North Chungcheong Province
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1,523 Postal Codes in North Chungcheong Province

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area733 km²
Population1.5 million (More Details)
Male Population768,682 (50%)
Female Population767,423 (50%)
Median Age38.9
Postal Codes27000, 27001, 27002 (1,520 more)
Area Code43

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
27100 - 27226Jecheon127
27324 - 27445, 27475 - 27489Chungju132
27814 - 27820, 27829 - 27849Jincheon County19
27906 - 27950Jeungpyeong County46
28016 - 28019, 28023 - 28038Goesan County16
29000 - 29064Okcheon County65
29137 - 29139, 29144 - 29149Yŏng-dong9

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1,523 Postal Codes in North Chungcheong Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
27000North Chungcheong Province1,13232.9 km²
27001North Chungcheong Province24512 km²
27002North Chungcheong Province2,29130.2 km²
27003North Chungcheong Province2,2815.8 km²
27004North Chungcheong Province3840.467 km²
27005North Chungcheong Province4500.346 km²
27006North Chungcheong Province5692.222 km²
27007North Chungcheong Province2,02011.6 km²
27008North Chungcheong Province5,17318.8 km²
27009North Chungcheong Province3218.2 km²
27010North Chungcheong Province1,0742.14 km²
27011North Chungcheong Province4160.409 km²
27012North Chungcheong Province6130.779 km²
27013North Chungcheong Province5561.016 km²
27014North Chungcheong Province65636.6 km²
27015North Chungcheong Province54938.3 km²
27016North Chungcheong Province26535.5 km²
27017North Chungcheong Province28147.6 km²
27018North Chungcheong Province86824.9 km²
27019North Chungcheong Province30355.5 km²
27020North Chungcheong Province28753.9 km²
27021North Chungcheong Province45316.7 km²
27022North Chungcheong Province11729.8 km²
27023North Chungcheong Province6842.9 km²
27024North Chungcheong Province31252.8 km²
27025North Chungcheong Province64327.6 km²
27026North Chungcheong Province10241.2 km²
27027North Chungcheong Province2,07442.8 km²
27028North Chungcheong Province42057.4 km²
27029North Chungcheong Province6449.9 km²
27100JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province20519.5 km²
27101JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province7324.9 km²
27102JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province51129.6 km²
27103JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,11023.6 km²
27104JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,20115.9 km²
27105JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,40520.9 km²
27106JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province18613.5 km²
27107JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province6689.9 km²
27108JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province51121.6 km²
27109JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,36515.6 km²
27110JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province26111.8 km²
27111JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province81816.6 km²
27112JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,7226.2 km²
27113JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,1013.312 km²
27114JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,2962.543 km²
27115JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,5432.543 km²
27116JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province3,0723.108 km²
27117JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province1,98110.1 km²
27118JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province52316.3 km²
27119JecheonNorth Chungcheong Province83813.5 km²
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North Chungcheong Province Demographic Information

Population1.5 million
Population Density2,095 / km²
Male Population768,682 (50%)
Female Population767,423 (50%)
Median Age38.9
Male Median Age37.4
Female Median Age40.5
Businesses in North Chungcheong Province30,252
Population (1975)1,106,313
Population (2000)1,465,466
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +38.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +4.8%

North Chungcheong Province

North Chungcheong Province, or Chungcheongbuk-do, is a province in the centre of South Korea. It was formed in 1896 from the northeastern half of the former Chungcheong province. The provincial capital is Cheongju.   ︎  North Chungcheong Province Wikipedia Page