59 Postal Codes in Murcia

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area881.9 km²
Population44,088 (More Details)
Male Population21,721 (49.3%)
Female Population22,367 (50.7%)
Median Age38
Postal Codes30000, 30001, 30002 (56 more)
Area Codes868, 968

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59 Postal Codes in Murcia, Region of Murcia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
30000MurciaRegion of Murcia
30001MurciaRegion of Murcia2,0620.346 km²
30002MurciaRegion of Murcia3,3590.746 km²
30003MurciaRegion of Murcia3,1590.637 km²
30004MurciaRegion of Murcia2,1110.426 km²
30005MurciaRegion of Murcia1,2620.361 km²
30006MurciaRegion of Murcia21,5086.6 km²
30007MurciaRegion of Murcia46,61416.2 km²
30008MurciaRegion of Murcia3,1970.612 km²
30009MurciaRegion of Murcia20,0356.4 km²
30010MurciaRegion of Murcia6,6562.695 km²
30011MurciaRegion of Murcia10,1273.541 km²
30012MurciaRegion of Murcia8,5733.666 km²
30070MurciaRegion of Murcia
30071MurciaRegion of Murcia
30080MurciaRegion of Murcia
30100MurciaRegion of Murcia30,05311.7 km²
30108MurciaRegion of Murcia9311.598 km²
30109MurciaRegion of Murcia340.108 km²
30110MurciaRegion of Murcia28,71119.8 km²
30120MurciaRegion of Murcia9,3663.998 km²
30139MurciaRegion of Murcia16,9438.4 km²
30150MurciaRegion of Murcia6,00410.2 km²
30152MurciaRegion of Murcia8,0875.4 km²
30153MurciaRegion of Murcia3,064112.7 km²
30155MurciaRegion of Murcia3,78976.8 km²
30156MurciaRegion of Murcia5,79566.3 km²
30160MurciaRegion of Murcia3,8231.7 km²
30162MurciaRegion of Murcia7,4843.63 km²
30163MurciaRegion of Murcia26,96241.5 km²
30164MurciaRegion of Murcia12,75353 km²
30165MurciaRegion of Murcia1,9101.253 km²
30166MurciaRegion of Murcia1,4851.067 km²
30167MurciaRegion of Murcia1,8341.128 km²
30169MurciaRegion of Murcia11,6785.9 km²
30179MurciaRegion of Murcia1,2057 km²
30329MurciaRegion of Murcia70217.7 km²
30332MurciaRegion of Murcia3,45022 km²
30333MurciaRegion of Murcia5,104122.7 km²
30338MurciaRegion of Murcia23912.2 km²
30535MurciaRegion of Murcia19711,407 m²
30536MurciaRegion of Murcia
30558MurciaRegion of Murcia1,92822 km²
30566MurciaRegion of Murcia3,3434.368 km²
30570MurciaRegion of Murcia14,2807 km²
30580MurciaRegion of Murcia23,84168.3 km²
30588MurciaRegion of Murcia6,53610.2 km²
30613MurciaRegion of Murcia3,02613.2 km²
30627MurciaRegion of Murcia7,215105.9 km²
30630MurciaRegion of Murcia
30639MurciaRegion of Murcia
30708MurciaRegion of Murcia2,50234.5 km²
30709MurciaRegion of Murcia5,36729.1 km²
30710MurciaRegion of Murcia17,79834.2 km²
30830MurciaRegion of Murcia2,3111.472 km²
30834MurciaRegion of Murcia3,67914.1 km²
30835MurciaRegion of Murcia10,86189.5 km²
30836MurciaRegion of Murcia5,1815.4 km²
30837MurciaRegion of Murcia9,39110.4 km²

Murcia, Region of Murcia Demographic Information

Population Density50.0 / km²
Male Population21,721 (49.3%)
Female Population22,367 (50.7%)
Median Age38
Male Median Age36.9
Female Median Age39.1
Businesses in Murcia, Region of Murcia21,164
Population (1975)44,649
Population (2000)45,478
Population change from 1975 to 2015 -1.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -3.1%


Murcia (/ˈmʊərsiə/ or /ˈmɜːrʃⁱə/, Spanish: [ˈmuɾθja]) is a city in south-eastern Spain, the capital and most populous city of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, and the seventh largest city in the country, with a population of 442,573 ..  ︎  Murcia Wikipedia Page