128 Postal Codes in Canton of Solothurn

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area790.4 km²
Population261,389 (More Details)
Male Population129,746 (49.6%)
Female Population131,644 (50.4%)
Median Age43
Postal Codes2540, 2544, 2545 (125 more)
Area Codes32, 62

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
4500 - 4509Solothurn5
4600 - 4611Olten10

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128 Postal Codes in Canton of Solothurn

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
2540Canton of Solothurn15,69626 km²
2544Canton of Solothurn5,61612.2 km²
2545Canton of Solothurn3,33419.6 km²
3253Canton of Solothurn1,0337.2 km²
3254Canton of Solothurn1,1869 km²
3307Brunnenthal, SwitzerlandCanton of Solothurn1931.326 km²
4108Canton of Solothurn1,3862.652 km²
4112Canton of Solothurn2,4062.888 km²
4114Hofstetten-FlühCanton of Solothurn1,8536.3 km²
4115Mariastein AbbeyCanton of Solothurn2681.797 km²
4118Canton of Solothurn1,3195.3 km²
4143Canton of Solothurn5,3925.8 km²
4145Canton of Solothurn9526 km²
4146Canton of Solothurn1,2818.3 km²
4204Canton of Solothurn9546.9 km²
4206Canton of Solothurn90615.3 km²
4208Canton of Solothurn1,88810.3 km²
4226Canton of Solothurn3,7646.9 km²
4227Canton of Solothurn1,4687.6 km²
4228Canton of Solothurn8527.4 km²
4229Canton of Solothurn29521.4 km²
4232Canton of Solothurn8611.489 km²
4233Canton of Solothurn3655.7 km²
4234ZullwilCanton of Solothurn6013.625 km²
4245Canton of Solothurn1,37616.3 km²
4247Canton of Solothurn5013.047 km²
4252Canton of Solothurn66511.3 km²
4412Canton of Solothurn1,1804.459 km²
4413Canton of Solothurn1,0026.4 km²
4421Canton of Solothurn3901.891 km²
4468Canton of Solothurn4878.5 km²
4500SolothurnCanton of Solothurn18,0388.2 km²
4501SolothurnCanton of Solothurn
4502SolothurnCanton of Solothurn
4503SolothurnCanton of Solothurn
4509SolothurnCanton of Solothurn
4512Canton of Solothurn4,6565.3 km²
4513Canton of Solothurn4,1151.946 km²
4514Canton of Solothurn1,5405.8 km²
4515Oberdorf, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn1,92711.9 km²
4522Canton of Solothurn1,7858.5 km²
4523Niederwil, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn3572.272 km²
4524Canton of Solothurn1,6206.8 km²
4525Balm bei GünsbergCanton of Solothurn1943.871 km²
4528Canton of Solothurn8,9794.818 km²
4532Canton of Solothurn1,2242.557 km²
4533Canton of Solothurn1,9804.858 km²
4534Canton of Solothurn1,0042.924 km²
4535Canton of Solothurn8732.309 km²
4542Canton of Solothurn3,8584.597 km²
4543Canton of Solothurn2,3807.7 km²
4551Derendingen, SwitzerlandCanton of Solothurn
4552Derendingen, SwitzerlandCanton of Solothurn5,6305.7 km²
4553Canton of Solothurn3,4656.2 km²
4554Canton of Solothurn8314.392 km²
4556BolkenCanton of Solothurn1,5667.6 km²
4557Canton of Solothurn7442.64 km²
4558HeinrichswilCanton of Solothurn7264.578 km²
4562BiberistCanton of Solothurn6,14510.4 km²
4563GerlafingenCanton of Solothurn4,0751.992 km²
4565Canton of Solothurn1,5323.373 km²
4566HaltenCanton of Solothurn2,8685.3 km²
4571Canton of Solothurn7554.409 km²
4573Canton of Solothurn3,0724.862 km²
4574LüsslingenCanton of Solothurn8047.7 km²
4576Canton of Solothurn2361.815 km²
4577Canton of Solothurn2902.272 km²
4578Canton of Solothurn3363.011 km²
4579Canton of Solothurn2021.929 km²
4581Canton of Solothurn2122.112 km²
4582Canton of Solothurn2951.76 km²
4583Mühledorf, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn3475.3 km²
4584Canton of Solothurn3293.049 km²
4585Canton of Solothurn3194.131 km²
4586Canton of Solothurn3671.573 km²
4587Canton of Solothurn1922.568 km²
4588Canton of Solothurn3643.572 km²
4600OltenCanton of Solothurn14,75110.5 km²
4601OltenCanton of Solothurn
4603OltenCanton of Solothurn
4609OltenCanton of Solothurn
4611HärkingenCanton of Solothurn
4612Canton of Solothurn5,3027 km²
4613Canton of Solothurn9912.755 km²
4614Canton of Solothurn5,50413.8 km²
4615Canton of Solothurn20.198 km²
4616Kappel, SwitzerlandCanton of Solothurn2,1475.1 km²
4617Canton of Solothurn1,6173.937 km²
4618Canton of Solothurn7142.762 km²
4620HärkingenCanton of Solothurn
4621HärkingenCanton of Solothurn
4622Canton of Solothurn3,8897 km²
4623Neuendorf, SwitzerlandCanton of Solothurn1,7147.1 km²
4624Canton of Solothurn1,2605.5 km²
4625OberbuchsitenCanton of Solothurn2,0949.4 km²
4626Canton of Solothurn7115.5 km²
4628Canton of Solothurn2,2576.9 km²
4629Canton of Solothurn2,2234.464 km²
4630HärkingenCanton of Solothurn
4632Trimbach, SwitzerlandCanton of Solothurn8,8167.6 km²
4633Canton of Solothurn7925.4 km²
4634WisenCanton of Solothurn4414.826 km²
4640HärkingenCanton of Solothurn
4652Canton of Solothurn2,1293.929 km²
4653Canton of Solothurn2,3823.634 km²
4654Canton of Solothurn4,48513.3 km²
4655Rohr, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn1,1848.4 km²
4656Canton of Solothurn1,4751.834 km²
4657Canton of Solothurn3,8275.8 km²
4658Däniken, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn2,7615.9 km²
4702OensingenCanton of Solothurn6,33312.1 km²
4703Canton of Solothurn1,5768.6 km²
4710BalsthalCanton of Solothurn6,04315.7 km²
4712Canton of Solothurn1,70715.1 km²
4713Canton of Solothurn1,25010 km²
4714Canton of Solothurn43513 km²
4715Canton of Solothurn54211.8 km²
4716Canton of Solothurn1,25528.9 km²
4717Mümliswil-RamiswilCanton of Solothurn2,23524.1 km²
4718Holderbank, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn5417.8 km²
4719RamiswilCanton of Solothurn29113 km²
5010OltenCanton of Solothurn
5012Canton of Solothurn4,9125.6 km²
5013Canton of Solothurn4,6564.329 km²
5014Canton of Solothurn1,9795.3 km²
5015Canton of Solothurn2,3128.9 km²
5712Beinwil, SolothurnCanton of Solothurn3,7075.8 km²
5746Canton of Solothurn1,2124.672 km²

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Canton of Solothurn Demographic Information

Population Density330.7 / km²
Male Population129,746 (49.6%)
Female Population131,644 (50.4%)
Median Age43
Male Median Age42.1
Female Median Age43.8
Businesses in Canton of Solothurn16,580
Population (1975)237,906
Population (2000)242,424
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +9.9%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +7.8%

Canton of Solothurn

The Canton of Solothurn (German:  Solothurn ) is a canton of Switzerland. It is located in the northwest of Switzerland. The capital is Solothurn.   ︎  Canton of Solothurn Wikipedia Page