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TimezoneKorean Time
Area539.9 km²
Population1.6 million (More Details)
Male Population802,768 (50%)
Female Population801,793 (50%)
Median Age35.9
Postal Codes30089, 32800, 32801 (1,148 more)
Area Code42

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
34106 - 35428Daejeon1,029

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1,151 Postal Codes in Daejeon

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
30089SonggangdongDaejeon15510.2 km²
32800DaejeonDaejeon11,49021.1 km²
32801DaejeonDaejeon6,7526.7 km²
32802DaejeonDaejeon7247,258 m²
32803DaejeonDaejeon5140.112 km²
32804DaejeonDaejeon71951,989 m²
32805DaejeonDaejeon96051,811 m²
32806DaejeonDaejeon76961,405 m²
32807DaejeonDaejeon20426,606 m²
32808DaejeonDaejeon59390,044 m²
32809DaejeonDaejeon2,59535,965 m²
32810DaejeonDaejeon94450,743 m²
32811DaejeonDaejeon57560,609 m²
32812DaejeonDaejeon96384,175 m²
32813DaejeonDaejeon1,2400.186 km²
32814DaejeonDaejeon3430.155 km²
32815DaejeonDaejeon5461.375 km²
32816DaejeonDaejeon1984.128 km²
32817DaejeonDaejeon6675.5 km²
32818DaejeonDaejeon5731.539 km²
32819DaejeonDaejeon5580.412 km²
32820DaejeonDaejeon1,92944,396 m²
32821DaejeonDaejeon96481,168 m²
32822DaejeonDaejeon2,11658,523 m²
32823DaejeonDaejeon1,4800.622 km²
32824DaejeonDaejeon1,3230.424 km²
32825DaejeonDaejeon1,3050.412 km²
32826DaejeonDaejeon6210.141 km²
32827DaejeonDaejeon1,3690.142 km²
32828DaejeonDaejeon38768,880 m²
32829DaejeonDaejeon1,4470.97 km²
32830DaejeonDaejeon1,3502.353 km²
32831DaejeonDaejeon9004.777 km²
32832DaejeonDaejeon1,2640.307 km²
32833DaejeonDaejeon1,68943,367 m²
32834DaejeonDaejeon3900.172 km²
32835DaejeonDaejeon1,8000.426 km²
32836DaejeonDaejeon7290.862 km²
32837DaejeonDaejeon1,1600.153 km²
32838DaejeonDaejeon4100.287 km²
32839DaejeonDaejeon1,9030.71 km²
32840DaejeonDaejeon3,2880.994 km²
32841DaejeonDaejeon2,7881.179 km²
32842DaejeonDaejeon3313.801 km²
34000Daejeon2,20610.1 km²
34001Daejeon1,3434.829 km²
34002SonggangdongDaejeon7167.8 km²
34003Daejeon4,0401.553 km²
34004SonggangdongDaejeon3691.037 km²
34005SonggangdongDaejeon1,5000.781 km²
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Daejeon Demographic Information

Population1.6 million
Population Density2,972 / km²
Male Population802,768 (50%)
Female Population801,793 (50%)
Median Age35.9
Male Median Age34.8
Female Median Age37
Businesses in Daejeon27,486
Population (1975)937,448
Population (2000)1,370,962
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +71.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +17%


Daejeon (Korean: [tɛdʑʌn]) is South Korea's fifth-largest metropolis. Daejeon had a population of over 1.5 million in 2010. Located in the center of South Korea, Daejeon serves as a hub of transportation and is at the crossroads of major transport ro..  ︎  Daejeon Wikipedia Page