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The average area for zip codes in Spain is 46.5 km² with the largest being 13580 in Almodóvar del Campo, Castilla-La Mancha at 1,088.4 km² and the smallest being 33838 in Santo Adriano del Monte, Principality of Asturias at 63 m². In Spain the average population for a postal code is 4,209 with the most populated being zip code 08040 in Barcelona, Catalunya at 181,506. The median age for postal codes in Spain range from 30.3 years old for 52006 in Melilla, Melilla to 73.8 years old for 37749 in Navamorales, Castilla y León.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Population46.5 million
Postal Codes08040, 28042, 28021 (11,442 more)
Area Codes6, 71, 72 (98 more)
Businesses in Spain2,850,101

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
01001 - 01510, 20001 - 20870, 48001 - 48998Basque Country (autonomous community)237
03000 - 03870, 12001 - 12609, 46000 - 46989Valencian Community554
06001 - 06980, 10001 - 10991Extremadura403
07000 - 07870Balearic Islands145
22001 - 22889, 44001 - 44793, 50001 - 50840Aragon677
26001 - 26589La Rioja (Spain)126
28000 - 28991Community of Madrid266
30000 - 30893Region of Murcia164
31001 - 31890Navarre197
33000 - 33996Asturias363
35000 - 35660, 38001 - 38917Canary Islands315
39001 - 39860Cantabria150
51001 - 51080Ceuta8
52000 - 52080Melilla10

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11,445 Postal Codes in Spain

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
08040BarcelonaCatalonia181,5069.9 km²
28042MadridCommunity of Madrid180,06338.5 km²
28021MadridCommunity of Madrid144,06117.2 km²
29004MálagaAndalusia117,30826.1 km²
28023MadridCommunity of Madrid111,98018.4 km²
28041MadridCommunity of Madrid105,0598.3 km²
28043MadridCommunity of Madrid103,3657.6 km²
28051MadridCommunity of Madrid103,24944.6 km²
28022MadridCommunity of Madrid102,49812.2 km²
28806Alcalá de HenaresCommunity of Madrid95,41438 km²
28050MadridCommunity of Madrid92,95810.4 km²
2885092,87614.3 km²
28922AlcorcónCommunity of Madrid89,21721.3 km²
08038BarcelonaCatalonia88,6045.9 km²
11500CádizAndalusia85,580159.1 km²
28034MadridCommunity of Madrid85,1127.2 km²
08940Cornellà de LlobregatCatalonia85,0746.9 km²
28053MadridCommunity of Madrid84,5458 km²
41020SevilleAndalusia83,44433.6 km²
15008A CoruñaGalicia (Spain)83,40115.6 km²
28031MadridCommunity of Madrid82,28214.5 km²
28935MóstolesCommunity of Madrid81,54728.2 km²
28035MadridCommunity of Madrid81,53812.2 km²
0883079,18921.1 km²
33211GijónAsturias78,45318.7 km²
28033MadridCommunity of Madrid78,4066.1 km²
08030BarcelonaCatalonia75,4913.71 km²
11100San Fernando, CádizAndalusia74,95424.6 km²
28030MadridCommunity of Madrid74,8766.9 km²
08191Rubí, BarcelonaCatalonia73,53932.8 km²
41500SevilleAndalusia72,654286.3 km²
28914LeganésCommunity of Madrid71,57021.6 km²
28017MadridCommunity of Madrid70,9285.1 km²
28032MadridCommunity of Madrid69,27910.9 km²
41006SevilleAndalusia69,1256.8 km²
4560069,054113.3 km²
28049MadridCommunity of Madrid67,46661.9 km²
46012ValenciaValencian Community67,07751.1 km²
28045MadridCommunity of Madrid66,4614.991 km²
29640FuengirolaAndalusia66,39110 km²
08035BarcelonaCatalonia65,9008.8 km²
08017BarcelonaCatalonia65,74111.5 km²
43006TarragonaCatalonia65,72517.5 km²
2962065,67519.5 km²
08820El Prat de LlobregatCatalonia65,58533.8 km²
30800LorcaRegion of Murcia65,241216.4 km²
39011Santander, SpainCantabria64,21712.6 km²
0884064,00920.3 km²
08860Garraf (Sitges)Catalonia63,87522 km²
29006MálagaAndalusia63,4248.5 km²
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