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The average area for zip codes in South Korea is 2.912 km² with the largest being 36300 in Gyeongsangbuk-do at 185.7 km² and the smallest being 04192 in Seoul at 3,074 m². In South Korea the average population for a postal code is 1,945 with the most populated being zip code 07505 in Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do at 77,911. The median age for postal codes in South Korea range from 32.5 years old for 16698 in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do to 59.3 years old for 39048 in Kunwi, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

TimezoneKorean Time
Area10,010 km²
Population48.4 million
Population Density4,837 / km²
Postal Codes63644, 63643, 63642 (34,440 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 12 (27 more)
Businesses in South Korea1,636,885

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
01000 - 11962Seoul4,149
04703 - 24035Gyeonggi Province8,946
14937 - 15119, 21000 - 23134Incheon1,455
24000 - 26509Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,804
27000 - 29167North Chungcheong Province1,523
31000 - 33677South Chungcheong Province1,676
34000 - 35428Daejeon1,151
36000 - 40239North Gyeongsang Province3,162
41000 - 43024Daegu1,505
44000 - 45015Ulsan625
46000 - 49528Busan2,303
50000 - 53337South Gyeongsang Province2,320
54000 - 56469North Jeolla Province1,551
57000 - 62466South Jeolla Province2,600
61000 - 62465Gwangju898
63002 - 63644Jejudo508

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34,443 Postal Codes in South Korea

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
63644SeogwipoJejudo2,5485.6 km²
63643Jejudo2,4291.251 km²
63642Jejudo8410.775 km²
63641Jejudo2,6056.1 km²
63640Jejudo2,4341.804 km²
63639Jejudo1,9125.8 km²
63638Jejudo1,7158 km²
63637Jejudo1,2443.676 km²
63636Jejudo6976.8 km²
63635Jejudo1,09013.6 km²
63634Jejudo2,2186.6 km²
63633Jejudo2,73410.3 km²
63632Jejudo73216.1 km²
63631Jejudo52811.3 km²
63630Jejudo94215.3 km²
63629Jejudo6,5675.6 km²
63628Jejudo9845.1 km²
63627Jejudo2,59211.5 km²
63626Jejudo1,3279.2 km²
63625Jejudo3,3079.9 km²
63624Jejudo3,29238.1 km²
63623Jejudo1,21312.7 km²
63622Jejudo1,01143.1 km²
63621SeogwipoJejudo3,7361.104 km²
63620SeogwipoJejudo1,0031.488 km²
63619SeogwipoJejudo1,4005.8 km²
63618SeogwipoJejudo1,4298.9 km²
63617SeogwipoJejudo3,8917.6 km²
63616SeogwipoJejudo1,84020 km²
63615SeogwipoJejudo34630.3 km²
63614SeogwipoJejudo1,09632.2 km²
63613SeogwipoJejudo1,5404.104 km²
63612SeogwipoJejudo1,7032.97 km²
636111,7910.944 km²
63610SeogwipoJejudo2,3402.812 km²
63609SeogwipoJejudo2,40623.3 km²
63608SeogwipoJejudo1,23725.9 km²
63607SeogwipoJejudo1,09221.4 km²
63606SeogwipoJejudo2,7400.701 km²
63605SeogwipoJejudo1,5272.663 km²
63604SeogwipoJejudo3,2711.692 km²
63603SeogwipoJejudo1,9021.626 km²
63602SeogwipoJejudo1,0724.344 km²
63601SeogwipoJejudo1,1860.478 km²
63600SeogwipoJejudo1,5442.72 km²
63599SeogwipoJejudo2,4364.13 km²
63598SeogwipoJejudo8161.291 km²
63597SeogwipoJejudo1,0640.383 km²
63596SeogwipoJejudo3,1200.71 km²
63595SeogwipoJejudo2,3450.443 km²
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