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Postal Code S402 - Kubuta, Shiselweni Region

Primary CityKubuta
Local TimeSaturday 3:05 PM
TimezoneSouth Africa Standard Time
Coordinates-26.88333° / 31.48333°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/1/191:28 AM3.796.8 km5,000 m36km W of Mhlambanyatsi, Swazilandusgs.gov
5/27/1211:56 AM4.471.6 km5,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov
2/7/0011:34 AM4.588.7 km5,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov
8/4/8712:53 PM4.434.1 km10,000 mSwazilandusgs.gov
3/26/825:41 AM4.594.3 km33,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov
2/16/804:58 PM4.770.4 km33,000 mSouth Africausgs.gov

Primary City

Kubuta is an inkhundla (an administrative subdivision smaller than a District but larger than an Umphakatsi or "chiefdom") of Swaziland, located in the Shiselweni District. Its population as of the 2007 census was 6,922.  ︎  Kubuta Wikipedia Page