80 Postal Codes in Madrid

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area604.3 km²
Population3.2 million (More Details)
Male Population1,491,012 (46.8%)
Female Population1,696,083 (53.2%)
Median Age41.9
Postal Codes28000, 28001, 28002 (77 more)
Area Codes913, 916, 918 (5 more)

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80 Postal Codes in Madrid, Community of Madrid

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
28000MadridCommunity of Madrid
28001MadridCommunity of Madrid17,9591.143 km²
28002MadridCommunity of Madrid44,3022.657 km²
28003MadridCommunity of Madrid33,4432.055 km²
28004MadridCommunity of Madrid19,3381.257 km²
28005MadridCommunity of Madrid45,0133.008 km²
28006MadridCommunity of Madrid27,4031.806 km²
28007MadridCommunity of Madrid40,0412.81 km²
28008MadridCommunity of Madrid26,8842.64 km²
28009MadridCommunity of Madrid28,5902.533 km²
28010MadridCommunity of Madrid20,1711.434 km²
28011MadridCommunity of Madrid58,94917.6 km²
28012MadridCommunity of Madrid17,5291.188 km²
28013MadridCommunity of Madrid14,2550.966 km²
28014MadridCommunity of Madrid18,3821.29 km²
28015MadridCommunity of Madrid21,2511.564 km²
28016MadridCommunity of Madrid37,0492.52 km²
28017MadridCommunity of Madrid70,9285.1 km²
28018MadridCommunity of Madrid40,3893.111 km²
28019MadridCommunity of Madrid55,0623.64 km²
28020MadridCommunity of Madrid27,3571.692 km²
28021MadridCommunity of Madrid144,06117.2 km²
28022MadridCommunity of Madrid102,49812.2 km²
28023MadridCommunity of Madrid111,98018.4 km²
28024MadridCommunity of Madrid50,42111.3 km²
28025MadridCommunity of Madrid53,7033.9 km²
28026MadridCommunity of Madrid46,8883.622 km²
28027MadridCommunity of Madrid58,8184.557 km²
28028MadridCommunity of Madrid37,2432.479 km²
28029MadridCommunity of Madrid55,3274.082 km²
28030MadridCommunity of Madrid74,8766.9 km²
28031MadridCommunity of Madrid82,28214.5 km²
28032MadridCommunity of Madrid69,27910.9 km²
28033MadridCommunity of Madrid78,4066.1 km²
28034MadridCommunity of Madrid85,1127.2 km²
28035MadridCommunity of Madrid81,53812.2 km²
28036MadridCommunity of Madrid35,3272.488 km²
28037MadridCommunity of Madrid59,0203.84 km²
28038MadridCommunity of Madrid49,1713.39 km²
28039MadridCommunity of Madrid43,0142.902 km²
28040MadridCommunity of Madrid63,3428.7 km²
28041MadridCommunity of Madrid105,0598.3 km²
28042MadridCommunity of Madrid180,06338.5 km²
28043MadridCommunity of Madrid103,3657.6 km²
28044MadridCommunity of Madrid62,1654.87 km²
28045MadridCommunity of Madrid66,4614.991 km²
28046MadridCommunity of Madrid20,0281.457 km²
28047MadridCommunity of Madrid52,7394.215 km²
28048MadridCommunity of Madrid20,406149.3 km²
28049MadridCommunity of Madrid67,46661.9 km²
28050MadridCommunity of Madrid92,95810.4 km²
28051MadridCommunity of Madrid103,24944.6 km²
28052MadridCommunity of Madrid56,48719.2 km²
28053MadridCommunity of Madrid84,5458 km²
28054MadridCommunity of Madrid61,2728.8 km²
28055MadridCommunity of Madrid53,59314.8 km²
28070MadridCommunity of Madrid
28071MadridCommunity of Madrid
28082MadridCommunity of Madrid3,55321,644 m²
28083MadridCommunity of Madrid40433,505 m²
28085MadridCommunity of Madrid82513,566 m²
28086MadridCommunity of Madrid
28087MadridCommunity of Madrid
28119MadridCommunity of Madrid1,6871.26 km²
28149MadridCommunity of Madrid
28339MadridCommunity of Madrid
28391MadridCommunity of Madrid85442.1 km²
28419MadridCommunity of Madrid10876,846 m²
28499MadridCommunity of Madrid
28513MadridCommunity of Madrid
28520MadridCommunity of Madrid
28660MadridCommunity of Madrid17,23624.7 km²
28668MadridCommunity of Madrid4,9142.153 km²
28669MadridCommunity of Madrid26,75521.3 km²
28679MadridCommunity of Madrid
28790MadridCommunity of Madrid713 m²
28798MadridCommunity of Madrid
28819MadridCommunity of Madrid
28851MadridCommunity of Madrid28,60918.3 km²
28925AlcorcónCommunity of Madrid28,1177.9 km²

Madrid, Community of Madrid Demographic Information

Population3.2 million
Population Density5,274 / km²
Male Population1,491,012 (46.8%)
Female Population1,696,083 (53.2%)
Median Age41.9
Male Median Age39.9
Female Median Age43.6
Businesses in Madrid, Community of Madrid207,486
Population (1975)2,122,041
Population (2000)2,684,826
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +50.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +18.7%


Madrid (/məˈdrɪd/, Spanish: [maˈðɾid], locally: [maˈðɾiθ, -ˈðɾi]) is a south-western European city, the capital of Spain, and the largest municipality of the Community of Madrid. The population of the city is almost 3.2 million with a metropolitan ar..  ︎  Madrid Wikipedia Page