South Jeolla Province
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2,600 Postal Codes in South Jeolla Province

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area1,247 km²
Population1.4 million (More Details)
Male Population696,990 (48.9%)
Female Population727,196 (51.1%)
Median Age43.6
Postal Codes52327, 55786, 57000 (2,597 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
57022 - 57024, 57031 - 57056Reiko24
57300 - 57392Damyang County82
57525 - 57544Gokseong County18
57600 - 57662Gurye County63
57714 - 57724, 57766 - 57817Kwangyang61
57917 - 58033Suncheon121
58101 - 58141Hwasun County38
58200 - 58330Naju129
58400 - 58467Yeongam County68
58912 - 58934Jindo County23
59006 - 59012, 59017 - 59067Haenam County55
59200 - 59267Gangjin County68
59300 - 59345Jangheung County50
59413 - 59431Beolgyo19
59506 - 59552Goheung County47
59604 - 59617, 59625 - 59705Yeosu83
59706 - 59791Reisui88
61098 - 62078Boseong County728

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2,600 Postal Codes in South Jeolla Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
52327South Jeolla Province960.132 km²
55786Gokseong CountySouth Jeolla Province3,3807.7 km²
57000South Jeolla Province2951.229 km²
57001South Jeolla Province2,6764.835 km²
57002South Jeolla Province5374.807 km²
57003South Jeolla Province4264.253 km²
57004South Jeolla Province5291.061 km²
57005South Jeolla Province1820.569 km²
57006South Jeolla Province3690.723 km²
57009South Jeolla Province4651.996 km²
57010South Jeolla Province1631.204 km²
57011South Jeolla Province2890.297 km²
57013South Jeolla Province4040.253 km²
57015South Jeolla Province5773.042 km²
57016South Jeolla Province995.3 km²
57017South Jeolla Province2017.6 km²
57018South Jeolla Province3069.6 km²
57019South Jeolla Province1452.898 km²
57020South Jeolla Province333.313 km²
57021South Jeolla Province87815.2 km²
57022ReikoSouth Jeolla Province1,43116.5 km²
57023South Jeolla Province5847.8 km²
57024ReikoSouth Jeolla Province2013.085 km²
57025South Jeolla Province42021.5 km²
57026South Jeolla Province32716.2 km²
57027South Jeolla Province2637.3 km²
57028South Jeolla Province3109.5 km²
57029South Jeolla Province76613.8 km²
57030South Jeolla Province3,27218.3 km²
57031ReikoSouth Jeolla Province1,1766.8 km²
57032South Jeolla Province4408.7 km²
57033ReikoSouth Jeolla Province7125.5 km²
57034ReikoSouth Jeolla Province3835.3 km²
57035ReikoSouth Jeolla Province1,2493.664 km²
57036ReikoSouth Jeolla Province1,3811.138 km²
57037ReikoSouth Jeolla Province8110.941 km²
57038ReikoSouth Jeolla Province4500.817 km²
57039ReikoSouth Jeolla Province4300.451 km²
57040ReikoSouth Jeolla Province36989,475 m²
57041ReikoSouth Jeolla Province7030.161 km²
57042ReikoSouth Jeolla Province49885,108 m²
57043ReikoSouth Jeolla Province27176,205 m²
57044ReikoSouth Jeolla Province4810.128 km²
57045ReikoSouth Jeolla Province8960.316 km²
57046ReikoSouth Jeolla Province2500.135 km²
57047ReikoSouth Jeolla Province3040.158 km²
57048ReikoSouth Jeolla Province3920.359 km²
57049ReikoSouth Jeolla Province1,0410.936 km²
57050ReikoSouth Jeolla Province5932.203 km²
57051ReikoSouth Jeolla Province1,4204.371 km²
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South Jeolla Province Demographic Information

Population1.4 million
Population Density1,142 / km²
Male Population696,990 (48.9%)
Female Population727,196 (51.1%)
Median Age43.6
Male Median Age41.1
Female Median Age46
Businesses in South Jeolla Province17,589
Population (1975)2,085,990
Population (2000)1,757,908
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -31.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -19%

South Jeolla Province

Jeolla Province or Jeollanam-do is a province in the southwest of South Korea. The province was formed in 1896 from the southern half of the former Jeolla province, remained a province of Korea until the country's division in 1945, then became part..  ︎  South Jeolla Province Wikipedia Page