351 Postal Codes in Western Cape

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TimezoneSouth Africa Time
Area129,462 km²
Population6.3 million (More Details)
Male Population3,115,514 (49.1%)
Female Population3,230,038 (50.9%)
Median Age28.3
Postal Codes5510, 6304, 6460 (348 more)
Area Codes21, 22, 23 (4 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
6504 - 6520Mossel Bay7
6529 - 6539George6
6570 - 6583Knysna6
6837 - 6840Prince Alfred Hamlet2
7130 - 7133Gordons Bay6
7400 - 7582, 7700 - 8060Cape Town129
7441 - 7443Table View3
7599 - 7603, 7609 - 7615Stellenbosch10
7620 - 7646Paarl7
7708 - 7740Claremont, Cape Town3
7783 - 7789Mitchells Plain7

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351 Postal Codes in Western Cape

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
5510StellenboschWestern Cape
6304KnysnaWestern Cape28247 km²
6460Western Cape4,7434.195 km²
6462Western Cape2,205702 km²
6466Mossel BayWestern Cape5,094110.2 km²
6467Haarlem, Western CapeWestern Cape5,0811,521 km²
6500Western Cape1,609248.9 km²
6503Little Brak River (town)Western Cape5,792146.1 km²
6504Mossel BayWestern Cape724383.3 km²
6505HerbertsdaleWestern Cape2,021614.3 km²
6506Mossel BayWestern Cape65,54972.2 km²
6510Mossel BayWestern Cape331140.8 km²
6511Mossel BayWestern Cape
6520Mossel BayWestern Cape5,24325 km²
6525Western Cape9,1147.8 km²
6529George, Western CapeWestern Cape186,083202.9 km²
6530George, Western CapeWestern Cape
6534George, Western CapeWestern Cape1,21940.1 km²
6535Mossel BayWestern Cape2,326400.1 km²
6536George, Western CapeWestern Cape
6538Wilderness, Western CapeWestern Cape1,97310.5 km²
6539George, Western CapeWestern Cape
6541Western Cape998302.7 km²
6546George, Western CapeWestern Cape
6560Wilderness, Western CapeWestern Cape7234.836 km²
6570KnysnaWestern Cape2,142337.9 km²
6571KnysnaWestern Cape47,22692.5 km²
6572KnysnaWestern Cape2,017183.2 km²
6573Sedgefield, Western CapeWestern Cape9,1729.6 km²
6576RheenendalWestern Cape4,6283.289 km²
6580KnysnaWestern Cape1,29738.8 km²
6583KnysnaWestern Cape9,044226.5 km²
6600Plettenberg BayWestern Cape23,92744.8 km²
6601Riversdale, Western CapeWestern Cape19,3261,255.4 km²
6602Western Cape6,671478.9 km²
6603Western Cape13,027468.9 km²
6604OudtshoornWestern Cape1,246220.1 km²
6605WittedrifWestern Cape15,8435.5 km²
6615HeroldsbaaiWestern Cape7081.034 km²
6620Western Cape23,380201.3 km²
6624Western Cape3,557438.6 km²
6625OudtshoornWestern Cape45,14857.2 km²
6628Western Cape14,758416.3 km²
6634Prince Albert, Western CapeWestern Cape10,7881,627.4 km²
6650De RustWestern Cape
6651De RustWestern Cape5,197304.9 km²
6655Western Cape10,5632,191 km²
6656ZoarWestern Cape6,3361,434.4 km²
6660Western Cape6,244813.5 km²
6665Western Cape
6666WitsandWestern Cape5085.4 km²
6667Western Cape7,7161,218.7 km²
6670Western Cape1,5519.4 km²
6674Stilbaai-WesWestern Cape4,07160.2 km²
6675Groot-JongensfonteinWestern Cape856269.6 km²
6676Western Cape3,422230.3 km²
6690Western Cape1,5121,768.4 km²
6695Albertinia, Western CapeWestern Cape7,558732.3 km²
6696Western Cape966321.8 km²
6705Robertson, Western CapeWestern Cape28,99829.1 km²
6708McGregor, Western CapeWestern Cape5,936533.7 km²
6715Ashton, Western CapeWestern Cape9,42935.2 km²
6720Montagu, Western CapeWestern Cape24,497800.3 km²
6730Bonnievale, Western CapeWestern Cape17,879476.5 km²
6740SwellendamWestern Cape19,32830.6 km²
6742SwellendamWestern Cape2,418665.7 km²
6743SuurbraakWestern Cape3,540300.9 km²
6750BarrydaleWestern Cape6,7631,567.1 km²
6810Porterville, Western CapeWestern Cape14,444674.1 km²
6812Saron, Western CapeWestern Cape13,413214.6 km²
6820TulbaghWestern Cape21,125454.2 km²
6821Gouda, Western CapeWestern Cape6,587305.2 km²
6830Wolseley, Western CapeWestern Cape18,544314.9 km²
6835Ceres, Western CapeWestern Cape23,88115.3 km²
6836Western Cape22,5074,580.1 km²
6837Prince Alfred HamletWestern Cape17,122248.9 km²
6838Western Cape14,905289.3 km²
6840Prince Alfred HamletWestern Cape
6845RawsonvilleWestern Cape9,174513.4 km²
6848VilliersdorpWestern Cape21,460535.8 km²
6849Worcester, Western CapeWestern Cape
6850Worcester, Western CapeWestern Cape88,56345.6 km²
6853Western Cape3,80986.7 km²
6854Western Cape
6855Western Cape
6858BrandvleiWestern Cape3,760379.3 km²
6861Worcester, Western CapeWestern Cape12,44232.1 km²
6870Western Cape30,3321,117 km²
6875De DoornsWestern Cape9200.821 km²
6880Western Cape9,7323,572.9 km²
6900Western Cape6,5543,145 km²
6901MatjiesfonteinWestern Cape6094,124.3 km²
6930Prince Albert, Western CapeWestern Cape
6940Western Cape2,8643,178.4 km²
6950Western Cape3,7084,072.7 km²
6970Beaufort WestWestern Cape37,85755.7 km²
6973Western Cape5,0837,552.2 km²
6995MurraysburgWestern Cape5,5984.675 km²
7100Cape TownWestern Cape327,69550.7 km²
7103Cape TownWestern Cape10,1371.1 km²
7110Cape TownWestern Cape
7129Cape TownWestern Cape2,38219.8 km²
7130Gordons BayWestern Cape94,781250.5 km²
7131Macassar, Western CapeWestern Cape
7133Gordons BayWestern Cape
7134Cape TownWestern Cape1,6925.3 km²
7135Cape TownWestern Cape2,80830.8 km²
7137Somerset WestWestern Cape
7139Western Cape
7140Western Cape142,39325.1 km²
7141Betty's BayWestern Cape1,52258 km²
7144Somerset WestWestern Cape2,7842.021 km²
7150Western Cape
7151Western Cape2,389236.9 km²
7160GrabouwWestern Cape33,15614.1 km²
7180Western Cape9,744282.3 km²
7185BotrivierWestern Cape5,7565.7 km²
7195Western Cape7,63827.4 km²
7196Pringle BayWestern Cape95518.4 km²
7200HermanusWestern Cape39,421218.4 km²
7201Western Cape5,67818.3 km²
7202HawstonWestern Cape9,81112.7 km²
7210Western Cape4,4746 km²
7220Western Cape2,1914.686 km²
7221GansbaaiWestern Cape15,026223.7 km²
7230Western Cape9,36034.8 km²
7232Western Cape10,194671 km²
7233GreytonWestern Cape3,504277.9 km²
7234GenadendalWestern Cape9,774833.5 km²
7250RiviersonderendWestern Cape7,283533.2 km²
7270Napier, Western CapeWestern Cape9,817831.9 km²
7271BaardskeerdersbosWestern Cape1,695699.6 km²
7280BredasdorpWestern Cape15,07116.3 km²
7281Western Cape3,6621,766.1 km²
7282St Helena BayWestern Cape1422.11 km²
7284Western Cape
7285Western Cape6,245464.5 km²
7287L'AgulhasWestern Cape391412.5 km²
7299Malmesbury, Western CapeWestern Cape
7300Malmesbury, Western CapeWestern Cape54,52750.3 km²
7302KalbaskraalWestern Cape2,8914.667 km²
7303Cape TownWestern Cape3,274214.6 km²
7304Western Cape6587.2 km²
7306Riebeek WestWestern Cape6,33117.3 km²
7307Riebeek-KasteelWestern Cape4,892360.6 km²
7308Western Cape6621.489 km²
7310MoorreesburgWestern Cape15,31113.5 km²
7312KoringbergWestern Cape1,44017.7 km²
7320Western Cape13,31117.8 km²
7321De HoekWestern Cape4,011459.4 km²
7322Western Cape7,740843.5 km²
7323GoedverwachtWestern Cape7,367396.6 km²
7325Aurora, Western CapeWestern Cape2,706732.4 km²
7335EendekuilWestern Cape5,120525.7 km²
7340CitrusdalWestern Cape18,920930.1 km²
7345Darling, Western CapeWestern Cape12,43319.9 km²
7347Western Cape
7348Western Cape1,97820.3 km²
7349Atlantis, Western CapeWestern Cape86,542183.7 km²
7350Western Cape
7351YzerfonteinWestern Cape1,38924.3 km²
7353Western Cape2,45811.3 km²
7354Chatsworth, Western CapeWestern Cape1,9882.739 km²
7355Western Cape7,912651.4 km²
7357LangebaanWestern Cape8,78632.5 km²
7358Western Cape1,977246.8 km²
7365VelddrifWestern Cape14,223618.8 km²
7375Saldanha, Western CapeWestern Cape1,958598.7 km²
7380VredenburgWestern Cape42,836239.7 km²
7381Paternoster, Western CapeWestern Cape2,180112.8 km²
7382St Helena BayWestern Cape53185.2 km²
7390St Helena BayWestern Cape12,00533.2 km²
7394Saldanha, Western CapeWestern Cape1,55458.5 km²
7395Western Cape32,558129.9 km²
7400Cape TownWestern Cape
7404Cape TownWestern Cape
7405Cape TownWestern Cape75,50326 km²
7406Cape TownWestern Cape
7407Cape TownWestern Cape
7420Cape TownWestern Cape
7430Cape TownWestern Cape
7435Cape TownWestern Cape
7436Western Cape
7437Cape TownWestern Cape
7439Cape TownWestern Cape3,93884.9 km²
7440Cape TownWestern Cape1,03999.5 km²
7441Cape TownWestern Cape199,140110.2 km²
7442Cape TownWestern Cape
7443Cape TownWestern Cape
7445Sunset BeachWestern Cape
7446Cape TownWestern Cape
7447Cape TownWestern Cape7,5901.987 km²
7448Cape TownWestern Cape
7449Cape TownWestern Cape
7450Western Cape
7455Cape TownWestern Cape51,6223.116 km²
7456Cape TownWestern Cape
7459Cape TownWestern Cape
7460Cape TownWestern Cape67,24922.2 km²
7463Cape TownWestern Cape
7475Cape TownWestern Cape
7480Cape TownWestern Cape
7485Cape TownWestern Cape
7490Cape TownWestern Cape223,35920.3 km²
7493Cape TownWestern Cape90,04316.8 km²
7499Cape TownWestern Cape
7500Cape TownWestern Cape61,53452.3 km²
7501Cape TownWestern Cape
7503Cape TownWestern Cape
7504Cape TownWestern Cape
7505Cape TownWestern Cape
7506Cape TownWestern Cape
7525Cape TownWestern Cape10,23117.2 km²
7530Cape TownWestern Cape94,78637 km²
7532Western Cape
7535Cape TownWestern Cape
7536Western Cape
7538Western Cape
7550Cape TownWestern Cape87,37945.5 km²
7551Cape TownWestern Cape2,37572.4 km²
7560Cape TownWestern Cape26,8036.1 km²
7561Cape TownWestern Cape
7562Western Cape
7569Cape TownWestern Cape
7570Cape TownWestern Cape156,02942.4 km²
7572Western Cape
7579Cape TownWestern Cape14,84352.2 km²
7580Cape TownWestern Cape179,59978.7 km²
7581Cape TownWestern Cape
7582Cape TownWestern Cape
7599StellenboschWestern Cape
7600StellenboschWestern Cape92,54572.9 km²
7602StellenboschWestern Cape
7603StellenboschWestern Cape3,06530 km²
7604Western Cape
7605Western Cape
7607Western Cape
7608Western Cape
7609StellenboschWestern Cape
7611StellenboschWestern Cape3,44832.4 km²
7613StellenboschWestern Cape
7615StellenboschWestern Cape
7620PaarlWestern Cape
7623PaarlWestern Cape
7624PaarlWestern Cape3,91025.9 km²
7625Western Cape13,820126 km²
7626PaarlWestern Cape
7630Western Cape
7640Western Cape
7645Western Cape
7646PaarlWestern Cape125,01143.4 km²
7650Western Cape
7654Wellington, Western CapeWestern Cape1,75144.9 km²
7655Wellington, Western CapeWestern Cape92,54035.9 km²
7670Western Cape5,21370.1 km²
7680PaarlWestern Cape12,758113.6 km²
7681Pniel, Western CapeWestern Cape10,935151 km²
7690FranschhoekWestern Cape18,22530.9 km²
7691StellenboschWestern Cape5,623303.6 km²
7700Cape TownWestern Cape38,17917 km²
7701Cape TownWestern Cape
7702Western Cape
7704Cape TownWestern Cape
7705Cape TownWestern Cape
7708Cape TownWestern Cape31,66511 km²
7725Cape TownWestern Cape
7735Cape TownWestern Cape
7740Western Cape
7741Cape TownWestern Cape
7745Cape TownWestern Cape
7750Cape TownWestern Cape349,02921.9 km²
7751Cape TownWestern Cape
7755Cape TownWestern Cape
7760Cape TownWestern Cape
7764Cape TownWestern Cape154,38119.1 km²
7766Cape TownWestern Cape
7767Cape TownWestern Cape
7769Cape TownWestern Cape
7770Cape TownWestern Cape
7779Cape TownWestern Cape
7780Cape TownWestern Cape95,52715.2 km²
7781Cape TownWestern Cape
7782Cape TownWestern Cape
7783Cape TownWestern Cape
7784Cape TownWestern Cape461,79446.9 km²
7785Cape TownWestern Cape272,25527.4 km²
7786Cape TownWestern Cape
7788Cape TownWestern Cape
7789Cape TownWestern Cape
7798Cape TownWestern Cape102,09952.5 km²
7800Cape TownWestern Cape80,11020.4 km²
7801Cape TownWestern Cape
7802Cape TownWestern Cape
7805Cape TownWestern Cape
7806Cape TownWestern Cape51,74358.9 km²
7808Cape TownWestern Cape
7824Cape TownWestern Cape
7848Cape TownWestern Cape
7864Cape TownWestern Cape
7872Cape TownWestern Cape
7880Cape TownWestern Cape
7888Cape TownWestern Cape
7915Cape TownWestern Cape
7924Western Cape
7925Cape TownWestern Cape37,64912.7 km²
7935Cape TownWestern Cape
7940Cape TownWestern Cape
7941Cape TownWestern Cape65,18411.1 km²
7945Cape TownWestern Cape179,119133.2 km²
7946Cape TownWestern Cape
7947Cape TownWestern Cape
7948Cape TownWestern Cape
7950Cape TownWestern Cape
7951Retreat, Cape TownWestern Cape
7965Cape TownWestern Cape
7966Cape TownWestern Cape
7974Cape TownWestern Cape16,4250.416 km²
7975Cape TownWestern Cape56,551183.2 km²
7976Cape TownWestern Cape
7978Western Cape
7979Cape TownWestern Cape
7985Cape TownWestern Cape
7990Cape TownWestern Cape
7995Cape TownWestern Cape
8000Cape TownWestern Cape
8001Cape TownWestern Cape33,64713.8 km²
8002Cape TownWestern Cape
8005Cape TownWestern Cape31,1079.6 km²
8010Cape TownWestern Cape16718.4 km²
8012Cape TownWestern Cape
8018Cape TownWestern Cape
8040Cape TownWestern Cape
8051Cape TownWestern Cape
8060Cape TownWestern Cape
8105RedelinghuysWestern Cape2,077515 km²
8110Elands BayWestern Cape3,408306.6 km²
8120GraafwaterWestern Cape3,632590.2 km²
8122Western Cape497341.8 km²
8130Lambert's BayWestern Cape6,834764.4 km²
8135Western Cape12,7851,353.3 km²
8138WupperthalWestern Cape
8145KlawerWestern Cape9,327559.3 km²
8149Western Cape
8151DoringbaaiWestern Cape1,46117.5 km²
8160Western Cape25,7812,058.8 km²
8165LutzvilleWestern Cape16,667700.2 km²
8170VanrhynsdorpWestern Cape6,9978 km²
8200Western Cape1,0472,724.3 km²
8201Western Cape72229.2 km²
8202Western Cape2,7211,235.3 km²
8207Western Cape1,354667.8 km²

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Western Cape Demographic Information

Population6.3 million
Population Density49.0 / km²
Male Population3,115,514 (49.1%)
Female Population3,230,038 (50.9%)
Median Age28.3
Male Median Age27.7
Female Median Age28.8
Businesses in Western Cape116,395
Population (1975)1,774,300
Population (2000)4,424,763
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +257.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +43.4%

Western Cape

The Western Cape (Afrikaans: Wes-Kaap, Xhosa: iNtshona Kapa) is a province of South Africa, situated in the south-western part of the country. It is the fourth largest of the nine provinces in terms of both area and population, with an area of 129,44..  ︎  Western Cape Wikipedia Page