491 Postal Codes in Canton of Bern

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area5,959.3 km²
Population1.0 million (More Details)
Male Population490,305 (48.9%)
Female Population513,250 (51.1%)
Median Age43.1
Postal Codes1657, 1738, 1797 (488 more)
Area Codes31, 32, 33 (2 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
2500 - 2510Biel/Bienne6
3000 - 3097Bern37
3070 - 3072Ostermundigen2
3400 - 3402Burgdorf3
3600 - 3613Thun8
3655 - 3657Sigriswil2
4900 - 4902Langenthal3

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491 Postal Codes in Canton of Bern

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1657Canton of Bern7.2 km²
1738SchwefelbergbadCanton of Bern31969.1 km²
1797Canton of Bern4632.475 km²
2333Canton of Bern58019.4 km²
2500Canton of Bern
2501Canton of Bern
2502Canton of Bern16,9116.4 km²
2503Canton of Bern14,2392.954 km²
2504Canton of Bern23,3329.7 km²
2505Canton of Bern1,6082.841 km²
2510Biel/BienneCanton of Bern
2512Tüscherz-AlferméeCanton of Bern475.2 km²
2513TwannCanton of Bern96511.8 km²
2514LigerzCanton of Bern5354.258 km²
2515Canton of Bern9956.2 km²
2516Canton of Bern91910.6 km²
2517Canton of Bern3489.4 km²
2518Canton of Bern71722.9 km²
2520Canton of Bern3,73710.1 km²
2532MagglingenCanton of Bern5092.636 km²
2533Canton of Bern2,2001.366 km²
2534OrvinCanton of Bern1,16724.7 km²
2535FrinvillierCanton of Bern3430.237 km²
2536Canton of Bern4127.7 km²
2537Canton of Bern3715.6 km²
2538Romont, BernCanton of Bern2205.7 km²
2542Canton of Bern4,1498.4 km²
2543Lengnau, BernCanton of Bern4,5187.4 km²
2552Canton of Bern3,1704.109 km²
2553Canton of Bern2,0355.6 km²
2554Canton of Bern1,2704.394 km²
2555Brügg, BernCanton of Bern4,6505 km²
2556ScheurenCanton of Bern1,1736.2 km²
2557Canton of Bern3,6982.74 km²
2558Canton of Bern1,3342.114 km²
2560Canton of Bern5,7491.956 km²
2562Canton of Bern2,3402.291 km²
2563Canton of Bern2,8242.474 km²
2564Canton of Bern1,0853.751 km²
2565Canton of Bern7654.576 km²
2572Canton of Bern2,2898.8 km²
2575HagneckCanton of Bern3,06212.1 km²
2576LüscherzCanton of Bern45510.3 km²
2577SiselenCanton of Bern1,1409 km²
2603Canton of Bern1,39117 km²
2604Canton of Bern4978.1 km²
2605Canton of Bern1,83815 km²
2606Canton of Bern1,52713 km²
2607Canton of Bern6686 km²
2608CourtelaryCanton of Bern1,32225.2 km²
2610Saint-ImierCanton of Bern4,68839.8 km²
2612Canton of Bern4669.8 km²
2613Canton of Bern1,1519.7 km²
2615Canton of Bern1,07311.8 km²
2616Renan, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern90712.7 km²
2710Canton of Bern3,02213.1 km²
2712Le FuetCanton of Bern3008 km²
2713BellelayCanton of Bern2123.925 km²
2715Canton of Bern1386 km²
2716Canton of Bern1105.6 km²
2717Canton of Bern1614.762 km²
2720Canton of Bern3,86821.6 km²
2722TramelanCanton of Bern5389.9 km²
2723Canton of Bern1564.328 km²
2732LoveresseCanton of Bern3,17219.4 km²
2733Canton of Bern2952.723 km²
2735MallerayCanton of Bern3,64023.1 km²
2736Canton of Bern3976.9 km²
2738Canton of Bern1,42024.6 km²
2740Canton of Bern7,23119.6 km²
2742Canton of Bern3998.6 km²
2743Canton of Bern3406.6 km²
2744Canton of Bern4403.876 km²
2745Canton of Bern2158.3 km²
2746CréminesCanton of Bern5049.4 km²
2747Canton of Bern43215.3 km²
2748SoubozCanton of Bern16612.6 km²
2762Roches, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern949 km²
3000BernCanton of Bern
3001BernCanton of Bern
3002BernCanton of Bern
3003BernCanton of Bern
3004BernCanton of Bern4,5892.559 km²
3005BernCanton of Bern5,7011.675 km²
3006BernCanton of Bern19,7725.3 km²
3007BernCanton of Bern9,3521.935 km²
3008BernCanton of Bern11,4683.29 km²
3010BernCanton of Bern8530.163 km²
3011BernCanton of Bern5,4760.963 km²
3012Canton of Bern11,7555.3 km²
3013BernCanton of Bern6,2591.359 km²
3014BernCanton of Bern14,4243.002 km²
3015BernCanton of Bern1,2390.79 km²
3017BernCanton of Bern
3018BernCanton of Bern14,2535.7 km²
3019Canton of Bern1,6694.816 km²
3020Canton of Bern2,0966.6 km²
3024BernCanton of Bern
3027Canton of Bern11,2146.3 km²
3029BernCanton of Bern
3030BernCanton of Bern
3032Canton of Bern2,5444.734 km²
3033BernCanton of Bern1,8695.5 km²
3034Canton of Bern6658.2 km²
3035Canton of Bern2053.132 km²
3036Canton of Bern84711.2 km²
3037Canton of Bern1,1311.634 km²
3038Canton of Bern1,94810.7 km²
3039BernCanton of Bern
3040BernCanton of Bern
3041BernCanton of Bern
3042Canton of Bern6601.213 km²
3043Canton of Bern2,0739.4 km²
3044Canton of Bern5862.601 km²
3045Canton of Bern1,6306.6 km²
3046Canton of Bern5952.373 km²
3047BernCanton of Bern5,1381.896 km²
3048BernCanton of Bern3,8770.963 km²
3049Canton of Bern9934.549 km²
3050BernCanton of Bern
3052Canton of Bern11,8846.4 km²
3053MünchenbuchseeCanton of Bern9,81714.9 km²
3054Canton of Bern3,41619.9 km²
3063IttigenCanton of Bern10,5073.36 km²
3065Canton of Bern7,24713.2 km²
3066StettlenCanton of Bern3,7887 km²
3067Canton of Bern3,4187.5 km²
3068Canton of Bern1,47115 km²
3070OstermundigenCanton of Bern
3071Canton of Bern
3072OstermundigenCanton of Bern17,0646.2 km²
3073Muri bei BernCanton of Bern6,6324.341 km²
3074BernCanton of Bern6,2073.331 km²
3075RüfenachtCanton of Bern2,2703.967 km²
3076WorbCanton of Bern7,87013.1 km²
3077Canton of Bern7122.86 km²
3078Canton of Bern6691.96 km²
3082Canton of Bern8804.713 km²
3083Canton of Bern4543.624 km²
3084Canton of Bern6,2954.527 km²
3085BernCanton of Bern
3086ZimmerwaldCanton of Bern1,09812.3 km²
3087Canton of Bern4128.6 km²
3088Canton of Bern1,04816.5 km²
3089Canton of Bern3387.8 km²
3095Canton of Bern2,7241.131 km²
3096OberbalmCanton of Bern74712.4 km²
3097BernCanton of Bern5,5631.356 km²
3098Canton of Bern7,7089.7 km²
3099RiggisbergCanton of Bern37724.6 km²
3110MünsingenCanton of Bern11,4298.5 km²
3111Canton of Bern5473.649 km²
3112Canton of Bern6253.814 km²
3113RubigenCanton of Bern3,3466.9 km²
3114Canton of Bern4,45111.4 km²
3115Canton of Bern8197.8 km²
3116Canton of Bern1,12511.1 km²
3122KehrsatzCanton of Bern4,2064.423 km²
3123BelpCanton of Bern10,27617 km²
3124BelpCanton of Bern4455.5 km²
3125Canton of Bern2,5005.2 km²
3126Canton of Bern1,5465.6 km²
3127LohnstorfCanton of Bern1,6584.726 km²
3128KirchenthurnenCanton of Bern5234.451 km²
3132Canton of Bern2,18810.6 km²
3144Canton of Bern1,8309.4 km²
3145Canton of Bern2,6626.7 km²
3147Canton of Bern1,1914.477 km²
3148Canton of Bern1,3279.8 km²
3150Canton of Bern3,96315 km²
3152Canton of Bern67710.8 km²
3153Canton of Bern18511.4 km²
3154Canton of Bern1,39821.9 km²
3155Canton of Bern3464.388 km²
3156Canton of Bern62814.1 km²
3157Canton of Bern1785 km²
3158Canton of Bern73513.5 km²
3159Canton of Bern844.195 km²
3172BernCanton of Bern3,6174.58 km²
3173Canton of Bern3,3795.9 km²
3174Canton of Bern3,1614.457 km²
3176Canton of Bern4,38518.9 km²
3177LaupenCanton of Bern3,3224.414 km²
3179Canton of Bern5184.737 km²
3183AlbligenCanton of Bern5874.263 km²
3202Canton of Bern1,2949.4 km²
3203Canton of Bern1,36110.2 km²
3204Canton of Bern1,21412.3 km²
3205Canton of Bern7776 km²
3206Canton of Bern9689.2 km²
3207WileroltigenCanton of Bern7337 km²
3208Canton of Bern4341.844 km²
3213Canton of Bern1,3416.9 km²
3225Canton of Bern1,5374.891 km²
3226Canton of Bern4634.771 km²
3232Ins, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern3,25920 km²
3233Canton of Bern4513.994 km²
3234Canton of Bern8167 km²
3235Canton of Bern1,33511.6 km²
3236Canton of Bern1,04716.9 km²
3237Canton of Bern5676.6 km²
3238Canton of Bern7777.2 km²
3250LyssCanton of Bern12,51411.8 km²
3251WengiCanton of Bern8589.2 km²
3252Canton of Bern1,6492.772 km²
3255Rapperswil, BernCanton of Bern1,31911.2 km²
3256Rapperswil, BernCanton of Bern8958.5 km²
3257Canton of Bern1,89412.1 km²
3262Canton of Bern9702.889 km²
3263Canton of Bern7893.6 km²
3264Diessbach bei BürenCanton of Bern9326.3 km²
3266Canton of Bern7114.662 km²
3267Seedorf, BernCanton of Bern1,4237.2 km²
3268LobsigenCanton of Bern6458 km²
3270AarbergCanton of Bern4,0677.9 km²
3271RadelfingenCanton of Bern2994.038 km²
3272Canton of Bern1,38310.4 km²
3273Canton of Bern1,22910.9 km²
3274Canton of Bern1,0758.7 km²
3282Canton of Bern7747.8 km²
3283Canton of Bern1,89715.2 km²
3292Canton of Bern2,3193.073 km²
3293Canton of Bern1,1533.404 km²
3294Canton of Bern3,56014.1 km²
3295Rüti bei BürenCanton of Bern7066.5 km²
3296Canton of Bern1,3256.4 km²
3297Canton of Bern1,38910.3 km²
3298Büren an der AareCanton of Bern8506.7 km²
3302Canton of Bern2,6575.7 km²
3303BallmoosCanton of Bern6,29914.8 km²
3305Canton of Bern4697.2 km²
3306Canton of Bern2592.775 km²
3308Canton of Bern9006 km²
3309Canton of Bern7147 km²
3312Canton of Bern1,7076 km²
3313Canton of Bern5793.425 km²
3314Canton of Bern4451.732 km²
3315BätterkindenCanton of Bern3,1639.9 km²
3317Canton of Bern5668.3 km²
3321Urtenen-SchönbühlCanton of Bern
3322Canton of Bern8,03011.6 km²
3323Bäriswil, BernCanton of Bern9392.735 km²
3324Canton of Bern2,2999.6 km²
3325Canton of Bern8414.921 km²
3326KrauchthalCanton of Bern1,54214.9 km²
3360Canton of Bern5,8267 km²
3362Canton of Bern1,4612.796 km²
3363OberönzCanton of Bern9792.818 km²
3365Canton of Bern8249 km²
3366BollodingenCanton of Bern5233.933 km²
3367Canton of Bern1,37210.2 km²
3368Canton of Bern5715.7 km²
3372WanzwilCanton of Bern2230.65 km²
3373Canton of Bern9515.2 km²
3374Canton of Bern2452.914 km²
3375Canton of Bern6243.383 km²
3376BerkenCanton of Bern3984.539 km²
3377Canton of Bern3593.076 km²
3380Canton of Bern2,3946.9 km²
3400Burgdorf, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern15,98915.8 km²
3401Burgdorf, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern
3402Burgdorf, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern
3412Canton of Bern1,16911.3 km²
3413Canton of Bern5539.9 km²
3414Canton of Bern2,56515 km²
3415Canton of Bern4,08712.5 km²
3416Canton of Bern5227.7 km²
3417Canton of Bern7954.103 km²
3418Canton of Bern7699.6 km²
3419Canton of Bern1348.3 km²
3421LyssachCanton of Bern1,6008.5 km²
3422Canton of Bern7,61510.5 km²
3423Canton of Bern2,0258.7 km²
3424OberöschCanton of Bern3136.7 km²
3425Canton of Bern2,3969.1 km²
3426Canton of Bern9602.05 km²
3427UtzenstorfCanton of Bern4,55216.9 km²
3428Canton of Bern9423.82 km²
3429Canton of Bern4284.106 km²
3432LützelflühCanton of Bern2,77313.6 km²
3433Canton of Bern2776.1 km²
3434LandiswilCanton of Bern58311 km²
3435Canton of Bern5771.256 km²
3436Canton of Bern2,40413.2 km²
3437Canton of Bern5135.1 km²
3438Canton of Bern3606 km²
3439Canton of Bern5445.5 km²
3452Canton of Bern1,4397.5 km²
3453Canton of Bern90215.2 km²
3454Canton of Bern2,54415.1 km²
3455SumiswaldCanton of Bern8611.897 km²
3456Canton of Bern1961.295 km²
3457Canton of Bern1,61542.9 km²
3462Canton of Bern5135.4 km²
3463Canton of Bern3754.131 km²
3464Canton of Bern2294.998 km²
3465Canton of Bern87910.8 km²
3472Canton of Bern1,69121 km²
3473Canton of Bern5996.6 km²
3474Canton of Bern3667.4 km²
3475HermiswilCanton of Bern5154.715 km²
3476Canton of Bern3809.5 km²
3503GysensteinCanton of Bern5115.8 km²
3504Canton of Bern1,15710.7 km²
3506GrosshöchstettenCanton of Bern3,4444.304 km²
3507Canton of Bern1,7364.732 km²
3508Arni, BernCanton of Bern9479.8 km²
3510Canton of Bern4,99213.2 km²
3512Canton of Bern1,1678.9 km²
3513Canton of Bern6618.3 km²
3531Canton of Bern6199.2 km²
3532Canton of Bern2,3007.8 km²
3533Canton of Bern1,10514.2 km²
3534Canton of Bern1,32615.8 km²
3535Canton of Bern1,4096.8 km²
3536Canton of Bern5728.4 km²
3537EggiwilCanton of Bern1,94048.7 km²
3538Canton of Bern80321.1 km²
3543Canton of Bern6026.5 km²
3550Canton of Bern7,83615.7 km²
3551Canton of Bern246.7 km²
3552Canton of Bern1,3457.8 km²
3553LangnauCanton of Bern15418.4 km²
3555Canton of Bern1,36125.8 km²
3556TrubCanton of Bern91531.7 km²
3557Canton of Bern9120 km²
3600ThunCanton of Bern19,0816.5 km²
3601ThunCanton of Bern
3602ThunCanton of Bern
3603Canton of Bern2,7901.334 km²
3604ThunCanton of Bern9,9323.376 km²
3605ThunCanton of Bern
3607ThunCanton of Bern
3608Canton of Bern3,7704.083 km²
3609ThunCanton of Bern
3612SteffisburgCanton of Bern12,87310.7 km²
3613Canton of Bern5,8161.883 km²
3614Canton of Bern6135.7 km²
3615HeimenschwandCanton of Bern1,44815.4 km²
3616Canton of Bern6849.3 km²
3617Canton of Bern1,1067.7 km²
3618Canton of Bern75420.8 km²
3619ErizCanton of Bern73135.4 km²
3622Canton of Bern5686.5 km²
3623TeuffenthalCanton of Bern30610.6 km²
3624Canton of Bern7314.47 km²
3625Canton of Bern7355.5 km²
3626Canton of Bern2,6462.392 km²
3627Heimberg, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern6,2715.2 km²
3628Canton of Bern1,7413.801 km²
3629JabergCanton of Bern2,0479.4 km²
3631Canton of Bern5184.611 km²
3632Canton of Bern4279.7 km²
3633Canton of Bern7834.693 km²
3634Canton of Bern1,8377.6 km²
3635Canton of Bern8924.421 km²
3636Forst, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern7924.13 km²
3638Canton of Bern1,18625.4 km²
3645Canton of Bern7,0398.4 km²
3646EinigenCanton of Bern1,8474.381 km²
3647Canton of Bern73711.2 km²
3652Canton of Bern1,8682.902 km²
3653Canton of Bern2,5077.1 km²
3654Canton of Bern1,1285.1 km²
3655SigriswilCanton of Bern1,3816.3 km²
3656Canton of Bern4514.51 km²
3657SigriswilCanton of Bern63934.4 km²
3658Canton of Bern1,16312.9 km²
3661UetendorfCanton of Bern5,38710.2 km²
3662Canton of Bern2,2563.908 km²
3663Canton of Bern8834.871 km²
3664Canton of Bern9797.5 km²
3665Canton of Bern2,46714.6 km²
3671Canton of Bern1,0744.959 km²
3672Canton of Bern3,31713 km²
3673Canton of Bern1,36313.9 km²
3674OberdiessbachCanton of Bern3893.408 km²
3700SpiezCanton of Bern9,24916.8 km²
3702Canton of Bern6301.439 km²
3703Aeschi bei SpiezCanton of Bern1,42627.2 km²
3704Canton of Bern1,4648.1 km²
3705Canton of Bern1,0856.8 km²
3706Canton of Bern98215.3 km²
3707Canton of Bern4439.8 km²
3711Canton of Bern5874.735 km²
3713Canton of Bern2,36115.5 km²
3714FrutigenCanton of Bern6,64542.3 km²
3715AdelbodenCanton of Bern3,63888.3 km²
3716Canton of Bern31613.2 km²
3717BlauseeCanton of Bern45918.9 km²
3718KanderstegCanton of Bern1,319134.5 km²
3722Reichenbach im KandertalCanton of Bern2878.5 km²
3723Reichenbach im KandertalCanton of Bern81987.9 km²
3724Canton of Bern14.1 km²
3725Canton of Bern28.2 km²
3752Canton of Bern2,23922.5 km²
3753Canton of Bern1,1539.9 km²
3754Canton of Bern2076.4 km²
3755DiemtigenCanton of Bern60925.5 km²
3756Canton of Bern24934 km²
3757Canton of Bern12454.4 km²
3758Canton of Bern5986.4 km²
3762Canton of Bern89230.2 km²
3763Canton of Bern56812.7 km²
3764DärstettenCanton of Bern39720.7 km²
3765Canton of Bern63845.6 km²
3766BoltigenCanton of Bern1,32577.1 km²
3770ZweisimmenCanton of Bern2,67144.9 km²
3771Canton of Bern33312 km²
3772St. Stephan, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern91028.2 km²
3773Canton of Bern45430.5 km²
3775Lenk im SimmentalCanton of Bern2,469124.8 km²
3776Canton of Bern16.2 km²
3777Saanenmöser PassCanton of Bern33312.4 km²
3778Canton of Bern87318.6 km²
3780GstaadCanton of Bern3,43517.4 km²
3781LauenenCanton of Bern23.4 km²
3782LauenenCanton of Bern82958.9 km²
3783Canton of Bern27512.2 km²
3784FeutersoeyCanton of Bern61126 km²
3785Gsteig bei GstaadCanton of Bern41836.5 km²
3792Canton of Bern2,71528.4 km²
3800UnterseenCanton of Bern13,86629.7 km²
3801Kleine ScheideggCanton of Bern
3802InterlakenCanton of Bern
3803Canton of Bern1,13528 km²
3804HabkernCanton of Bern59751.1 km²
3805Canton of Bern7973.079 km²
3806BönigenCanton of Bern3,65718.4 km²
3807Canton of Bern45730.7 km²
3812Canton of Bern2,49513.5 km²
3813Canton of Bern7319.2 km²
3814Canton of Bern9009.1 km²
3815GündlischwandCanton of Bern39616.9 km²
3816Canton of Bern36717.7 km²
3818GrindelwaldCanton of Bern4,012166.5 km²
3822Canton of Bern1,06221 km²
3823Canton of Bern1,05132 km²
3824StechelbergCanton of Bern43360.2 km²
3825MürrenCanton of Bern24230.7 km²
3826GimmelwaldCanton of Bern819.4 km²
3852RinggenbergCanton of Bern1,8887.7 km²
3853Canton of Bern3027.1 km²
3854IseltwaldCanton of Bern52825.7 km²
3855BrienzCanton of Bern3,60562.3 km²
3856BrienzwilerCanton of Bern4657.7 km²
3857Canton of Bern8297.2 km²
3858Canton of Bern5828.8 km²
3860Canton of Bern4,33474.4 km²
3862InnertkirchenCanton of Bern818119.8 km²
3863SteinCanton of Bern202116.1 km²
3864HandeggCanton of Bern289200.8 km²
4536AttiswilCanton of Bern1,4347.6 km²
4537Canton of Bern2,3827.3 km²
4538Canton of Bern1,5718.5 km²
4539Canton of Bern8088.8 km²
4564Canton of Bern9463.348 km²
4704NiederbippCanton of Bern4,06919.7 km²
4900LangenthalCanton of Bern15,12214.5 km²
4901LangenthalCanton of Bern
4902LangenthalCanton of Bern
4911Canton of Bern6923.807 km²
4912Canton of Bern3,9919.6 km²
4913Canton of Bern7734.782 km²
4914Roggwil, BernCanton of Bern3,3787.8 km²
4916UntersteckholzCanton of Bern1552.752 km²
4917Canton of Bern1,27313.1 km²
4919Canton of Bern1582.011 km²
4922Canton of Bern3,1649.9 km²
4923Canton of Bern1,4184.853 km²
4924Canton of Bern4463.891 km²
4932Gutenburg, SwitzerlandCanton of Bern2,4567.2 km²
4933Canton of Bern5613.979 km²
4934Canton of Bern2,20814.9 km²
4935LeimiswilCanton of Bern2914.383 km²
4936KleindietwilCanton of Bern6542.939 km²
4937Canton of Bern8628.9 km²
4938Canton of Bern1,85611.1 km²
4942Walterswil, BernCanton of Bern3896.2 km²
4943Canton of Bern2444.211 km²
4944Canton of Bern4464.086 km²
4950Canton of Bern4,29212.3 km²
4952Canton of Bern1,25611.3 km²
4953Canton of Bern4114.917 km²
4954Canton of Bern1,09611.6 km²
4955Canton of Bern6779.3 km²
6083Canton of Bern2547.3 km²
6084Canton of Bern2937.9 km²
6085Canton of Bern2851.836 km²
6086Hasliberg-ReutiCanton of Bern43924.7 km²
6197Canton of Bern97445.1 km²

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Canton of Bern Demographic Information

Population1.0 million
Population Density168.4 / km²
Male Population490,305 (48.9%)
Female Population513,250 (51.1%)
Median Age43.1
Male Median Age41.9
Female Median Age44.2
Businesses in Canton of Bern67,240
Population (1975)933,185
Population (2000)937,277
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +7.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +7.1%

Canton of Bern

The Canton of Bern (German: Kanton Bern,  pronunciation ; French: Canton de Berne) is the second largest of the 26 Swiss cantons by both surface area and population. Located in west-central Switzerland, it borders the Canton of Jura and the Canton of..  ︎  Canton of Bern Wikipedia Page