2,303 Postal Codes in Busan

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area767.4 km²
Population3.0 million (More Details)
Male Population1,486,509 (49.1%)
Female Population1,542,843 (50.9%)
Median Age40.2
Postal Codes46000, 46001, 46002 (2,300 more)
Area Code51

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
46000 - 46027, 46042 - 46084Gijang69
46200 - 49528Busan1,913

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2,303 Postal Codes in Busan

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
46000GijangBusan8741.811 km²
46001GijangBusan1,3336.3 km²
46002GijangBusan2,01014.7 km²
46003GijangBusan1266.3 km²
46004GijangBusan9313.531 km²
46005GijangBusan2390.678 km²
46006GijangBusan1,2612.685 km²
46007GijangBusan3300.139 km²
46008GijangBusan1,0110.38 km²
46009GijangBusan4400.174 km²
46010GijangBusan9570.192 km²
46011GijangBusan4910.138 km²
46012GijangBusan4960.108 km²
46013GijangBusan4250.202 km²
46014GijangBusan5780.166 km²
46015GijangBusan8640.268 km²
46016GijangBusan7950.232 km²
46017GijangBusan5650.151 km²
46018GijangBusan1,7622.697 km²
46019GijangBusan6491.069 km²
46020GijangBusan3,9914.485 km²
46021GijangBusan6510.22 km²
46022GijangBusan7990.245 km²
46023GijangBusan5860.218 km²
46024GijangBusan8280.218 km²
46025GijangBusan8500.187 km²
46026GijangBusan3,8312.464 km²
46027GijangBusan5,1282.977 km²
46028Busan2,35415.9 km²
46029Busan2,78513 km²
46030Busan4543.557 km²
46031Busan1,2825.7 km²
46032Busan5990.815 km²
46033Busan2,6631.657 km²
46034Busan3,9882.711 km²
46035Busan1,2801.71 km²
46036Busan6,2662.562 km²
46037Busan1,2761.231 km²
46038Busan1,3652.142 km²
46039Busan1,1441.682 km²
46040Busan1,9972.165 km²
46041Busan3,5885.1 km²
46042GijangBusan6780.238 km²
46043GijangBusan5230.154 km²
46044GijangBusan2,0371.573 km²
46045GijangBusan7311.11 km²
46046Busan17012.2 km²
46047Busan1,6387.1 km²
46048GijangBusan1,3244.419 km²
46049GijangBusan1,04314.5 km²
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Busan Demographic Information

Population3.0 million
Population Density3,947 / km²
Male Population1,486,509 (49.1%)
Female Population1,542,843 (50.9%)
Median Age40.2
Male Median Age38.6
Female Median Age41.8
Businesses in Busan34,538
Population (1975)3,092,411
Population (2000)3,320,719
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -8.8%


Busan (부산 or 釜山(Korean pronunciation: [pusʰan]), officially Busan Metropolitan City), romanized as Pusan before 2000, is South Korea's second largest city after Seoul, with a population of approximately 3.6 million. The population of the metropolitan..  ︎  Busan Wikipedia Page