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Postal Code 36270 - Vigo, Galicia (Spain)

Primary CityVigo
Local TimeWednesday 11:47 AM
TimezoneCentral European Summer Time
Coordinates42.2328° / -8.7226°
Related Postal Codes362113621236213362143621536271

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/1/156:43 PM3.383.2 km20,700 m4km SSW of Braga, Portugalusgs.gov
10/24/104:42 PM3.117.7 km10,000 mSpainusgs.gov
2/25/087:29 AM3.558.9 km5,100 mSpainusgs.gov
4/2/065:39 AM3.256 km10,600 mSpainusgs.gov
7/25/041:54 AM3.451.6 km15,600 mSpainusgs.gov
4/5/032:53 AM3.145.5 km10,000 mSpainusgs.gov
12/27/023:55 PM3.122.8 km11,200 mSpainusgs.gov
12/2/023:08 AM3.153.3 kmNoneSpainusgs.gov
3/16/028:27 PM3.396.7 km10,700 mSpainusgs.gov
3/16/028:26 PM3.299.4 km16,500 mSpainusgs.gov

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Primary City

Vigo (/ˈviːɡoʊ/, Galician: [ˈbiɣo], locally: [ˈbiħo, -xo], Spanish: [ˈbiɣo]) is a city on the Atlantic Ocean in the province of Pontevedra, in Galicia, north-west Spain. is the most populous municipality in Galicia, and the 14th in Spain. is in the..  ︎  Vigo Wikipedia Page