2,303 Postal Codes in Busan

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area767.4 km²
Population3.0 million (More Details)
Male Population1,486,509 (49.1%)
Female Population1,542,843 (50.9%)
Median Age40.2
Postal Codes46953, 46954, 46955 (2,300 more)
Area Code51

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
46000 - 46027, 46042 - 46084Gijang69
46200 - 49528Busan1,913

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2,303 Postal Codes in Busan

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
46953BusanBusan4,12750,933 m²
46954BusanBusan6,25237,878 m²
46955BusanBusan1,04441,296 m²
46956BusanBusan5,25256,118 m²
46957BusanBusan1,1060.172 km²
46958BusanBusan3,0922.051 km²
46959BusanBusan7020.148 km²
46960BusanBusan2,04718,987 m²
46961BusanBusan97453,100 m²
46962BusanBusan1,5460.109 km²
46963BusanBusan2,09474,284 m²
46964BusanBusan2,09152,757 m²
46965BusanBusan97467,346 m²
46966BusanBusan1,02549,486 m²
46967BusanBusan3,44348,354 m²
46968BusanBusan4,08233,053 m²
46969BusanBusan4,17051,926 m²
46970BusanBusan1,6820.108 km²
46971BusanBusan1,84789,570 m²
46972BusanBusan2,07468,538 m²
46973BusanBusan1,04753,718 m²
46974BusanBusan1,02353,240 m²
46975BusanBusan1,7680.112 km²
46976BusanBusan1,03780,357 m²
46977BusanBusan1,9930.131 km²
46978BusanBusan1,5920.113 km²
46979BusanBusan1,0420.124 km²
46980BusanBusan1,04968,357 m²
46981BusanBusan3,1310.108 km²
46982BusanBusan95373,690 m²
46983BusanBusan1,55691,940 m²
46984BusanBusan1,04095,849 m²
46985BusanBusan2,0390.126 km²
46986BusanBusan2,0920.155 km²
46987BusanBusan2,0940.157 km²
46988BusanBusan2,09590,325 m²
46989BusanBusan3,1210.16 km²
46990BusanBusan8650.139 km²
46991BusanBusan2710.302 km²
46992BusanBusan83097,245 m²
46993BusanBusan1,7260.431 km²
46994BusanBusan1,2140.421 km²
46995BusanBusan1,86799,901 m²
46996BusanBusan6000.885 km²
46997BusanBusan2,0610.19 km²
46998BusanBusan5,82635,997 m²
46999BusanBusan97052,581 m²
47000BusanBusan85634,345 m²
47001BusanBusan2,0860.184 km²
47002BusanBusan1,03764,308 m²
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Busan Demographic Information

Population3.0 million
Population Density3,947 / km²
Male Population1,486,509 (49.1%)
Female Population1,542,843 (50.9%)
Median Age40.2
Male Median Age38.6
Female Median Age41.8
Businesses in Busan34,538
Population (1975)3,092,411
Population (2000)3,320,719
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -8.8%


Busan (부산 or 釜山(Korean pronunciation: [pusʰan]), officially Busan Metropolitan City), romanized as Pusan before 2000, is South Korea's second largest city after Seoul, with a population of approximately 3.6 million. The population of the metropolitan..  ︎  Busan Wikipedia Page