129 Postal Codes in Naju

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area603.9 km²
Population5,557 (More Details)
Male Population2,642 (47.5%)
Female Population2,915 (52.5%)
Median Age49.3
Postal Codes58200, 58201, 58202 (126 more)

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129 Postal Codes in Naju, South Jeolla Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
58200NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,2949.6 km²
58201NajuSouth Jeolla Province12110.6 km²
58202NajuSouth Jeolla Province19615.4 km²
58203NajuSouth Jeolla Province78212.2 km²
58204NajuSouth Jeolla Province4567.2 km²
58205NajuSouth Jeolla Province91213.2 km²
58206NajuSouth Jeolla Province1753.623 km²
58207NajuSouth Jeolla Province4943.16 km²
58208NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,5356.9 km²
58209NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,1296.5 km²
58210NajuSouth Jeolla Province5419.1 km²
58211NajuSouth Jeolla Province2,74810 km²
58212NajuSouth Jeolla Province2,7313.929 km²
58213NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,7577.2 km²
58214NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,0482.58 km²
58215NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,2033.227 km²
58216NajuSouth Jeolla Province6333.517 km²
58217NajuSouth Jeolla Province1210.459 km²
58218NajuSouth Jeolla Province2592.286 km²
58219NajuSouth Jeolla Province1643.13 km²
58220NajuSouth Jeolla Province4303.84 km²
58221NajuSouth Jeolla Province941.401 km²
58222NajuSouth Jeolla Province2,9542.51 km²
58223NajuSouth Jeolla Province2,9813.999 km²
58224NajuSouth Jeolla Province4524.801 km²
58225NajuSouth Jeolla Province12410.5 km²
58226NajuSouth Jeolla Province7324.556 km²
58227NajuSouth Jeolla Province2,2801.914 km²
58228NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,8022.942 km²
58229NajuSouth Jeolla Province2884.591 km²
58230NajuSouth Jeolla Province1464.607 km²
58231NajuSouth Jeolla Province8739.4 km²
58232NajuSouth Jeolla Province7167.5 km²
58233NajuSouth Jeolla Province62210.2 km²
58234NajuSouth Jeolla Province787.4 km²
58235NajuSouth Jeolla Province3195.6 km²
58236NajuSouth Jeolla Province1192.255 km²
58237NajuSouth Jeolla Province2686 km²
58238NajuSouth Jeolla Province2734.878 km²
58239NajuSouth Jeolla Province171.075 km²
58240NajuSouth Jeolla Province712.542 km²
58241NajuSouth Jeolla Province591.113 km²
58242NajuSouth Jeolla Province6252.537 km²
58243NajuSouth Jeolla Province7772.189 km²
58244NajuSouth Jeolla Province2630.131 km²
58245NajuSouth Jeolla Province6140.756 km²
58246NajuSouth Jeolla Province2780.994 km²
58247NajuSouth Jeolla Province913.945 km²
58248NajuSouth Jeolla Province6240.189 km²
58249NajuSouth Jeolla Province3530.13 km²
58250NajuSouth Jeolla Province13747,531 m²
58251NajuSouth Jeolla Province5310.154 km²
58252NajuSouth Jeolla Province4760.604 km²
58253NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,1164.41 km²
58254NajuSouth Jeolla Province5710.333 km²
58255NajuSouth Jeolla Province4920.162 km²
58256NajuSouth Jeolla Province23963,284 m²
58257NajuSouth Jeolla Province4890.202 km²
58258NajuSouth Jeolla Province8000.261 km²
58259NajuSouth Jeolla Province4720.173 km²
58260NajuSouth Jeolla Province6010.32 km²
58261NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,7951.085 km²
58262NajuSouth Jeolla Province3080.107 km²
58263NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,30310.3 km²
58264NajuSouth Jeolla Province9171.514 km²
58265NajuSouth Jeolla Province2830.303 km²
58266NajuSouth Jeolla Province3860.179 km²
58267NajuSouth Jeolla Province4560.225 km²
58268NajuSouth Jeolla Province3080.224 km²
58269NajuSouth Jeolla Province3249.2 km²
58270NajuSouth Jeolla Province3990.346 km²
58271NajuSouth Jeolla Province3452.261 km²
58272NajuSouth Jeolla Province6791.178 km²
58273NajuSouth Jeolla Province4792.258 km²
58274NajuSouth Jeolla Province6850.275 km²
58275NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,3394.717 km²
58276NajuSouth Jeolla Province5681.664 km²
58277NajuSouth Jeolla Province2,4493.643 km²
58278NajuSouth Jeolla Province721.931 km²
58279NajuSouth Jeolla Province46912.6 km²
58280NajuSouth Jeolla Province8787.8 km²
58281NajuSouth Jeolla Province621.38 km²
58282NajuSouth Jeolla Province2515.6 km²
58283NajuSouth Jeolla Province2205.7 km²
58284NajuSouth Jeolla Province680.659 km²
58285NajuSouth Jeolla Province371.925 km²
58286NajuSouth Jeolla Province1,8126.2 km²
58287NajuSouth Jeolla Province3816.9 km²
58288NajuSouth Jeolla Province28511.2 km²
58289NajuSouth Jeolla Province55514 km²
58290NajuSouth Jeolla Province6345.7 km²
58291NajuSouth Jeolla Province3146.5 km²
58292NajuSouth Jeolla Province6426.7 km²
58293NajuSouth Jeolla Province536.3 km²
58296NajuSouth Jeolla Province6489.6 km²
58297NajuSouth Jeolla Province2615.1 km²
58298NajuSouth Jeolla Province2514.564 km²
58299NajuSouth Jeolla Province2737.5 km²
58300NajuSouth Jeolla Province4947 km²
58301NajuSouth Jeolla Province1385.3 km²
58302NajuSouth Jeolla Province4764.066 km²
58303NajuSouth Jeolla Province2726.1 km²
58304NajuSouth Jeolla Province3222.413 km²
58305NajuSouth Jeolla Province7928 km²
58306NajuSouth Jeolla Province2824.856 km²
58307NajuSouth Jeolla Province5638.5 km²
58308NajuSouth Jeolla Province633.51 km²
58309NajuSouth Jeolla Province4772.615 km²
58310NajuSouth Jeolla Province963.441 km²
58311NajuSouth Jeolla Province1045 km²
58312NajuSouth Jeolla Province1442.938 km²
58313NajuSouth Jeolla Province1025.4 km²
58314NajuSouth Jeolla Province19914.4 km²
58315NajuSouth Jeolla Province1701.808 km²
58316NajuSouth Jeolla Province6617.1 km²
58317NajuSouth Jeolla Province1475.4 km²
58318NajuSouth Jeolla Province4774.069 km²
58319NajuSouth Jeolla Province38716.2 km²
58320NajuSouth Jeolla Province26636.6 km²
58321NajuSouth Jeolla Province1380.725 km²
58322NajuSouth Jeolla Province1880.613 km²
58323NajuSouth Jeolla Province1400.805 km²
58324NajuSouth Jeolla Province340.476 km²
58325NajuSouth Jeolla Province930.795 km²
58326NajuSouth Jeolla Province3160.507 km²
58327NajuSouth Jeolla Province1110.821 km²
58328NajuSouth Jeolla Province590.596 km²
58329NajuSouth Jeolla Province1761.152 km²
58330NajuSouth Jeolla Province1151.901 km²

Naju, South Jeolla Province Demographic Information

Population Density9.2 / km²
Male Population2,642 (47.5%)
Female Population2,915 (52.5%)
Median Age49.3
Male Median Age45.5
Female Median Age52.8
Businesses in Naju, South Jeolla Province2,902
Population (1975)17,755
Population (2000)9,409
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -68.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -40.9%


Naju is a city in South Jeolla Province, South Korea. capital of South Jeolla was located at Naju until it was moved to Gwangju in 1895. The name Jeolla actually originates from the first character of Jeonju (전, 全) and the first character of Naju (나..  ︎  Naju Wikipedia Page