48 Postal Codes in Canton of Schwyz

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area907.8 km²
Population154,501 (More Details)
Male Population78,956 (51.1%)
Female Population75,544 (48.9%)
Median Age41.4
Postal Codes6402, 6403, 6405 (45 more)

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48 Postal Codes in Canton of Schwyz

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
6402MerlischachenCanton of Schwyz1,0074.595 km²
6403KüssnachtCanton of Schwyz9,55320.8 km²
6405Canton of Schwyz2,37010.9 km²
6410Canton of Schwyz6,47023.5 km²
6414OberarthCanton of Schwyz1,5981.867 km²
6415ArthCanton of Schwyz3,02320.9 km²
6416Canton of Schwyz8577 km²
6417Canton of Schwyz2,02717.4 km²
6418Canton of Schwyz2,17125.6 km²
6422Canton of Schwyz2,91411.6 km²
6423Canton of Schwyz4,9979 km²
6424Canton of Schwyz1,1329.5 km²
6430Canton of Schwyz5,49019.7 km²
6431SchwyzCanton of Schwyz
6432SchwyzCanton of Schwyz90211.5 km²
6433StoosCanton of Schwyz22714.9 km²
6434Canton of Schwyz1,27210.9 km²
6436MuotathalCanton of Schwyz3,110155.9 km²
6438Ibach, SwitzerlandCanton of Schwyz4,9685.7 km²
6440BrunnenCanton of Schwyz7,97116.7 km²
6442GersauCanton of Schwyz2,22223.3 km²
6443Canton of Schwyz8828.9 km²
8806Canton of Schwyz2,3791.809 km²
8807Canton of Schwyz3,5943.808 km²
8808Canton of Schwyz8,61110.4 km²
8832Canton of Schwyz9,4077 km²
8834SchindellegiCanton of Schwyz2,9529.6 km²
8835Canton of Schwyz1,2418.1 km²
8836Canton of Schwyz1,37512 km²
8840EinsiedelnCanton of Schwyz10,14725.2 km²
8841Canton of Schwyz1,65116.3 km²
8842Canton of Schwyz1,86737.6 km²
8843Canton of Schwyz76428.8 km²
8844Canton of Schwyz77926.5 km²
8845Canton of Schwyz57120.4 km²
8846EinsiedelnCanton of Schwyz1,04219.6 km²
8847Canton of Schwyz36012.6 km²
8849Canton of Schwyz65922.8 km²
8852Canton of Schwyz4,91824.5 km²
8853Lachen, SwitzerlandCanton of Schwyz10,5734.236 km²
8854Canton of Schwyz7,08630.7 km²
8855Wangen, SchwyzCanton of Schwyz5,44911.7 km²
8856Canton of Schwyz3,68214.1 km²
8857Canton of Schwyz1,04628 km²
8858InnerthalCanton of Schwyz21050 km²
8862Canton of Schwyz3,0005.2 km²
8863Canton of Schwyz2,4717.1 km²
8864Canton of Schwyz2,81911.5 km²

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Canton of Schwyz Demographic Information

Population Density170.2 / km²
Male Population78,956 (51.1%)
Female Population75,544 (48.9%)
Median Age41.4
Male Median Age41.2
Female Median Age41.6
Businesses in Canton of Schwyz12,235
Population (1975)102,715
Population (2000)126,995
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +50.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +21.7%

Canton of Schwyz

Schwyz (German pronunciation: [ʃviːt͡s]) is a canton in central Switzerland between the Alps in the south, Lake Lucerne to the west and Lake Zürich in the north, centered on and named after the town of Schwyz. is one of the founding cantons of Switz..  ︎  Canton of Schwyz Wikipedia Page