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Postal Code M205, Swaziland - Map and Information

Primary CityLuyengo
Local TimeFriday 3:05 AM
TimezoneSouth Africa Standard Time
Coordinates-26.56319° / 31.177°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/1/191:28 AM3.754.6 km5,000 m36km W of Mhlambanyatsi, Swazilandusgs.gov
5/27/1211:56 AM4.473 km5,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov
2/7/0011:34 AM4.542 km5,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov
8/4/8712:53 PM4.439.8 km10,000 mSwazilandusgs.gov
2/16/804:58 PM4.775.7 km33,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov

Primary City

Luyengo is a town in western Swaziland. It is located 35 kilometres south of the capital, Mbabane, on the MR18 highway, at the junction of the road south to Mankayane and Mgazini. Luyengo was the site of the Swaziland Agricultural College, which beca..    Luyengo Wikipedia Page