Gangwon Province (South Korea)
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1,804 Postal Codes in Gangwon Province (South Korea)

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area2,069 km²
Population1.5 million (More Details)
Male Population732,162 (50.2%)
Female Population726,164 (49.8%)
Median Age40.8
Postal Codes24000, 24001, 24002 (1,801 more)
Area Code33

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
24100 - 24161Hwacheon County62
24200 - 24471Chuncheon271
24500 - 24504, 24512 - 24564Yanggu County, Gangwon55
24601 - 24668Inje County61
24700 - 24769Goseong County, Gangwon60
24800 - 24904Sokcho103
25000 - 25061Yangyang County62
25100 - 25169Hongcheon County70
25210 - 25243Hoengseong County35
25400 - 25646Gangneung247
25748 - 25822Donghae City83
25907 - 25937Samcheok31
26000 - 26053Taebaek54
26207 - 26220, 26245 - 26247Neietsu17
26300 - 26509Wonju209

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1,804 Postal Codes in Gangwon Province (South Korea)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
24000Gangwon Province (South Korea)66535.8 km²
24001Gangwon Province (South Korea)46131.2 km²
24002Gangwon Province (South Korea)28817.7 km²
24003Gangwon Province (South Korea)2992.889 km²
24004Gangwon Province (South Korea)3961.706 km²
24005Gangwon Province (South Korea)5210.738 km²
24006Gangwon Province (South Korea)3820.437 km²
24007Gangwon Province (South Korea)1250.106 km²
24008Gangwon Province (South Korea)2370.121 km²
24009Gangwon Province (South Korea)96370.3 km²
24010Gangwon Province (South Korea)2,07812.3 km²
24011Gangwon Province (South Korea)10378,324 m²
24012Gangwon Province (South Korea)10966,395 m²
24013Gangwon Province (South Korea)4302.89 km²
24014Gangwon Province (South Korea)11785,282 m²
24015Gangwon Province (South Korea)2230.119 km²
24016Gangwon Province (South Korea)4680.615 km²
24017Gangwon Province (South Korea)3780.185 km²
24018Gangwon Province (South Korea)2190.109 km²
24019Gangwon Province (South Korea)3120.854 km²
24020Gangwon Province (South Korea)5385.2 km²
24021Gangwon Province (South Korea)2000.204 km²
24022Gangwon Province (South Korea)4322.626 km²
24023Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,97110.4 km²
24024Gangwon Province (South Korea)9615.8 km²
24025Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,1447.4 km²
24026Gangwon Province (South Korea)5928.7 km²
24027Gangwon Province (South Korea)5102.166 km²
24028Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,76037.9 km²
24029Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,40424.6 km²
24030Gangwon Province (South Korea)52823.4 km²
24031Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,66211.2 km²
24032Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,1975.3 km²
24033Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,1497.7 km²
24034Gangwon Province (South Korea)7691.362 km²
24036Gangwon Province (South Korea)1110.472 km²
24037Gangwon Province (South Korea)1520.17 km²
24038Gangwon Province (South Korea)5773,827 m²
24039Gangwon Province (South Korea)31757,264 m²
24040Gangwon Province (South Korea)9519,464 m²
24041Gangwon Province (South Korea)23347,978 m²
24042Gangwon Province (South Korea)33731,911 m²
24043Gangwon Province (South Korea)11742,342 m²
24044Gangwon Province (South Korea)10434,802 m²
24045Gangwon Province (South Korea)15494,911 m²
24046Gangwon Province (South Korea)1,0555.2 km²
24047Gangwon Province (South Korea)74413.1 km²
24048Gangwon Province (South Korea)10546,365 m²
24049Gangwon Province (South Korea)7264,190 m²
24050Gangwon Province (South Korea)43379,575 m²
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Gangwon Province (South Korea) Demographic Information

Population1.5 million
Population Density704.8 / km²
Male Population732,162 (50.2%)
Female Population726,164 (49.8%)
Median Age40.8
Male Median Age39
Female Median Age42.7
Businesses in Gangwon Province (South Korea)41,126
Population (1975)1,177,474
Population (2000)1,472,891
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +23.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -1%

Gangwon Province (South Korea)

-do is a province of South Korea, with its capital at Chuncheon. Before the division of Korea in 1945, Gangwon and its North Korean neighbour Kangwŏn formed a single province. 2010 actor So Ji-sub was appointed a goodwill ambassador for tourism for..  ︎  Gangwon Province (South Korea) Wikipedia Page