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The average area zip codes in Taiwan is 100.4 km² with the largest being 972 at 1,623.7 km² and the smallest being 400 at 0.929 km². In Taiwan the average population for a postal code is 64,002 with the most populated being zip code 235 in Chung-ho, Taipei at 565,089. The average population density for a postal code in Taiwan is 2,632 / km² with the densest being zip code 234 in Taipei, Taipei at 34,108 / km². The median age for postal codes in Taiwan range from 24.5 years old for 212 to 39.6 years old for 545 in Puli, Taiwan. The fastest growing postal code is 233 in Wulai, Taipei with population growth of 65.4% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 3.4% per year.

TimezoneTaipei Time
Population22.9 million
Postal Codes100, 103, 104 (366 more)
Area Codes2, 3, 37 (11 more)
Businesses in Taiwan1,044,811

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
100 - 116, 224 - 253Taipei34
320 - 338, 400 - 744Taiwan Province115
800 - 843Kaohsiung31
891 - 893Fujian Province, Republic of China4

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369 Postal Codes in Taiwan

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
100TaipeiTaipei87,6197.4 km²
103TaipeiTaipei92,5354.775 km²
104TaipeiTaipei65,51713.9 km²
105Taipei152,5038.8 km²
106TaipeiTaipei279,54011.3 km²
108TaipeiTaipei163,0977.6 km²
110TaipeiTaipei272,21011.2 km²
111Taipei312,10962.1 km²
112BeitouTaiwan Province221,19757.7 km²
114TaipeiTaipei228,48832 km²
115TaipeiTaipei157,36122 km²
116TaipeiTaipei242,86331.2 km²
200KeelungTaiwan Province67,7424.477 km²
201KeelungTaiwan Province68,48410.7 km²
202KeelungTaiwan Province105,78010.3 km²
203KeelungTaiwan Province163,3259.8 km²
20498,64017.8 km²
20544,91322.9 km²
206KeelungTaiwan Province49,84556.5 km²
207Wanli District, New TaipeiTaipei16,01863 km²
208JinshanTaipei15,13147.3 km²
209Nangan, LienchiangFujian Province, Republic of China5,98410.8 km²
2101,6889.5 km²
2111,2885.2 km²
2122,4484.394 km²
220Banqiao DistrictTaipei539,06021.2 km²
221Xizhi DistrictTaipei240,24771.8 km²
222Shenkeng DistrictTaiwan Province24,30121 km²
2237,123141.8 km²
224Ruifang DistrictTaipei34,03071.6 km²
2262,99171.2 km²
227Shuangxi DistrictTaipei5,366146.1 km²
228Gongliao DistrictTaipei7,08298.6 km²
231XindianTaipei403,922121.2 km²
232Pinglin DistrictTaipei3,020168.3 km²
233Wulai DistrictTaipei4,265333.4 km²
234TaipeiTaipei211,4706.2 km²
235Zhonghe DistrictTaipei565,08919.4 km²
236Tucheng DistrictTaipei360,74329.9 km²
237Sanxia DistrictTaipei124,636189.5 km²
238Shulin DistrictTaipei204,84031.9 km²
23994,64621.9 km²
241Sanchong DistrictTaipei443,56017.9 km²
242Xinzhuang DistrictTaipei360,76320.7 km²
24372,29618.1 km²
24468,57253.7 km²
247179,5677.7 km²
24888,58434.3 km²
249Bali DistrictTaipei26,14338.8 km²
251Tamsui DistrictTaipei151,82871.6 km²
252Sanzhi DistrictTaipei21,03766.5 km²
253Shimen DistrictTaipei6,27352.1 km²
260Yilan CityTaiwan Province89,17130.2 km²
261Pingxi DistrictTaiwan Province23,81595.5 km²
26228,919100.1 km²
26317,53039.7 km²
26436,692142.2 km²
265LuodongTaiwan Province46,88711.3 km²
26622,93788.1 km²
2675,332668.2 km²
26828,77940.1 km²
269LuodongTaiwan Province64,37875.1 km²
270Su'aoTaiwan Province44,58291.7 km²
2725,535813.6 km²
300HsinchuTaiwan Province424,389118.7 km²
302ZhubeiTaiwan Province145,49849.7 km²
303102,94258 km²
30444,26147.9 km²
30533,76472.2 km²
30636,124125.3 km²
307Zhudong, HsinchuTaiwan Province17,27839.9 km²
30827,04264.4 km²
310Zhudong, HsinchuTaiwan Province100,02353.5 km²
3111,466210.1 km²
31215,22765.2 km²
3135,140523 km²
3149,08953.4 km²
3154,44046.5 km²
320Zhongli DistrictTaiwan Province355,20776.3 km²
324Pingzhen DistrictTaiwan Province270,14843.5 km²
325Longtan District, TaoyuanTaiwan Province186,06675.9 km²
326Yangmei DistrictTaiwan Province190,81289.6 km²
327Xinwu District, TaoyuanTaiwan Province44,14486.4 km²
328Taoyuan, TaiwanTaiwan Province63,04891.4 km²
330372,73334.3 km²
333Taoyuan, TaiwanTaiwan Province236,05971.5 km²
334269,17233.7 km²
335Daxi DistrictTaiwan Province144,953105.2 km²
33643,403336.9 km²
337Taoyuan, TaiwanTaiwan Province80,54286.9 km²
338Taoyuan, TaiwanTaiwan Province161,78374.8 km²
35082,97738.4 km²
351116,10352.9 km²
3525,86654.2 km²
35311,036162 km²
3542,33479.4 km²
35632,02278.5 km²
35727,868110.7 km²
35835,69568.8 km²
360MiaoliTaiwan Province88,01937.7 km²
36118,86548.3 km²
36210,24851.6 km²
36333,76571.7 km²
36411,85191.2 km²
3653,611602.2 km²
366Tongluo, MiaoliTaiwan Province17,95178.1 km²
36713,46867.7 km²
3685,53240.9 km²
36912,40777.1 km²
400TaichungTaiwan Province21,6940.929 km²
401TaichungTaiwan Province129,1576.7 km²
402TaichungTaiwan Province160,5767.8 km²
403TaichungTaiwan Province117,5686.4 km²
404TaichungTaiwan Province107,7617.6 km²
406TaichungTaiwan Province197,80261.6 km²
407TaichungTaiwan Province234,56239.9 km²
408TaichungTaiwan Province234,44930.5 km²
411TaichungTaiwan Province164,891120.6 km²
412TaichungTaiwan Province272,42629.3 km²
413Wufeng DistrictTaiwan Province76,98496.1 km²
414TaichungTaiwan Province142,58042.3 km²
420TaichungTaiwan Province131,40841.7 km²
421TaichungTaiwan Province42,09257.2 km²
422TaichungTaiwan Province16,21317.8 km²
423TaichungTaiwan Province31,768107.8 km²
4246,3691,004.6 km²
42638,82982 km²
427TaichungTaiwan Province100,88025.9 km²
428TaichungTaiwan Province94,53932.9 km²
429TaichungTaiwan Province71,35636.5 km²
432TaichungTaiwan Province38,44138.3 km²
433TaichungTaiwan Province85,29740.1 km²
434TaichungTaiwan Province79,76450.9 km²
435TaichungTaiwan Province65,27725.3 km²
436TaichungTaiwan Province68,61874.4 km²
43772,36759.7 km²
438TaichungTaiwan Province31,41142.1 km²
439TaichungTaiwan Province19,16733 km²
500220,64765.9 km²
502TaichungTaiwan Province30,70038 km²
503Dacun, ChanghuaTaiwan Province49,89336.1 km²
50454,11629 km²
50588,21670.6 km²
506TaichungTaiwan Province37,16151.2 km²
50723,00222.8 km²
50883,86238.3 km²
50929,12129.2 km²
51082,56339.5 km²
51141,72535.9 km²
51242,81620.3 km²
513Dacun, ChanghuaTaiwan Province38,48921 km²
514ChanghuaTaiwan Province62,32531 km²
515Dacun, ChanghuaTaiwan Province37,92030.5 km²
51618,57839 km²
52037,01734.5 km²
52132,00419.8 km²
522Pitou, ChanghuaTaiwan Province29,35924.7 km²
523Pitou, ChanghuaTaiwan Province32,32442.5 km²
52452,09269.2 km²
52518,97341.7 km²
52638,20692.4 km²
527Dacheng, ChanghuaTaiwan Province18,13065.2 km²
528Fangyuan, ChanghuaTaiwan Province26,87398.2 km²
530Ershui, ChanghuaTaiwan Province12,80335.6 km²
540Nantou CityTaiwan Province107,70471.9 km²
5418,610143.7 km²
542Caotun, NantouTaiwan Province104,814104.5 km²
54412,396205.4 km²
545Puli, NantouTaiwan Province75,487171.1 km²
5469,8431,223.1 km²
55137,95179.3 km²
5529,25639.9 km²
55312,621111.7 km²
55512,952124.7 km²
55613,3361,424 km²
55748,093256.6 km²
558LuguTaiwan Province11,423143 km²
600339,15959.6 km²
6028,362112.4 km²
60320,602119.3 km²
60430,146156.9 km²
6054,096468.5 km²
60677,888130.2 km²
6071,517174.4 km²
60853,02771 km²
61114,48854.5 km²
612TaibaoTaiwan Province33,31065.7 km²
613PuziTaiwan Province40,57050 km²
61415,07181.3 km²
61519,01361.2 km²
61627,83968 km²
62180,94684.9 km²
62234,29164.9 km²
62314,21131.6 km²
62412,96378.9 km²
62522,10877.1 km²
630Dounan, YunlinTaiwan Province43,93148.3 km²
63114,82244.9 km²
63266,16568.4 km²
63324,43848.1 km²
6348,82335.6 km²
63510,80146.4 km²
636Taixi, YunlinTaiwan Province16,77159.8 km²
63720,75857.2 km²
638Mailiao, YunlinTaiwan Province26,608109.1 km²
640DouliuTaiwan Province102,46891.7 km²
64313,30252.2 km²
646Gukeng, YunlinTaiwan Province23,707168.3 km²
64721,49057.2 km²
64841,15450.1 km²
64924,05160.7 km²
651Beigang, YunlinTaiwan Province31,70039.4 km²
65218,86675 km²
65319,38372 km²
65414,31774.5 km²
65523,27772.2 km²
700TainanTaiwan Province72,2086.3 km²
701TainanTaiwan Province89,31313.2 km²
702TainanTaiwan Province137,50328.7 km²
703TainanTaiwan Province
704TainanTaiwan Province111,2059.9 km²
708Anping DistrictTaiwan Province60,11011.5 km²
709167,388118.4 km²
710TainanTaiwan Province231,86440.9 km²
711GuanmiaoTaiwan Province80,06655 km²
712TainanTaiwan Province47,45161.9 km²
7133,83972.8 km²
714Yujing DistrictTaiwan Province12,18175 km²
7156,579109 km²
7165,318171.4 km²
717TainanTaiwan Province87,06248.6 km²
718TainanTaiwan Province36,79552.5 km²
719TainanTaiwan Province2,30163.3 km²
720TainanTaiwan Province23,70472.3 km²
721TainanTaiwan Province39,93554.9 km²
722TainanTaiwan Province50,40938.6 km²
723TainanTaiwan Province24,74333.8 km²
724TainanTaiwan Province17,076140.4 km²
72513,52146.8 km²
72621,73954.5 km²
7278,19063.8 km²
730Xinying DistrictTaiwan Province74,54138.6 km²
73123,47672.4 km²
732GuanzilingTaiwan Province26,574128.2 km²
73315,585124.1 km²
73418,92066.8 km²
73522,49833.5 km²
73622,21261.6 km²
73717,98051.6 km²
741TainanTaiwan Province40,08753.4 km²
742TainanTaiwan Province8,72071.1 km²
743TainanTaiwan Province8,02127.7 km²
744TainanTaiwan Province37,68150.4 km²
74528,17231.6 km²
800KaohsiungKaohsiung60,6772.536 km²
801KaohsiungKaohsiung30,7681.909 km²
802KaohsiungKaohsiung156,3658.2 km²
803KaohsiungKaohsiung20,7091.641 km²
804KaohsiungKaohsiung121,13820.8 km²
805KaohsiungKaohsiung20,3474.726 km²
806KaohsiungKaohsiung197,68518.2 km²
807KaohsiungKaohsiung293,56816.9 km²
811KaohsiungKaohsiung187,70028.7 km²
812Caoya, KaohsiungKaohsiung145,50646.3 km²
813KaohsiungKaohsiung206,42719.4 km²
814KaohsiungKaohsiung85,52437.7 km²
815KaohsiungKaohsiung39,15025.3 km²
820KaohsiungKaohsiung101,19549.7 km²
821KaohsiungKaohsiung54,51950.4 km²
822KaohsiungKaohsiung29,50935 km²
823KaohsiungKaohsiung5,61190.4 km²
824KaohsiungKaohsiung38,06568.3 km²
825KaohsiungKaohsiung35,36824.4 km²
826KaohsiungKaohsiung32,46111.8 km²
827KaohsiungKaohsiung15,43314.6 km²
828KaohsiungKaohsiung11,77925 km²
829KaohsiungKaohsiung28,81022 km²
830KaohsiungKaohsiung354,22727.9 km²
831KaohsiungKaohsiung159,18269.9 km²
832KaohsiungKaohsiung73,63131.3 km²
833KaohsiungKaohsiung54,77824.7 km²
840KaohsiungKaohsiung44,36067.5 km²
842KaohsiungKaohsiung39,26494.6 km²
843Meinong DistrictKaohsiung33,038118.6 km²
8448,604180.1 km²
84512,67194.7 km²
8468,681103.7 km²
8474,072123.9 km²
8482,977975.8 km²
8491,716172.3 km²
8511,210241.5 km²
852KaohsiungKaohsiung28,86217.3 km²
880MagongTaiwan Province52,11235.9 km²
8815,07620 km²
882Wang'an, PenghuTaiwan Province1,47715.8 km²
8831,7347.3 km²
8844,92323.3 km²
88513,92336.3 km²
8908,55646.4 km²
891Jincheng, KinmenFujian Province, Republic of China15,44042.7 km²
892Jincheng, KinmenFujian Province, Republic of China8,92635.5 km²
893Jincheng, KinmenFujian Province, Republic of China18,08621.1 km²
8944,78616.7 km²
900Pingtung CityTaiwan Province184,06966.2 km²
9013,831186 km²
9021,165304.8 km²
9034,03165.4 km²
90420,21743 km²
90520,56869.7 km²
90619,12094.2 km²
90727,30759.1 km²
90830,58944.5 km²
9099,82913.9 km²
91118,11430.8 km²
91259,22374.9 km²
91349,13858.2 km²
92047,73842.6 km²
9216,351124.1 km²
9225,002162.4 km²
92319,12460.8 km²
9249,89525.3 km²
9259,41156.7 km²
926Linbian, PingtungTaiwan Province11,39918.8 km²
927Linbian, PingtungTaiwan Province20,77215.9 km²
92847,81628.6 km²
9297,1947 km²
931Linbian, PingtungTaiwan Province19,62531.5 km²
93228,00443.9 km²
940FangliaoTaiwan Province27,36158.9 km²
9415,64316.9 km²
9423,100155.6 km²
9431,323313 km²
9446,55358.6 km²
9452,782174.6 km²
94625,719173.5 km²
9475,118147.4 km²
950Taitung CityTaiwan Province110,496112.8 km²
9511,47516.2 km²
9522,04847.4 km²
9531,154480.5 km²
95417,394437.7 km²
9557,36079.7 km²
9568,29760.3 km²
957903893.2 km²
9586,17179.2 km²
9597,662228.8 km²
96111,611144.4 km²
962Changbin, TaitungTaiwan Province5,580149.6 km²
9637,47996.3 km²
9642,119382.8 km²
9653,29561.2 km²
9662,256323.1 km²
970Hualien CityTaiwan Province83,06130.6 km²
97124,76028.8 km²
97214,4411,623.7 km²
973Ji'an, HualienTaiwan Province85,89262.7 km²
97418,361206.4 km²
97510,000116.3 km²
9769,318133.3 km²
977Fengbin, HualienTaiwan Province3,682157.3 km²
9788,636154.5 km²
9793,804694.7 km²
98125,019211 km²
9822,1731,011.2 km²
9838,734172.2 km²


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