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Postal Code 8210, Switzerland - Map and Information

Primary CitySchaffhausen
Area Codes52
Local TimeFriday 5:07 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates47.69747° / 8.63223°
Related Postal Codes821282138214821582168217

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/11/122:45 PM4.261.6 km32,000
12/15/084:34 PM3.150.7 km7,000
8/16/072:36 AM3.461.4 km6,000
11/12/0511:31 AM4.439.2 km22,000
12/4/048:10 PM3.154.1 km10,000
11/23/049:41 AM3.749.7 km10,000
11/8/043:52 AM3.39.9 km24,000
6/28/045:02 PM3.139.2 km21,000
6/28/044:42 PM4.239.2 km20,000
4/15/048:14 AM3.322.5 km13,000

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Primary City

Schaffhausen (German: [ˈʃafˌhauzən]; Alemannic German: Schafuuse; French: Schaffhouse; Italian: Sciaffusa; Romansh: Schaffusa) is a city in northern Switzerland and the capital of the canton of the same name; it has an estimated population of 34,587 ..    Schaffhausen Wikipedia Page