83 Postal Codes in Yeosu

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TimezoneKorean Time
Area503.3 km²
Population Density587.2 / km²
Postal Codes59600, 59601, 59604 (80 more)

83 Postal Codes in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
59600YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2625.1 km²
59601YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8184.767 km²
59604YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,1544.32 km²
59605YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,1487 km²
59606YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,8673.048 km²
59609YeosuSouth Jeolla Province3,29513 km²
59610YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8,0965.3 km²
59611YeosuSouth Jeolla Province24,8955.3 km²
59612YeosuSouth Jeolla Province10,0011.815 km²
59613YeosuSouth Jeolla Province9,9864.606 km²
59614YeosuSouth Jeolla Province28,15712 km²
59615YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,7785.6 km²
59616YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7,4183.779 km²
59617YeosuSouth Jeolla Province74611.5 km²
59625YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8351.359 km²
59626YeosuSouth Jeolla Province3580.32 km²
59627YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2390.263 km²
59628YeosuSouth Jeolla Province4600.106 km²
59631YeosuSouth Jeolla Province4,4317.3 km²
59632YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,2362.045 km²
59633YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2,6953.153 km²
59634YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7070.333 km²
59635YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2,1474.507 km²
59636YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2340.216 km²
59637YeosuSouth Jeolla Province5590.209 km²
59638YeosuSouth Jeolla Province6910.247 km²
59639YeosuSouth Jeolla Province9320.121 km²
59640YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,5520.207 km²
59641YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,3100.431 km²
59642YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,3850.209 km²
59643YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,0660.419 km²
59644YeosuSouth Jeolla Province6650.305 km²
59645YeosuSouth Jeolla Province5710.276 km²
59646YeosuSouth Jeolla Province21756,366 m²
59647YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2850.169 km²
59649YeosuSouth Jeolla Province3,5096.6 km²
59654YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1706.1 km²
59655YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,0941.773 km²
59656YeosuSouth Jeolla Province3704.493 km²
59657YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2941.953 km²
59660YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7341.216 km²
59661YeosuSouth Jeolla Province9430.225 km²
59662YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,1160.286 km²
59663YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2510.126 km²
59664YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7630.752 km²
59665YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2090.139 km²
59666YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1950.12 km²
59667YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1900.142 km²
59668YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1520.331 km²
59669YeosuSouth Jeolla Province27585,795 m²
59670YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8982.406 km²
59671YeosuSouth Jeolla Province9840.136 km²
59672YeosuSouth Jeolla Province5150.178 km²
59673YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,0680.197 km²
59674YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8050.255 km²
59675YeosuSouth Jeolla Province4550.109 km²
59676YeosuSouth Jeolla Province6450.162 km²
59677YeosuSouth Jeolla Province40686,912 m²
59678YeosuSouth Jeolla Province43888,296 m²
59679YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8570.119 km²
59680YeosuSouth Jeolla Province4040.108 km²
59681YeosuSouth Jeolla Province67594,057 m²
59682YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2260.167 km²
59683YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7201.446 km²
59684YeosuSouth Jeolla Province6120.13 km²
59685YeosuSouth Jeolla Province3780.116 km²
59686YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,00579,523 m²
59687YeosuSouth Jeolla Province89167,206 m²
59688YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2,09562,945 m²
59689YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,0700.153 km²
59690YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,0620.483 km²
59691YeosuSouth Jeolla Province4980.989 km²
59692YeosuSouth Jeolla Province4010.652 km²
59693YeosuSouth Jeolla Province2201.142 km²
59694YeosuSouth Jeolla Province5641.041 km²
59695YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7320.679 km²
59696YeosuSouth Jeolla Province8270.564 km²
59697YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,8510.282 km²
59702YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7970.379 km²
59703YeosuSouth Jeolla Province1,1110.726 km²
59704YeosuSouth Jeolla Province7720.212 km²
59705YeosuSouth Jeolla Province5740.41 km²
59792YeosuSouth Jeolla Province240.389 km²


Yeosu (Yeosu-si) is a city located in the Southern coast of Korea in South Jeolla Province, South Korea and comprises the Old Yeosu City, founded in 1949, Yeocheon City, founded in 1986, and Yeocheon County which were merged into the current Yeosu ci..  ︎  Yeosu Wikipedia Page