.1 km²
8301Kimberley, Northern CapeNorthern Cape106,683185.6 km²
8305Kimberley, Northern CapeNorthern Cape
8306Northern Cape72865.5 km²
8309Kimberley, Northern CapeNorthern Cape21,79318.7 km²
8320Northern Cape1,956510.9 km²
8330Kimberley, Northern CapeNorthern Cape
8345Kimberley, Northern CapeNorthern Cape112,28521.8 km²
8360Northern Cape4,3503,049.4 km²
8365GriekwastadNorthern Cape4212,135 m²
8375Barkly WestNorthern Cape13,60911.4 km²
8377Northern Cape11,737358.9 km²
8390Northern Cape1,131686.5 km²
8405DaniëlskuilNorthern Cape5,50771.5 km²
8410Northern Cape14,2732,513.5 km²
8420PostmasburgNorthern Cape30,59049.5 km²
8426Northern Cape3,0792,449.8 km²
8445Northern Cape6,298752.9 km²
8446KathuNorthern Cape16,953448.2 km²
8447Northern Cape21,713593.8 km²
8450Northern Cape4,2123,282.6 km²
8460KurumanNorthern Cape13,84649.5 km²
8461Northern Cape2421,359.5 km²
8462Northern Cape64,072466.9 km²
8463Northern Cape11,4552,598.6 km²
8467Northern Cape3,2639,103.8 km²
8474Northern Cape9,213812.6 km²
8477Northern Cape2,873335.4 km²
8480Northern Cape13,3691,497.2 km²
8481Northern Cape8,515716.9 km²
8490Northern Cape8,100698.9 km²
8491Northern Cape
8505Northern Cape1,973403.3 km²
8510WindsortonNorthern Cape7,080558 km²
8530Warrenton, Northern CapeNorthern Cape23,30815.4 km²
8560Northern Cape4,035206.7 km²
8570Northern Cape10,60519.4 km²
8575Northern Cape3,388118.7 km²
8582Northern Cape16,1911,410.9 km²
8586Northern Cape1,964213.8 km²
8587Northern Cape7,236260.9 km²
8593Northern Cape10,101650 km²
8626Northern Cape8,5734,984.2 km²
8627Northern Cape6,382144 km²
8630Northern Cape8,5852,866.7 km²
8660KeimoesNorthern Cape7520.965 km²
8701Ritchie, Northern CapeNorthern Cape17,027963.9 km²
8730Northern Cape13,845105 km²
8731Northern Cape2,2663,784.9 km²
8735Douglas, Northern CapeNorthern Cape5,8571.042 km²
8750HopetownNorthern Cape
8751HopetownNorthern Cape10,9301,210.1 km²
8752Orania, Northern CapeNorthern Cape2,4021,368.8 km²
8760Northern Cape29,3959,236.6 km²
8765StrydenburgNorthern Cape5011.65 km²
8770PetrusvilleNorthern Cape1,4017.5 km²
8771Northern Cape8,5841,608.9 km²
8780VosburgNorthern Cape5,95913,090.6 km²
8782Northern Cape2,5810.616 km²
8795Philipstown, Northern CapeNorthern Cape8234.064 km²
8800Northern Cape12,050137.8 km²
8801UpingtonNorthern Cape65,36480.3 km²
8805Northern Cape507682.2 km²
8806Northern Cape2,62835.7 km²
8807Northern Cape4,34548.4 km²
8809Northern Cape12,43611,134.5 km²
8811Northern Cape5,59613,297.4 km²
8813Northern Cape5028,500.7 km²
8814Northern Cape1,1376,964.5 km²
8816Northern Cape2,806648.7 km²
8819Northern Cape4,533854.8 km²
8822Northern Cape4,011851.4 km²
8824Northern Cape1,5771,207 km²
8850Northern Cape9,819770.1 km²
8860KeimoesNorthern Cape10,688150.1 km²
8861Northern Cape2,472780.4 km²
8870KakamasNorthern Cape26,6551,057.9 km²
8874Northern Cape11,2993,827 km²
8890Northern Cape3,3817,937.5 km²
8891Pella, Northern CapeNorthern Cape5,7212,079.6 km²
8893Northern Cape2,3236,525.5 km²
8900KenhardtNorthern Cape4,6132.825 km²
8910Northern Cape3,9628,003.2 km²
8915Northern Cape3,9127,261.1 km²
8920Northern Cape4,3995,852.3 km²
8922Northern Cape4,26712,274.3 km²
8925Carnarvon, Northern CapeNorthern Cape6,0756.2 km²
8930Northern Cape19,50810,407.4 km²
8940Boegoeberg DamNorthern Cape6,884949.3 km²
9795Northern Cape16,084150.1 km²
9797Northern Cape3,5114,546.4 km²
9970Northern Cape3,4532,642 km²

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Northern Cape Demographic Information

Population1.2 million
Population Density3.28 / km²
Male Population602,052 (49.3%)
Female Population619,351 (50.7%)
Median Age25.8
Male Median Age24.9
Female Median Age26.7
Businesses in Northern Cape7,610
Population (1975)511,137
Population (2000)965,174
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +139%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +26.5%

Northern Cape

The Northern Cape (Afrikaans: Noord-Kaap; Tswana: Kapa Bokone) is the largest and most sparsely populated province of South Africa. It was created in 1994 when the Cape Province was split up. Its capital is Kimberley. It includes the Kalahari Gemsbok..  ︎  Northern Cape Wikipedia Page