South Gyeongsang Province
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2,320 Postal Codes in South Gyeongsang Province

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area1,033 km²
Population3.1 million (More Details)
Male Population1,556,281 (50.1%)
Female Population1,551,290 (49.9%)
Median Age39
Postal Codes44968, 50000, 50001 (2,317 more)
Area Code55

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
50005 - 50057Hamyang County45
50100 - 50153Geochang County54
50300 - 50367Changnyeong County68
50400 - 50409, 50419 - 50460Miryang48
50465 - 50467Samnangjin2
50510 - 50556Ungsang48
50568 - 50578, 50591 - 50654Yangsan70
50800 - 51025Gimhae224
51100 - 51797Changwon698
52000 - 52003, 52009 - 52013Masan10
52027 - 52029Naesŏ5
52036 - 52050Haman County13
52411 - 52430Namhae County21
52509 - 52535Sacheon25
52600 - 52859Jinju260
53081 - 53083Tang-dong3
53211 - 53233, 53301 - 53326Okp’o-dong46
53273 - 53286, 53330 - 53334Geoje18

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2,320 Postal Codes in South Gyeongsang Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
44968UngsangSouth Gyeongsang Province5,6138 km²
50000South Gyeongsang Province51131.3 km²
50001South Gyeongsang Province58618.1 km²
50002South Gyeongsang Province67533.6 km²
50003South Gyeongsang Province89236.4 km²
50004South Gyeongsang Province78940.7 km²
50005Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province1,05054 km²
50006Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province42213.9 km²
50007Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province1,67825.2 km²
50008Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province2801.322 km²
50009Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province2600.155 km²
50010Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province8921.218 km²
50011Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province4660.267 km²
50012Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province4130.21 km²
50013Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province961.633 km²
50014Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province33312.1 km²
50015South Gyeongsang Province2568.3 km²
50016South Gyeongsang Province1,11721.3 km²
50017South Gyeongsang Province1,3438.2 km²
50018Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province55418.7 km²
50019Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province4437.7 km²
50020Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province3753.444 km²
50021South Gyeongsang Province1,3402.857 km²
50022South Gyeongsang Province1,6658.2 km²
50023Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province1,6305.6 km²
50024Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province8825.5 km²
50025South Gyeongsang Province22716.7 km²
50026South Gyeongsang Province14729.6 km²
50027South Gyeongsang Province1,21838 km²
50028Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province17222.5 km²
50029Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province56918.5 km²
50030Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province38524.8 km²
50031Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province8452.066 km²
50032Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province3220.175 km²
50033Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province4760.195 km²
50034Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province4370.122 km²
50035Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province1630.132 km²
50036Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province24851,957 m²
50037Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province30048,404 m²
50038Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province28639,427 m²
50039Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province32178,730 m²
50040Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province45438,302 m²
50041Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province40634,985 m²
50042Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province50998,760 m²
50043Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province4660.698 km²
50044Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province5990.98 km²
50045Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province36864,572 m²
50046Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province39999,538 m²
50047Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province5251.324 km²
50048Hamyang CountySouth Gyeongsang Province3550.115 km²
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South Gyeongsang Province Demographic Information

Population3.1 million
Population Density3,008 / km²
Male Population1,556,281 (50.1%)
Female Population1,551,290 (49.9%)
Median Age39
Male Median Age37.4
Female Median Age40.7
Businesses in South Gyeongsang Province43,367
Population (1975)2,115,791
Population (2000)2,827,503
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +46.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +9.9%

South Gyeongsang Province

Gyeongsang Province (Korean: 경상남도; Gyeongsangnam-do) is a province in the southeast of South Korea. The provincial capital is at Changwon. It is adjacent to the major metropolitan center and port of Busan. There is UNESCO World Heritage Site Haeins..  ︎  South Gyeongsang Province Wikipedia Page