88 Postal Codes in Reisui

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area2.769 km²
Population6,003 (More Details)
Male Population3,005 (50%)
Female Population2,998 (49.9%)
Median Age40.5
Postal Codes59618, 59619, 59620 (85 more)

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88 Postal Codes in Reisui, South Jeolla Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
59618ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province10,4119.6 km²
59619ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,31021.4 km²
59620ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province4361.052 km²
59621ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,4326.3 km²
59622ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2331.638 km²
59623ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province4993.659 km²
59624ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province7480.814 km²
59629ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,0950.266 km²
59630ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,3220.793 km²
59698ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province45578,865 m²
59699ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province8990.459 km²
59700ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province4340.15 km²
59701ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,27567,858 m²
59706ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province45360,930 m²
59707ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province37855,031 m²
59708ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province42043,323 m²
59709ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province40753,094 m²
59710ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province28160,082 m²
59711ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province6980.128 km²
59712ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,24881,691 m²
59713ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,14597,532 m²
59714ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,0860.175 km²
59715ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,4271.381 km²
59716ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province4670.252 km²
59717ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,1640.543 km²
59718ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province6130.36 km²
59719ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2460.326 km²
59720ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province6550.529 km²
59721ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province6421.237 km²
59722ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province7171.851 km²
59723ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,6343.145 km²
59724ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province7980.198 km²
59725ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3360.138 km²
59726ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,0780.468 km²
59727ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province8060.331 km²
59728ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,1170.561 km²
59729ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province7140.187 km²
59730ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province52374,323 m²
59731ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province97760,656 m²
59732ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province53526,753 m²
59733ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,94468,303 m²
59734ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,15443,019 m²
59735ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province89374,254 m²
59736ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,77345,749 m²
59737ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province37089,944 m²
59738ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,85865,185 m²
59739ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province6800.108 km²
59740ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province36039,930 m²
59741ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province84060,862 m²
59742ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province8650.195 km²
59743ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province84368,654 m²
59744ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,1360.218 km²
59745ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province5040.205 km²
59746ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province5430.259 km²
59747ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,1722.912 km²
59748ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province600.272 km²
59749ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province7080.835 km²
59750ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,72256,628 m²
59751ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province91772,025 m²
59752ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province90870,684 m²
59753ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,1290.312 km²
59754ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,5200.283 km²
59755ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3900.107 km²
59756ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3110.209 km²
59757ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,4730.177 km²
59758ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province5370.153 km²
59759ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3470.291 km²
59760ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,6200.616 km²
59761ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2,0010.346 km²
59762ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province9290.149 km²
59763ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,4790.129 km²
59764ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province7830.198 km²
59765ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province78873,294 m²
59766ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3863.054 km²
59767ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province4622.122 km²
59768ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1750.446 km²
59769ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,9491.57 km²
59770ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3543.141 km²
59771ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2685.1 km²
59772ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2176.7 km²
59773ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province2326.5 km²
59774ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1652.593 km²
59775ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province63410.6 km²
59776ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province6588.2 km²
59777ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province1,83817.5 km²
59778ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province5317.1 km²
59784ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province3083.884 km²
59791ReisuiSouth Jeolla Province40.353 km²

Reisui, South Jeolla Province Demographic Information

Population Density2,168 / km²
Male Population3,005 (50%)
Female Population2,998 (49.9%)
Median Age40.5
Male Median Age38.9
Female Median Age42.1
Businesses in Reisui, South Jeolla Province19
Population (1975)9,657
Population (2000)7,439
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -37.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -19.3%