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The average area for zip codes in South Korea is 2.912 km² with the largest being 36300 in Gyeongsangbuk-do at 185.7 km² and the smallest being 04192 in Seoul at 3,074 m². In South Korea the average population for a postal code is 1,945 with the most populated being zip code 07505 in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do at 77,911. The median age for postal codes in South Korea range from 32.5 years old for 16698 in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do to 59.3 years old for 39048 in Kunwi, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

TimezoneKorean Time
Area10,010 km²
Population48.4 million
Population Density4,837 / km²
Postal Codes01672, 01673, 01674 (34,440 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 12 (27 more)
Businesses in South Korea1,636,885

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34,443 Postal Codes in South Korea

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
01672Seoul1,5050.123 km²
01673Seoul1,44364,729 m²
01674Seoul5,90619,327 m²
01675Seoul7,6460.192 km²
01676Seoul4,9000.124 km²
01677Seoul1,49664,041 m²
01678Seoul3,2610.132 km²
01679Seoul3,68843,334 m²
01680Seoul7,63146,564 m²
01681Seoul2,07238,769 m²
01682Seoul8,27333,695 m²
01683Seoul2,05516,763 m²
01684Seoul2,08266,425 m²
01685Seoul2,08452,343 m²
01686Seoul5,9910.261 km²
01687Seoul3,54292,772 m²
01688Seoul1,91275,182 m²
01689Seoul5,43790,357 m²
01690Seoul11,24198,769 m²
01691Seoul2,05955,685 m²
01692Seoul1,97528,897 m²
01693Seoul3,92665,968 m²
01694Seoul3,8587,083 m²
01695Seoul1,96688,588 m²
01696Seoul1,97640,672 m²
01697Seoul7,97041,336 m²
01698Seoul1,94739,618 m²
01699Seoul7,84954,691 m²
01700Seoul1,79217,440 m²
01701Seoul7,61030,970 m²
01702Seoul3,96919,719 m²
01703Seoul9,88338,925 m²
01704Seoul2,05139,925 m²
01705Seoul4,02978,777 m²
01706Seoul5,81631,774 m²
01707Seoul7,70633,785 m²
01708Seoul1,94523,648 m²
01709Seoul5,71925,779 m²
01710Seoul7,38418,895 m²
01711Seoul1,59141,322 m²
01712Seoul8,86052,692 m²
01713Seoul5,3440.141 km²
01714Seoul1,86111,906 m²
01715Seoul1,98266,464 m²
01716Wŏlgyesa-dongSeoul3,2680.568 km²
01717Seoul1,40086,718 m²
01718Seoul2,2060.334 km²
01719Seoul2,5350.376 km²
01720Seoul3,38614,692 m²
01721Seoul3,6670.289 km²
01722Seoul1,6980.174 km²
01723Wŏlgyesa-dongSeoul1,6950.286 km²
01724Seoul3,20419,288 m²
01725Seoul3,21747,134 m²
01726Seoul2,47116,954 m²
01727Wŏlgyesa-dongSeoul1,2520.253 km²
01728Seoul5,21240,547 m²
01729Seoul2,7010.439 km²
01730Seoul4,11739,201 m²
01731Seoul2,06539,995 m²
01732Seoul2,79213,758 m²
01733Seoul1,7508,772 m²
01734Seoul1,89916,728 m²
01735Seoul1,88432,509 m²
01736Seoul6,61332,334 m²
01737Seoul5,11426,474 m²
01738Seoul1,33252,666 m²
01739Seoul1,13227,762 m²
01740Seoul7880.131 km²
01741Seoul1,66585,381 m²
01742Seoul9,12945,068 m²
01743Seoul5,09118,261 m²
01744Seoul1,81749,987 m²
01745Seoul5,66662,209 m²
01746Seoul3,49774,647 m²
01747Seoul3,41776,554 m²
01748Seoul6,90150,704 m²
01749Seoul1,57876,910 m²
01750Seoul5,39850,266 m²
01751Seoul3,54236,880 m²
01752Seoul3,8510.112 km²
01753Seoul9,15541,755 m²
01754Seoul5,51131,792 m²
01755Seoul3,6650.115 km²
01756Seoul3,29517,792 m²
01757Seoul1,50466,248 m²
01758Seoul3,41962,539 m²
01759Seoul1,84434,507 m²
01760Seoul1,83235,940 m²
01761Seoul4,2210.171 km²
01762Seoul10,22538,622 m²
01763Seoul1,65517,732 m²
01764Seoul2,7920.154 km²
01765Seoul3,4650.102 km²
01766Seoul6,75235,324 m²
01767Seoul5,30127,451 m²
01768Seoul7,47618,638 m²
01769Seoul1,80237,515 m²
01770Seoul2,9530.126 km²
01771Seoul1,89620,014 m²
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