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Postal Code 1122 - Zriba, Nabeul Governorate

Primary CityZriba
Local TimeSaturday 5:37 PM
TimezoneCentral European Standard Time
Coordinates36.32° / 10.22°
Related Postal Codes111111121121112311241125

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/8/188:42 AM4.795.4 km11,420 m11km E of Ghar al Milh, Tunisiausgs.gov
6/2/163:49 AM486.3 km16,000 m22km SE of Menzel Heurr, Tunisiausgs.gov
10/18/138:08 AM4.495.5 km20,200 m6km ENE of As Sayyadah, Tunisiausgs.gov
5/13/073:42 PM4.560.2 kmNoneTunisiausgs.gov
7/13/066:20 AM4.260 km10,000 mTunisiausgs.gov
2/7/0512:46 PM5.159.7 km10,000 mTunisiausgs.gov
2/7/0512:05 PM4.766.6 km10,000 mTunisiausgs.gov
6/23/026:20 PM5.260.3 km10,000 mTunisiausgs.gov
1/11/0211:27 AM4.562.9 km10,000 mTunisiausgs.gov
8/12/017:22 AM4.657.1 km33,000 mTunisiausgs.gov

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Primary City

Zriba is a town and commune in the Zaghouan Governorate, Tunisia. As of 2004, it had a population of 9,022.  ︎  Zriba Wikipedia Page